I have some memories don't (seem to) logically fit the chronology of my life. They are of a neighborhood in an American city, possibly New York or Chicago, and it is in the ghettos. Judging from the cars, houses, and overall vibe, it seems to be in the 1980s or early 1990s, and there is rap music playing nearby.

I was born in 1993, and my family lives in the countryside--the nearest metro area being 60-70 miles away, and my parents never took me through the inner city, so there is no logical reason I would have these memories.

I also have an unexplainable fascination with the 1980s and early 1990s--especially the early 1990s, like 1990-1992 or so. Always have. Any thoughts on this, anyone?

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It is said that the usual gap between lives (referring to reincarnation) is around fifty years. But a story surfaced in the Middle East of a young man who was killed in a car wreck, and was immediately reincarnated into the same neighborhood he had lived in before. As he began to talk, he began asking where his mother and father and brother were, and described his life so well that his family finally went searching for his former family- and found them. They now "share" this child...It's amazing!

That being said, perhaps you are remembering a previous life, and resonate with the time period of the eighties and nineties because that is when you lived. It makes sense to me. I have a distinct memory of "jumping too soon" into this life, which I have discussed elsewhere on this website. (Look here for this info under both my postings.)

I think this may explain what you are remembering, and a hypnotist could help you uncover the truth. Perhaps you died young, and were reborn very quickly. I have this feeling that people who die young reincarnate faster than those who live long lives. I have no real basis for this belief- call it a hunch. Anyway you look at it, you bring up a fascinating subject. Thanks!

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Interesting... I've never heard the 50 year gap thing before. My mom says that it's probably a past life memory, and it could also explain why I've always kind of wanted to know what it would be like to be a high schooler in the early 90s... Maybe last time around I was an 8th grader and was killed in like 1988 or something and never got to see high school?

(23 Nov '12, 10:44) ExistentiaLux

When you said about the fifty year wait between lives, my thought was that is the time it would take for the rest of the soul group to die also, so they can be reincarnated together. However when someone dies young, their soul group is mostly young still, so they can come back to them right away. But when people die older, and some in their group have already died, then they have to wait for the rest of their group. Jai, maybe that's what too soon meant for you, that you left without your group.

(24 Nov '12, 08:52) Fairy Princess

You are probably right! Thanks, FP!

(24 Nov '12, 11:02) Jaianniah
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maybe you have rationalized a
greater illusion for who you are
than who you actually are

take more moments of reflection
to find and know your inner self and
the memories may be become your guide


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