Hi everyone,

I've been applying different processes for a little while now. Using mostly meditation, ME-4 and ME-5.

I stopped doing ME-5 for about a month and was doing heavy duty clearing with ME-4. I finished all the topics I had in mind with ME-4 and I'm feeling way better.

So I decided to switch back to ME-5 again to continue to clear things and raise my vibration incrementally day by day.

I use a combination of FasterEFT and Grid to raise the topic. I still have a bit of trouble molding vibration using Grid or Focus Blocks, so I use FasterEFT to give me an initial push, then I use to Focus Statements to feel relief and go up and up.

Two things have happened:

  1. Sometimes I go back to a subject and the old statements don't really work this time around (I read this and I'm going to be more mindful the next time)
  2. I'm unable to somehow find a new statement that brings me relief

I end up feeling stuck/frustrated and that obviously doesn't help. So what should I do?

I was thinking of either leaving it like that and finish up the session for the day or to keep jumping to other topics until I feel I'm positive (regardless if it's on the original subject).

Thanks for the help!

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I can identify with the place you're in right now with Focus Blocks / Emotional Grids. The trick is to just practice practice practice... I promise, soon enough, you'll get to the point where you will sit down for a molding session and find yourself spitting out a new powerful focus statement every 10 - 15 seconds, feeling massive relief and control of your reality along the way :)

Back when I was a novice at these focus statement style games, I read and re-read this answer on finding a better-feeling thought, and found this answer on keeping girdwork fun very helpful too. Furthermore, this IQ thread helped a lot in improving my ability to write good statements.

Read, "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent" and "The Astonishing Power of Emotions" by Abraham Hicks. Both are amazing books which will strengthen your ability to mold your emotional set-points. They actually contain focus statements on a variety of subjects and examples on how to move your emotional setpoints up the vibrational ladder.

Now that I've given you a synopsis on some already-available resources for you to tap into to help with your gridwork, here are some particular tips that helped me a lot...

1. Set a 30 minute time limit on your clean-ups

Or whatever time feels right to you. I got stuck in my focus blocks and grids for over an hour at times. There's a point where I felt like I just got lost (and I definitely wasn't focusing, which is important, focus is in the name of the process :) ). Setting a time limit helped me stay focused. I would write focus statements for 30 minutes, and would strictly stop and not write any new statements at the 30 minute mark, and just re-read some statements I've already written (milking the last bit of relief) and then move on to another process (like meditation, or Wouldn't it be nice if?). It eventually got to the point where I was jumping to positive aspects from my focus blocks under the 30 minute mark... and then under the 15 minute mark... now it doesn't take me much longer than 5 minutes to do the same thing :)

2. Start the "General Negative" portion of your grid with Completing The Circuit Statements

These are really simple statements that make it super easy to get your initial shot of relief going. I almost always start new grids with something like...

  • I feel anxiety because I choose to believe I must
  • I feel ornery because I choose to believe I must
  • I feel annoyed because I choose to believe I must
  • I feel [insert emotion here] because I choose to believe [I must | I need to | it serves me]

These also work great in the middle of your grid if you feel "stuck" as you say.

3. Make vortex alignment habitual

You only realize how much easier it is to write grids when you've made good-feeling thought patterns habitual... well... after you've made good-feeling thought patterns habitual :)

There really isn't much to elaborate on this third point. The takeaway here is to make your vibrational work get into the vortex targeted, and not clean up targeted. As an experiment, I tried 1 month of prioritizing clean up for my vibrational work, and compared it to 1 month of prioritizing vortex for my vibrational work... needless to say, the latter month went A LOT better :)

Hope these tricks help you out! The "30 minute time limit" one was a real game changer for me, and what really pushed me to mastery around FB / gridwork. Keep practicing, it'll all be worth it in the end. Once you've mastered this AFB game, it'll be like having soma (the happiness drug in the book "Brave New World") on hand all the time... it'll be as simple as sitting down, applying the process, and within 15 minutes, be writhing in joy :)


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Hi @WeradiateBeauty in my experience reading a book will bring intellectual understandiong however only physical experience brings about real change

(03 Jul '15, 00:54) jaz

@jaz - Just like @Kriegerd used Focus Statements to help with his focusing, the books I mentioned can be used in the same way. The books are quite practical and actionable in my opinion :)

But I agree with you, physical experience is important. Hopefully the motivation / confidence one gets from the intellectual understanding will make one more conducive to thrusting into the physical experience that complements their new-found knowledge :)

(03 Jul '15, 01:02) WeRadiateBeauty

nearly there @WeRadiateBeauty may I ask you in which dimension is the book and in which dimension are you? in which dimension does your physical experience take place, outside of you or inside of you?

(03 Jul '15, 01:10) jaz

The books co-exist in multiple dimensions I think... not sure which ones though :)

I'm in the π-th (3.14159...) dimension.

My physical experience takes place somewhere in between the outside and inside of me... inside my right nostril to be exact :)

(03 Jul '15, 01:14) WeRadiateBeauty

haha me too pleased to meet you ... pi

The transcendental number which refers to the definition (in which it is multiplied by the radius of a circle) of the area of the circle. (or if multiplied by the diameter, defines the circumfrence). This is the first 50k digits of pi...to top that other guy's number. Beat this:3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679821480865132823066470938446095505822317253594081284811174502841027019385211055

(03 Jul '15, 01:16) jaz

then breath in and pull yourself in, where do you feel physical experience ? in other words where do you have body sensations inside you or outside you ? just one last question @WeRadiateBeauty (I'm full of questions today lol) when you read a book by "x" and it strengthens your belief, it strengthens your belief in "x" or yourself?

(03 Jul '15, 01:24) jaz

@WeRadiateBeauty in your own personal experience, in other words looking and seeing through your human eyes right "now", where does the object "book" exist? on the outside or inside of you?

(03 Jul '15, 02:32) jaz

complementary information; my definition of a book is "an assemblage of sheets of paper on which strings of symbols can be seen using my human eyes and these strings of symbols are arranged in a particular order so as to convey thoughts" ... a symbol fills the function for which it was designed ... so a book can also be described as being just a heap of paper or a great moving energy, a heap of paper in my hands and a great moving energy inside

(03 Jul '15, 04:07) jaz

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer @WeRadiateBeauty. You hit several good points. Particularly the one about making it vortex targeted vs cleanup targeted. I can safely say that I've been doing it cleanup targeted. I'll check the links you sent and start applying your recommendations. Thanks again!

(03 Jul '15, 07:33) Kriegerd

yes @WeRadiateBeauty as @Kriegerd says "you hit several good points"

(04 Jul '15, 05:56) jaz
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In this game of reality what seems obvious or true to me is based on my own belief systems and I believe lol that all points of view are valid and can at some time or other be useful. It seems that there's never any proof of anything, trying to prove anything by words alone is just woo woo, it all boils down to what I choose to believe, in other words I create all of my own reality.

The different manifestation methods certainly do seem to work with varying degrees of success depending on the individual. Many members of IQ would agree that your inner world really does create your outer world, and if a manifestation method does work it's the inner program that's all important.

In the 1950's a team of experts led by servranx developped an extremely simple manifestion method with a built in feed-back mechanism that in my experience works beautifully :)


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