basically all I wanted to ask is that can we manifest artistic talents and skills like being a really good painter or dancer, singer or actor etc. even when we have never been in that field.

It’s said that all things are possible with the LOA so. Let’s say a person wants to become a great actor but does not know about where and how to start.

Is it possible for that person to manifest being a great actor through alignment with his desire and achieve the skill in way that seems effortlessly natural and not something he had to strive towards?

Thank you so much in advance to everyone. This community on this website is truly one of the most amazing and supportive one.

Is it possible that if one really wants to build themselves in a particular field or career and has no idea how to start can still achieve it.

Also can we manifest things on a date since some people also say that Divine timing is what you make of it. Is it possible to manifest things in a time frame through our beliefs?

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Hi @V19 ... "Everything you can imagine is real" Pablo Picasso

(02 Jul '21, 00:58) jaz

or as Joe Dispenza says "your body is your unconscious mind ... it doesn't know the difference between a real event and an imagined event

(02 Jul '21, 03:34) jaz

perhaps if an untapped talent exists,
with focus, could be called forth

(02 Aug '21, 19:14) fred
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If you're interested in the spiritual aspects of unlocking creativity, 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron has some great advice and really practical activities that might help you out. I reach for it every time I'm stuck and it never fails to put me back on the right track. To me it seems like much of it ties in with the ideas mentioned on this website.


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