According to many teachers, we change the past all the time.

What I am wondering is, has anyone tried to change what happened by changing their memory of an experience and been successful with it?

If so, how detailed did you have to get with the new memory? Does it matter if you don't imagine specifics?

I have attempted to change a memory that is many years old. I cannot remember details, just the general gist of what happened. In this, I have been imagining the new memory the same way, details omitted, but with what actually happened being different. I can believe that the new memory actually happened instead, so it's not an issue of the new event being believable, I'm just beginning to doubt over whether or not it's being done correctly. Very frustrating!

In Seth's exercise for changing the past, he says you must imagine the new memory very vividly several times. However, I've read about an experience someone had where they only imagined a new memory once for 5 minutes and saw profound changes. Now I can't find that info anymore! Any feedback or help you can give is appreciated. :)

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From a psychology paradigm, yes, you certainly can do what you have been describing of doing. By changing the memories you allow yourself to think and your interpretation of those memories, you alter your self narrative.

I am not saying this lightly- google search 'narratology' and you can find explicit ways of changing your interpretation of memories/events that can change your self perception.

No need for spiritual woo woo- this stuff is real and provable.

(11 Feb '16, 09:49) Nikulas
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It's not really about changing the memory as much as it is about changing the emotional charge of the memory. That's the actual problem, that you feel a way you don't like when you relive the memory. If you change how you feel about the memory, the memory itself become irrelevant. 

Whatever happened years (or minutes!) ago is associated with specific emotions connected to the experience, based on your level of awareness at the time. Awareness is ever expanding.

One of my friends has a story about how when he was young, he watched the movie Salem's Lot and it was the scariest move he'd ever seen.  It terrified him every time he thought about it. One day when he was an adult, he decided to watch it again, to show another friend how scary it was. He was amazed to find that it was not scary to him at all, and that it was almost comical. The scariest movie he'd ever seen became not scary at all, simply because he was reviewing it through a different level of awareness then when he first formed his emotional response to the movie. 

The very same idea works for memories.  Say you had a youthful experience where you thought you were going to die. Every time that memory arises now, years later, you may feel very panicked and anxious. However, you are at a different level of awareness then when the original incident happened. You KNOW you lived through the experience and did not die. So you can bring that safety into the memory, you are already beyond it. Relive the memory, and fully feel the horror of thinking death is coming, that the circumstance is unbearable, but with the current awareness that you actually survived and it's many years later, you did bear it! You can do this because the past is completely gone, the memory is being created right now, and right now, and right now. Thus it can be neutralized without regards for space and time. 

Each time you repeat this, the original incident will lose some of its emotional charge. Scientology has a technique called "Time Breaking" that is more structured than this, but I'm a huge fan of simple so I tend to skip techniques, and just cut right to the point of the technique. I have successfully neutralized the charge to circumstances in my past so well that they rarely even arise in thought. 

Emotionally heavy and draining tragic stories about my childhood, where everyone would say "You should write a book!" "This should be in a movie!" now are so neutral that I never even bring them up anymore, it's totally boring to me, if I think of them at all. Whereas it used to be kind of an identity, it made me "special" and it also explained all my perceived failures and lack "the reason I'm this way!".  Neutralizing all the memories gave me absolutely freedom from any negative influence of my childhood experiences, so I super recommend it. :)


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That's a good question. I have used Faster EFT for 3 years along with Z Point Process and other modalities. Faster EFT is a much faster version of EFT which is a technique that neutralize negative emotions within minutes. With Faster EFT you eliminate the emotions surrounding a past memory and then you reimprint the memory and the memory changes. It's much easier to change a memory after you neutralize all of the negative emotions surrounding the memory. When you change a past memory, you also change a limiting belief that that memory used to support. That is the short version; In faster eft there is a technique called the Super Power Tap which can neutralize piles and piles of negative emotions in seconds. There is a similar technique in the Z Point Process called Erase The Tape. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, let me know.


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The Phenom

I checked out FasterEFT and found out it's not by EFT author. You can derive a technique but the name piggybacking makes me suspicious of overstated claims.

