I need to give some background info before I relate the dream. Three years ago I had a soul reading and asked about my future long-term partner (i.e. if there was actually one). She said yes. She described him as a 'sun-worshipper', fully tanned; a man who says what he means and means what he says, who has a softness in him that at that time, if I were to meet him, it would put me off and I would hurt him. She said the relationship would start as friendship, both doubting whether the other wants a relationship with them, but then it would turn romantic and would have the makes of a long-term relationship.

A few weeks ago I met this guy. Really this guy: a sun-worshipper, to the extent that his website opens with a video of the sun and he said that he could look at it for hours. He loves the sun and stays in it for long. The soul reading didn't even occur to me at that time. I observed him and was feeling that he was too soft for me. He has a softness which I interpret as 'weakness' or not 'manly', i.e. sensitive. He seems a man of word because he doesn't change decisions quickly. Although I like him as we connect very much mentally and spiritually (i.e. we speak the same language), I have my doubts about his lifestyle etc., so I'm not sure about whether he could be a partner for me. We are friends and we talk about everything.

So, yesterday I remembered the soul reading that I had had years ago. Before I went to sleep I instructed my subconscious mind to tell me if he is 'the one' and then I had the dream.

I was with my son travelling for leisure from one country to another. I booked the next destination but someone, unknown, booked the wrong destination (an agency etc, but no prominence to who made the mistake was given in my dream). When I saw the name of the destination (hilly area in Scotland) I said that I didn't want to go there and that I'd ask the receptionist, a very helpful man, to rectify the mistake. In the dream I felt that everything would be sorted. No panic (which is unusual, as my dreams are usually full of panic and never being able to arrive to my chosen destination).

I woke up with the words 'mistaken destination'. Do you think that the message means 'mistaken guy/partner'?, i.e. that the prediction in the soul reading (unknown spirits) made a mistake in the destination? The facts seem to tally with the soul-reading. Insights would be very appreciated.

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There is no "the one!" Actually, you are the one! Enjoy your own company and soon you'll be struggling to get rid of all these moon worshippers

(01 Jun '18, 22:43) Nikulas
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Predictions never come true, exactly, because you have free will. Realities reflecting all your decisions exist simultaneously, so there is a path where you made the prediction come true, and there is a path where you made something else come true. Point is, you're the one making things come true. What the soul reader did see is that, apparently, you have an energy propensity to be with a guy who likes the sun. But you could also just as well just pick someone randomly off the street. If you loved him enough, it would work fine. The whole point of finding someone compatible is to find someone who you can love. You can both expand who you can love or find someone who you already can love in order to have a better relationship. Most relationships require both.

As far as your dream is concerned- you were the one selecting the destination, which goes to Scotland, a country where men are hard and the climate is rough. A friendly man helped you to not go there, and you felt better. Sounds pretty clear to me what your dream means.


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so, when i dreamed that my cat was in great pain and was dying, and the following two days she vomited many times and did not eat, does it mean that i allowed it? In the dream she was actually dying but in real life she just needed a couple of days to recover. (continued in next comment)

(02 Jun '18, 07:29) nbd028

So in my dream it was more severe than what happened in reality. was there a way of choosing, with my free will, an alternate reality? i wouldn't know how to do that, and when i had the dream I didn't even think it was a literal dream. I thought it must be some fear that I need to face. So confusing!!

(02 Jun '18, 07:29) nbd028

Yes, it is confusing! That means you're already doing amazing- and when you really do start getting more clear, it means you've achieved mastery, an absolutely tremendous accomplishment.

Your dream was the same as your soul reading- it showed an energy buildup in your cat. You responded with care, and that lessened the impact so your cat didn't have to die. You experienced a prophecy, and its purpose- to improve the energy.

(02 Jun '18, 07:38) cmc

I must make an update to this because this is amazing. The 'mistaken destination' referred to the guy I had met. Four days later, after writing this, I met a second sun-worshipper - exact prediction, except for softness. He is my current partner and we have been together for 2.5 years. My point, the amazing synchronicity of meeting a first sun-worshipper and then the 'real' sun-worshipper. The first one was simply indicating to me how close I was getting to the real desire.

(13 Dec '20, 18:53) nbd028
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