I suddenly got this realisation that maybe not all thoughts are viable for manifestation. I'll explain why. Why is it that when I simply ask, just ask and imagine, for example, that I'd love to be taken out to dinner, and this happens the next day? Or I ask that I'd be able to face my inner issues with my ex-husband, and the next day he asks me to sit down and talk, and I am able to bring out my issues? I cannot seem to find the common rule because in the former case (i.e. dinner, it was not important at all) whereas in the latter case (i.e. issues with my ex), it was somewhat important (but not terribly so). Am I being too analytical? (probably.... it's my legal background ... gets in the way too much at times). There seems to be a difference between continuously (on purpose) thinking about something with the intention to manifest and just thinking once and letting it go (because it doesn't really matter to you, but yet again i've had manifestations happen which were somewhat important to me). I don't know if I'm making sense but this is what happens to me. Sometimes I simply get a thought from nowhere (i.e. I don't really deliberately produce it) and it happens, and I don't even really want it (i.e. it doesn't make any difference to me). It's like the universe is giving me things that I don't really want or things that I regard as petty, whereas those that I really really want and which I consider important, either partially manifest or none at all. I cannot really understand the idea of resistance (as I know this will be one of the answers on here). But why is it that I've been asking for a particular truth about a particular situation in my life regarding another person, and this has not happened, and all I get is void and silence? And even if it is important, I do not feel attached to i.e. a life or death situation. It's somewhat important but not terribly important. (Am I contradicting myself? ... it's how I'm perceiving things at the moment).

Is it because thoughts have to have a certain vibrational signature and if this signature is not achieved that the thing doesn't manifest? Does it really have to do with how important a thing is to me? Or is there some kind of other 'dark matter' which has not been discovered? There is no common denominator ... no common rule which when applied yields the expected result.

That's my dilemma.

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Am I being too analytical?

Quite possibly :)

It's really quite simple and straightforward...

Any thought you can think can be manifested into physical reality

The reason for that is because any thought you can think, you can make yourself carry on thinking.

And, as you carry on thinking it, it builds momentum thanks to the Law of Attraction (every 17 pure seconds, in fact).

After that thought has built sufficient momentum, it eventually becomes (for you) a dominant thought.

Another more commonly used term for "dominant thought" is Belief and, as many people these days are waking up to the realization of...

...your physical life is a mirror image of your beliefs

Further information: What are the practical limitations of what the Universe can manifest?


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thanks Stingray! in another post of mine I had wished you'd answer me (and actually wrote it in the post). that's my loa for me haha!

(06 Jun '18, 13:17) nbd028

@nbd028 - "I had wished you'd answer me" - You're welcome. But perhaps a better wish would be for you to answer yourself. Might be more convenient since it's pretty likely you take yourself everywhere you go :)

(07 Jun '18, 13:24) Stingray

The reason you are not attracting those things that you are wanting is, the way Abraham puts it, because they are not one thing, they are two- the thing, and the absence of it.

So for everyday things, you are not used to focusing on them either way, so you can immediately start attracting them.

For important things, you have been thinking about them for a considerable while- but because you didn't know how to do that properly then, you were probably focusing on the lack. This builds up over time.

So you need to be sensitive to habitual thoughts you might not notice that reflect the lack of what is important to you, and change those, in addition to focusing on the presence.


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actually, one needs to
be ready and deserving
of that desired, more than
wishes for bottled genie


answered 11 Jun '18, 19:04

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