(25 May '17, 11:13) cmc

I recently used Reiki to heal a past traumatic event concerning one of my children. He sent me a victim impact letter spelling out an abusive situation involving him as the victim with a neighborhood bully. When I read the letter I felt devastated but I quickly remembered my Reiki teacher telling us we could heal the past. So I sent healing intention to the past event only picturing my son smiling and happy. I did that for several nights until I felt a release to stop. This was several weeks ago and today he seems less emotional, calmer, happier and more positive about the future. His whole demeanor has changed. I won't allow the graphic description of the event to even enter my mind. Any time that thought rises up, I see my son smiling innocent and happy. I feel in my spirit that I have changed the past event and the evidence in the present seems to support it.


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Changing or healing memories from your past can help what you feel about yourself in the future. As for an example: you have a past memory of trying something that you really believed you'd enjoy doing. Your friends at the time, trying to be cool, tell you that what you are picking to do is for sissies. Why would you want to try this, it's not cool!

So now you have not as much a memory but a life lesson influence, "I can't trust what I'd like to do, maybe it would be totally a wrong choice", deep in your mind is, "I don't want to be some sissy boy!" Even though that has no relevance to the current situation in a subconscious level is that fear of not having that "friend" to keep you from making a fool out of yourself.

So you feel hesitant to make a choice, to pick something new, what if it is the wrong choice!

It is in a situation as this where that changing, deleting or healing the past memory would help. In this situation you could maybe change it to be more like, your "friend" (With friends like that it doesn't help) says something like, "You are so cool and smart, this seems like something that would get in your way for now. Do you really think this would be a good idea?"

Instead make the decision fully in your choice that you decided not to go through with your desire from a position of power and thought; you know you made a decision you don't regret, and now you feel good about that decision in your own mind!

Now this would have the effect of putting in your subconscious, you make clear well thought decisions. This gives you a confidence to do things new.

Unfortunately, we can't change our past memories so drastically and to change an entire situation, for example change it so your friend encourages you to do it, you went and did what you wanted. I'll use ballet as an example, you can't make your memory that you did do this and where encouraged to do it.

Then you'd have to make a memory of all the new people you met and became friends with, and what your teacher may have been like and all the techniques she or he may have taught you and all the years of training and learning.

That is quite a lot of memories you'd have to create, similar to the movie The Butterfly Affect. Unlike the movie, changing all those memories would not match how you are today and what you do know today. This might even put a tremendous stress on your mind because by your memories you should be famous by now and know quite a lot about ballet but the reality is your aren't and you don't.

So changing little things that maybe where said you can change to have the same outcome but feel better about that outcome.

The other thing that is something I've done is erasing the memory. This changes how you feel in the current situation also, however it will leave you with nothing to guide you as our memories guide us. So instead of learning from mistakes, there is nothing there to say that this is something you wish to choose better this time around.

The third option is to heal this situation, that is going back in that moment and being loving and supporting and saying maybe, "Don't worry, this is not the time yet but you do make good decisions and are very competent."

One more thing, if you have a fragment memory: like someone putting you down or beating you up, then that isn't connected to other things, so I'd change that completely, heal it or delete it.


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Changing a memory is exactly the same thing as imagining something, and focusing on that. In a sense, when you visualize something you want, you are creating a future memory.

You have to get very detailed- detailed enough to feel a shift of feeling in your consciousness, and repeated enough so that when you return to your normal consciousness, the shift of your feeling has achieved some permanence.

You can also ask your subconscious: More? Keep going? Return later? What you are looking for is a level of intuitive knowing if your visualization has achieved what you set out to do yet.

As a rule of thumb, for a heavy duty, fundamental shift in a memory, do it twice daily for ten minutes, and dozens of times during your day for ten seconds. Anything between that and not doing it at all will have some effect.

If you have many intertwined negative beliefs (as most of us do) it will be a good idea to combine your visualizing and memory-changing with belief clearing: When you feel bad, experience it in detail (again relying on your intuition to see if you have been clear enough yet in perceiving your feeling) and ask yourself: What would I have to believe to feel this? When you get an answer, you're good- it's gone. Negative beliefs don't survive well out in the open.

Combining the two approaches about as frequently as mentioned should give you the best results you can achieve while still leaving enough focus for the physical to enjoy it properly.


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the only profit you could get is correcting your error from the past. things that you did not see or understand. this will change your future. you see the problem is not outside of you only. everything you see outside of you will pass away. the living one inside the immortal part of you that is passing by in this world is not subject to the same rule. like energy is not matter. many do not know the living one inside of them they have darkness on and in the water and it hide and veil the reflection of the living one when he look at him self in the water. since their is this division conflict and darkness in between he is divided in himself.

Truly, truly, I say to you, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.


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