Occasionally I get a recurring thought in my head that I might get cancer in the future. I really don't like it and I quickly shift it. But it resurfaces every now and then.

I don't know if I should interpret it as a thought or a prediction. How can anyone know the difference? Sometimes we get thoughts which later on reveal themselves as reality and other times, they're just thought.

I know, however, why I get these thoughts. I am quite a heavy smoker and my grandad and uncle both died of lung cancer due to smoking. And all my father's side are heavy smokers. I do really believe it's in our blood! My dad and sister quit many years ago though. I had managed to quit smoking for 15 years (!) and last year I started again. And I realised that what they say about alcoholism, once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic, stands true also for smokers (at least from my experience).

Well, I know there is no real accurate answer to this, but perhaps you might have a similar experience and you could give me your thoughts.

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you are right, there is no real accurate answer to this.

but this is the thought pattern i get from your words (oh and im a smoker too btw but have another vibe about it) :

  1. "my family are heavy smokers therefore, im a heavy smoker, therefore everything that ever happened to them is going to happen to me"

2."i quit and than smoke again, therefore i cant quit therefore my destiny is written"

so when it come to smoking, we see the damages of cigaretts all around us, in tv,hospitals, commercials... but when it get closer to our family the fear become even bigger. because now, beyond the fact that we know it is dangerous, we also think that it is going to happen to us!! it is only natural.and it makes us forget that there are also many old healthy smokers and they are never on the news.

so from here there are few paths:

1.keep being fearful and stressed from the outcome that "you are causing yourself by cigarettes", smoking even more out of this stress, and probably manifesting some kind of bad situation, not necessarily cancer.

2.keep being fearful and stressed from the outcome that "you are causing yourself by cigarettes", come to a place of a magor fear and and from there make a decision to quit smoking. believing and knowing (it comes from the decision moment) that this act will bring you the healthy future you wish for. that will redue dramatically the stress and probably you'll get the outcome you want.

3.stop making any connection between your family members life paths to yours. make affirmations to yourself like "they are here to teach me that i creat my own reality", "i love cigaretts and cigaretts love me" , "i love to smoke, i enjoy every minute of it", "i never smoke and regret it because i love how it makes me feel" , "cigarrets are harmful to those how are afraid of them but me and my cigaretts are best friends" and i can go on and on.... and...you will probably get the outcome you wished for.
***and you can add here: "im not addicted to cigarettes. i can quit whenever i want to. i already did it and i can do it again, i just dont want to, because i love to smoke, i love smoking so much, it makes me feel so good" "im a healthy person NOW"

im sure there are more paths i didnt think about....but hope it helps

(tip - any affirmation - say OUT LOUD to attract the correct vibrations)


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Thank you very much.

(20 May '18, 09:34) nbd028

you're wellcome!

(20 May '18, 15:14) myself

Occasionally I get a recurring thought in my head that I might get cancer in the future. I really don't like it and I quickly shift it. But it resurfaces every now and then.

If you change the direction of your thought within 17 seconds (more like 16 seconds, in these fast-moving times) then it does not add to your existing vibration.

However, you'll want to check that you definitely are changing the direction of it by checking you haven't gone numb to thinking the thought. You can do this by comparing how you feel about it to a solid good-feeling benchmark.

Engaging in a practice of regular meditation will provide that comparison benchmark. Though, regular appreciation is better if you are in vibrational range of it.


answered 20 May '18, 01:56

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According to someone who visited with Abraham recently, it's around 14-14.5 seconds nowadays. It would be tremendous if someone could find a recording of Abraham discussing this, so we have a first-hand source.

(I should also add: there are some uploaders on YouTube that falsely date Abraham recordings as more recent than their actual time of recording. So, hearing Abraham say "16 seconds" on what's described as a recording between 2016-2018 is likely an old recording that isn't relevant.)

(16 Jun '18, 19:46) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - I've heard two subscription recordings (definitely dated within the past several months or sooner) where they've mentioned the 17 seconds being closer to 16 seconds now - but no more than that. Couldn't tell you which tracks though - I get through a lot of recordings. There should be full-event recordings available (I've got them in the past) so it might be possible to verify this 14-14.5 second suggestion directly from Abraham's words. Which event did this "someone" go to?

(17 Jun '18, 05:41) Stingray

@Stingray - It was April 9, 2016 in Washington DC. According to some research, they also mention this "several times" in the Cancun Landcruise 2016.

(17 Jun '18, 12:27) WeRadiateBeauty

@Stingray - I ran into some luck, check this out:

Abraham Hicks ~ 17 secs is now more like 14 secs

(17 Jun '18, 12:32) WeRadiateBeauty

Luck. :) :)

(17 Jun '18, 13:35) Yes

@WeRadiateBeauty - Very interesting. And yet some months ago, they were definitely saying between 16 and 17, but closer to 16 seconds. I shall have to try to find that audio and upload it. Either the energies are wildly fluctuating (a serious possibility), or Abraham have finally been caught saying something inconsistent :)

(17 Jun '18, 14:25) Stingray

@Stingray - Having read some forum threads about this on the AbeForum, it seems Abraham did go from 14-14.5, to just under 16, to just over 16. This is all 2nd or 3rd hand info, so it should be taken with a grain of salt, but, if true, it would corroborate your idea of energy fluctuation. I'll start listening to 2016-2018 recordings and note down every reference to this subject as it comes up, along with the date and source recording. I'll report back when I have several data points.

@Yes - ;)

(08 Jul '18, 13:14) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - "I'll report back when I have several data points" - Okey, dokey. I've not been able to re-find those 16-second recordings yet.

(13 Jul '18, 08:09) Stingray
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Florence Scovel Shinn wrote about a metaphysician that would under no circumstances mention about an operation he had just undergone.

He kept his mind on positive things and healed quickly because he would not give his thought to negative things.

The imagination is stronger than the will, if a thought of cancer enters my mind, not only that but having it. I must imagine myself with this, suffering or dealing with it, so this has an effect of multiplying into something I really don't want.

You can work on things to place in your mind to get you imagining health. For example, I read that as soon as you quit smoking your lungs are rebuilding back to health. That is something better to imagine.


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Wade Casaldi

From your description, you seem to be holding a negative belief that it is possible you may get cancer.

To hold a belief is the same thing as thinking something regularly without noticing.

How you get rid of it is you bring it to the surface, in order to think it fully, once, while you are noticing you are doing so, in order to shift it once and for all.

A great way to do that is to encourage the feeling you get from it instead of shifting the thought but also repressing the feeling out of habit. Really, really allow yourself to feel the fear of possibly getting cancer.

Then, intervene: Ask yourself: What would I have to believe in order to feel this?

When you get a straight answer, allow yourself to grasp what the belief means. When you do, and it kind of clicks, you can trust it's gone.

This will drastically reduce the frequency the thought may surface. A caveat, beliefs do often come in similar-looking clusters, so you may have to do this a lot with similar-looking beliefs. Don't worry about this- if you feel relief, you're making progress, and as long as you're making progress, that's all you need to do.


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feeds by thought, even if
not wanted, see health, eat,
sleep, think right instead


answered 29 May '18, 19:45

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