Hi everyone!

I can feel new desires being birth in me constantly. Whenever I reach a certain 'plateau' of something that I’ve been wanting I find I’m reaching for more almost immediately.

In the past few months I've created some pretty amazing things. One of the "larger" manifestations I've created was an awesome apartment with cool roommates and an environment that I desired. I mean the apartment is everything I could have asked for and more. Since then I've taken on a new hobby that I feel passionate about and collectively my roommates and I have begun to throw amazing parties together.

After a few parties this summer I find that resistance is building from experience to experience. I believe this resistance is being built as a result of contrast from new experiences. Which I understand and am fine with, I'm learning the process. However previously my 'inward quest' never really involved other people much. I was able to focus on only me. And now that I'm in this co-creative environment I am wanting to learn how to better manage my experiences with others.

Co-creative meaning, living with multiple roommates and throwing the parties with roommates (which is growing with each party we have).

I hope that makes sense. If clarity is needed I can get more specific.

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Chris 2

Develop those qualities that will attract those individuals who are in the best position to help you achieve your goals:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Inspiration
  • Persistence
  • Compassion
  • Mental discipline
  • Confidence
  • A common purpose

...And a burning desire to achieve something great.

The vast majority of our actions that allow us to manifest things quickly and effectively have to do with our interactions with other people, the way we treat them, the way we talk to them, the way we feel about them. Over time, consistent positive actions develop affection and trust, attracting people who are in a position to help us manifest; people who like us and trust us are willing to help us get the things we want, provided those things are in alignment with their own principles and beliefs.


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co-creation actually takes a certain selflessness in nbeing able to share in the creation of the new event.
which is almost impossible if one does not know enough of themselves and the destiny of humanhood,
so, know thyself, and seek to understand what sets you off balance;
then you may be ready to see the points of view from others.


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seek balence and harmony experiance and enjoy.


answered 12 Jul '11, 02:44

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white tiger

This seems like a good idea, I agree, as Jesus saying goes "Where two or more are gathered in my name there I am."

I think if all you sat around in a circle hands held, or not, and joined together in the same prayers joined in mind you can bring better results.

Decide as a group to be of one accord all focused together on one topic for which you wish to put your manifesting party towards.


answered 12 Jul '11, 03:59

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Wade Casaldi

As it appears you are manifesting the things that you desire, and you are enjoying your creation. There is a saying: “the more the merrier.” So, enjoy your new life style!


answered 12 Jul '11, 05:43

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