I have integrated focus blocks into my daily routine and it has been a little less than a month that I have been doing focus blocks on an everyday, consistent basis. A couple of days ago, the focus block that came up was:

"I am overwhelmed because I do not have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that I want to do." "I wish that I had enough time to get everything done that I need to and still have time left over to relax"

Recently, I have started a new job, helping a friend of my father's. He needed someone to keep his father company, who is 92 years old, for a couple of hours on the weekends. The time that he needed someone seemed to fit perfectly with my schedule and the extra money for me was also a plus.

Every night when I get there, by habit, I always ask him how his day was. And every time I ask him he tells me that it was horrible and that I should never ask him that because I will always get the same answer. The day that I did the above focus block, he went into more detail about how awful his day was. He told me that when he was younger, he was always on the go, always busy. He told me that between work, family and odd jobs, he never had a minute to himself. Now, that he is 92 years old, and although, he has his mind completely, his body is not holding up so well. He cant really walk or even get out of his chair without assistance from someone and because of this, his day pretty much consist of sitting in his chair or in his bed for 90% of his day. He goes into further detail and tells me, "you have no idea how hard it is to just sit here all day and have all the time in the world."

Now, this situation specifically, was like a big ah ha moment for me. It made me realize that the "time" or "lack of time" that I experience is actually the perfect amount. Really, I am the type of person that is always on the go too, and although I think that I would like more time to relax, I would probably get bored quickly.

Furthermore, I felt that this experience has come to me specifically , in order to change my perspective on how I viewed this topic. When I got home that night, I took out my focus blocks that I had written over the last month, and I realized that this was not an isolated occurrence. In fact, this was something that actually had happened on a pretty regular basis following the completion of a focus block.

I know that the purpose of focus blocks is too get you into a better feeling place regarding a certain subject. But, upon examining all of my completed focus blocks, I have realized that, with just about every, single one of them, there has been an experience that followed shortly after that has made me not only get into a better feeling place, but has also made me accept things just the way that they are right now, and really be grateful for exactly what I have because I would not want it any other way.

I am also quickly coming to the realization that this is one of the secrets to life. I am no longer focused on visualizing the amazing life or material things that I want. Instead, I wake up every morning already focused on all of the amazing things that I already have. I have switched my perspective from focusing on "lack" to "abundance". I believe that this has happened for me from doing a genuine rampage of appreciation now for over 30 days, which I also have @stingray to thank for coming up with the 30 day vortex challenge.

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Has anyone else discovered a correlation between completion of a focus block and having an experience shortly after that changed your perspective?

Yes, I have and I think it's because that physical experience after completing a Focus Block is the next logical step. It is actually just another thought in your Focus Block.

A thought goes through different stages when doing a Focus Block.

alt text

  • First it starts being specific and negative. Often we already have physical proof for this thought. E.g. "I hate my car and its awful looking steering wheel"
  • Then we intent to find better feeling thoughts to which we have vibrationally access to. They are usually slightly less negative. E.g. "At least it works"
  • Now, Law of attraction responds to our intention of wanting to find better feeling thoughts. It gives us access to even better feeling thoughts. So the thoughts we manifest into that Focus Block get more and more specific while feeling better and better. E.g. "I actually like this and that aspect of my steering wheel"
  • Once there is positive momentum, Law of Attraction must make that thought bigger and more positive without us having to do anything else. And it will (assuming that later we don't choose to think thoughts that slow down the momentum).
  • As the positive thought gets bigger and more positive, it attracts more and more thoughts that match it. So we find ourselves manifesting better and better thoughts and feelings... until all that momentum attracts physical vibrational matches.

But I would rather call them "specific and positive physical thoughts". Because there is actually no difference between a better feeling thought that manifests itself into your Focus Block and a physical manifestation. Because the physical manifestation (or vibrational match) is actually the next logical consequence of those better and better feeling thoughts.

So I like to think of that physical experience that you've described as another better feeling thought in your Focus Block. Assuming an ideal situation where you've completeted a Focus Block by writing 12 statements and now feeling good about that subject, the physical experience afterwards would be...

...just the 13. statement in your Focus Block!

See also:

Abraham's Grid Analogy


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@releaser99 wow, thank you for answering this and explaining it the way that you did. It all makes perfect sense the way you explained it and it makes me realize how powerful focus blocks really are.

(11 Nov '14, 16:48) Jess

You are welcome, @Jess. I heard Abraham say that Focus Wheels are the most powerful process because they mimic how the Vortex works. So there must be something to Focus Wheels/Blocks :)

(12 Nov '14, 10:04) releaser99

Of course :) I believe that it's "the path" that "unfolds", as Abraham says.

I believe that when I align, the experience I get is nicer and more comfortable, and what can be nicer than a revelation, making me more comfortable with what is? :)

Abraham once said, that when we align, it's the Nature first that "responds" - that we see the first signs of our alignment in. But I found (maybe because I'm not very much going into the outside Nature), that it's usually Abraham that comes first :) I mean - when I align, and I get an inclination to put some of their recordings, I usually (without even intending or really feeling like needing that) get something that clarifies exactly the situation I was in, and in such a way, that I feel even better. It as if accelerates my going forward.

It gives me the feeling, that I'm supported on my path. That when I make one step forward, the Universe makes many steps forward, helping me, and we can go together.

That's a wonderful feeling, "being tended to", isn't it? By our Source.

By the way, thank you very much for your describing the way you feel. I was so enjoying reading it, really basking in it. Thank you! :)

Here's to the wonderful co-creation :)


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Olga Farber


Thank you @olga Farber, I always enjoy reading ur post too! And yes, it is an awesome feeling "being tended to". It is so great to see evidence of my alignment all day long.

(12 Nov '14, 06:41) Jess

absolutely :)

(12 Nov '14, 07:04) Olga Farber
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