I have been musing on the role of the master artist. Take an artist like Van Gogh who had all the talent, but could not manifest selling his artwork in his life. What do you think the problem was with his manifestation of abundance? He did indeed follow his excitement to the best of his ability... not sure if he got the 'without any insistence on the outcome part.' You see even without selling art; he should have had an abundant life. Yet, if you look at his life, he was far from happy and suffered from Bipolar Disorder.

Another thing I was thinking about was the starving artist archetype and how some people consider an artist a sell out if they are successful.

Again my artwork is in a coffee shop. This time it will remain there until it sells, and I am looking into new ways of selling my artwork. In the spirit of giving away my artwork (as was recommended to me) as a digital artist I am selling prints such that the price is good and the profit margin is low (After costs of listing on Etsy and all.) It was recommended to try giving the artwork away, but in order to do that I would need to spend money to print the artwork. I am designing the website, <emaddix.art> and all the loop holes are being filled in. (Currently, I am getting a quality check to make sure I am posting the images correctly... or at least I am getting a quote on how much a quality check will cost.)

I say I am talented, and I want to get my artwork into people's hands. (I might have to raise cost at some point to cover the hidden costs that keep popping up.) You see I could not bring myself to charge 1000s for digital artwork that can be reprinted. Instead I'd rather sell the same piece 1000s of times and create new pieces that also sell 1000's of times.

Other than get my artwork up on a marketplace (I might switch from Etsy to a free one.) What Law of Attraction steps should I take as an artist? I am not turning on full force till I get my quality check.

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Are you trying to sell the art work because you desperately need the money? (Just trying to figure out your motivations).

(02 Jun '18, 22:46) Nikulas
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It seems to me like you are "muddying" your pureness of vibration as an artist with your resistance about making money.

They are two separate things ...and I would recommend you treat them as such, otherwise your art will eventually suffer.

Nowhere in "Reality Creation Philosophy" does it say that what you do as a form of creative self-expression must also be how you allow money to flow to you.

I would recommend you keep doing your art because you are enjoying it and for no other reason and, as a separate and unrelated thing, improve your feelings about prosperity and abundance.

Sooner or later Law of Attraction will start giving you vibrational matches and manifestations towards that improved Prosperity vibration.

The financial wealth may come in a blended fashion through your artwork or it may come through some completely separate avenue. It's not your job to figure out how it's going to happen...but it is your job to keep your vibrations "pure".

The end result will be a perfect tip-toe dance between your beliefs and your desires...just don't try to force the channel of the financial flow.


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As someone who makes a living on their art, I would say this answer is spot-on. Tying the two together too closely can both make your finances suffer, and can suck the joy our of your art. Focus on enjoying what you do, and work on your financial vibration in the same manner that a person of any other occupation would.

(05 Jun '18, 16:30) cassiopeia

From what I know of Van Gogh, his family always struggled financially and therefore (I'm assuming) he had a limited mindset in terms of earning money. (This is also evident when he shot himself after his brother told him he would not sell his paintings anymore.) So his general mindset was that of lack in terms of finances.

He also had a mindset of being a 'victim' and that is why he was discontinued from being a spiritual guide to the coal mining community. His outlook and view of life was essentially suffering. This can also be seen in many of his paintings.

In relation to Van Gogh following his excitement, one has to look at the whole picture. I believe that his outlook on life ('negative') far outweighed the joy he may have felt when he was following his excitement (i.e. when painting), and even while following his excitement, it was of the negative kind, i.e. expressing his negative outlook on life (in the majority of times).

That's how I can explain it. Bashar says that every moment must be an expression or experience of 'following one's excitement', even in our every day chores/errands etc. In my opinion, this means inter alia that the outlook has to be a positive one. Clearly, Van Gogh did not have this mindset at all.

So, in your case, a positive mindset is imperative in every area of your life and not just when you are following your excitement by producing your art. Also, there are other elements at play, such as, how often are you focusing on the fact that you are not selling your art, or that you are not selling enough? And, what is your general feeling for your life as a whole. These are all things to be considered and worked on.


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