I had a drream about a guy in my math class. He is always flirting with me. In my dream he was my boyfriend and it was very adventurous. We were running away from everyone together. The next night I had dream about him again, and he was reminding me that he was my boyfriend. Does that mean that He likes me or could he have possibly been thinking about me

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It could mean that you like him? What do you think?

(03 Dec '12, 12:27) lastplacefavourite

To be honest I never really thought of liking him and like mastermind said I kind of feel like I am not good enough for him. even though I know I shouldnt really feel like that.

(03 Dec '12, 20:47) Alyssa

@Alyssa-If he likes you,the question would come from him instead of you....P

(04 Dec '12, 05:48) Zee

@Alyssa, as mastermind said, dreams are to be seen as symbols. Through which you will be able to understand yourself, rather than anyone else. They are your own creation, so to speak and they reflect all the intangible universe within you.

When dreams are created, I am inclined to believe, the most strongest "objects" are used to compose a situation which will reflect back to yourself your inner desires or in other words - what you are looking for....

(04 Dec '12, 13:01) CalonLan

...For time being,such object of yours is the boy in your class. That doesn't necessarily means he's the one,but it serves the purpose well to show you what you really want.

I've learned about myself and my inner desire,through many dreams and many of them had different people,but the symbolic nature of the dream was always the same.

As if your inner self provided you with fulfillment of what you desire to experience in real life.

Simply put, your dreams have nothing to do with him,but you.

(04 Dec '12, 13:04) CalonLan
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You just saw in symbolism what you want in real life dear. In the day time, you keep thinking about this guy?

Dont take it more than that dear. Its just a dream. In this situation I can read that you really like this guy but something keeps you from getting to him? do you feel like you are not good enough?

Dream doesn't mean the guy likes you, it means that you would love it, if he liked you. :)


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Wow, I think you summed it all up right there I guess I was in denial and never really thought of liking of him. Thanks!

(03 Dec '12, 19:40) Alyssa

If this guy flirted with you in real life instead of just your dreams then I would say it could be premonition. But since everything only happens in dreams, I think this is your desire showing in the dream.


answered 04 Dec '12, 02:26

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Wade Casaldi

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HE flirts in real life I dont think I made that really clear. He flirts in real life and then in the dream he told me that he was my boyfriend.

(04 Dec '12, 08:56) Alyssa

This puts a whole different light on the subject! This could be premonition of your future together! Best of luck to you both! :-)

(04 Dec '12, 23:53) Wade Casaldi

@Alyssa: I had almost the same dream - like I used to see a girl in my dream :D The person was recurrent almost a week everyday in my dream - and then she became my girlfriend. Both of us used to think that it is impossible for us to be in relationship, then again we fell in love - and for me the reason I used to see her in my dream was because I used to think about her. Of course, others people are also in my mind before that and even now, but I don't see all of them in my dream. It is quite tricky now, but I think it is because of our hidden desire of our soul rather than the other half :D


answered 04 Dec '12, 16:59

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we are dating now!

(27 Dec '12, 01:13) Alyssa
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