I am currently focused on manifesting the relationship of my dreams (serves as background haha).

I am meeting many nice men, in the sense that they are respectful and they all seem to want to connect at a deeper level. However, I am rarely ever attracted to them. What I notice is my behaviour in these circumstances and what I am learning about myself and especially how to handle certain circumstances which previously would, for example, worry me or fill me with anxiety.

Recently I've met two men whom I would say are a photocopy of each in terms of their behaviour. This is the negative manifestation I'm referring to in my titled question. The first guy was very aggressive in his pursuit - that initial fire which burns out very quickly (haha) and this made me face some of my insecurities. I put up with it for longer than I should have. The second one was exactly the same but this time around I 'smelled' him immediately, so I severed our contact.

My question mainly focused on why this should happen to me since I am very sincere and quite open as to what type of relationship I'd like to have. You might tell me there are similar vibrations in you, to those held by these two men. I'm not so sure about this.

Would you have any insight into this? Many thanks.

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I think what you are calling "negative manifestations" would be better called "becoming clearer about what I like or don't like" :)

Look at things a different way.

Let's say you receive a mail order catalog which you could peruse and order stuff from.

alt text

And the company behind it operated a policy that if something you ordered wasn't quite the way you expected it to be from the picture in the catalog, you could send it back and get something different.

And you could keep doing that until you were satisfied with your purchase. And you could do that as often as you wanted...and there would be no time limit on returns.

Wouldn't you be happy with an organization that operated that kind of business?

Wouldn't you say they offered amazing customer support?

Wouldn't you be delighted that they allowed you to try things out and see if you liked them as often you wanted?

...or would you instead decide that their wonderful try-it-before-you-buy-it approach was intended to "make you stronger and learn"? :)


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Thank you Stingray, but if the manifestation is NOT what I had originally ordered, what's the reason for the 'trying it out' bit? I can understand why I attract beautiful individuals, but not why I attract the less beautiful ones also. I was once told that a powerful magnet attracts all kinds of metal..but still this does not reflect the law of attraction I believe.The thing is I can't identify, within myself, what makes the unwanted order manifest. Thanks loads for answering my question!

(20 Apr '18, 08:57) nbd028

@nbd028 - "the manifestation is NOT what I had originally ordered" - In my experience, the Law of Attraction makes as many mistakes in operation as the Law of Gravity does :) What people get in life may not be what they consciously want, but it matches perfectly what they are vibrating, every single time...it's just that they are not consciously aware of what they are vibrating. Perhaps you could describe how you are so sure that what you manifested is not what you "originally ordered"?

(20 Apr '18, 14:43) Stingray


it's not necessarily that you hold the same vibrations that those men hold. but its a possibility.

there are few options:

  1. you hold the same vibrations, like if you're both enthusiastic or both happy or both frustrated or sad you'll find it comfertable ,easy and fun to be with each other.
  2. you hold the opposite of each other's vibration. just like "good" attract "bad". just like the taker find the giver, just like the aggressive find the jentle. (they both find each other).

so in the first option - it's more about empower each other, appreciation and flow.

in the second - its more about find balance, knowing what WE want (not the other), find confidance to appreciate ourselves, decision making and folow through.

so basiccaly you have to know yourself really really good in order to know what you want according to everything you already know and feel, regardless of what you think of their vibration. do it according to what you know about yours. it would make your decision/thinking prosses alot easier.


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thank you very much for this answer.

(23 Apr '18, 07:25) nbd028
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