I am interested and curious to know if the imagination can access beyond what we can percieve in our 3D/5D world.

I've been reading books such as Vadim Zealand's Reality transurfing which is a good introduction to manifesting on the 5th dimensional level.

I've also been looking into 6D as well, though I cannot find any books related to manifesting on this level.

It got me thinking that since anything imagined is possible or natural then maybe I could ask myself a question such as for example:

What does it feel like to be in the 11th dimension ect... Then let it hang..I don't try to find an answer I just let it go and let the feeling or answer come to me. I could ask my head or I could channel this energy into my heart. I think this would be a good way to access energies from any dimension:


I've also been looking more into the power of switchwords (Both Universal and Personal).

For Example:

I would chant "god" or "god consciousness" over and over again to access this energy or "12" or "12 dimension" to access this one.

Iv'e also tried asking a question and letting the answer pop up in my head without forcing it via creative visualization ect.....

I'm just getting into this topic so please bear with me

Any Ideas?

asked 06 Jul '18, 13:19

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be careful, usually much ground work is needed before the benefits of flying happens. but ye, it happens through mind not shackled to 3D

(27 Jul '18, 15:53) fred

Hi @TheCreativeOne, yes, I have an idea since you asked me. My idea is you induce psychedelics three or four times and give yourself a month to process what you experience there. My idea is you obtain mushrooms, LSD or DMT, and seek out a well learned guide or tutor to guide you through a plant induced trip.

Whilst I have not had experience taking psychedelics (yet), from literature that has been written and numerous 'trip report' videos on youtube, it seems going into other 4D and 5D places that this is the fastest, most reliable and most direct route to take. It is as simple as that, just consciously induce some psychedelics.

It is usually advised that when one takes something such as DMT, the teacher will usually insist the student hold an intention prior to taking the substance. Why are they taking it? What will they hope to discover? What would they ideally like to learn or see? In these cases, I have never come across a student who has never not had an intention; there is always a valid and noble reason.

Based upon the intention is based upon how the psychedelic will physically disintegrate into the body and will reflect a certain type of trip. No 2 trips are ever the same, every single trip is unique and is a partial projection done by the inducer. Now whilst I say this about psychedelics, it applies in day to day life with or without substances as well.

No, I have never come across anyone accessing these dimensions 'sober' without assistance of psychedelics or at least ultra skilled experience in meditation (someone who has practised bout 5-10 years). Are you insisting you wish to access these unknown dimensions without doing any of this and for what reason?

Know your intent or well, seek out a teacher, then seek out a substance that you most wish to take. Hope this helps and if you do end up taking action in this manner I would love to hear.


answered 06 Jul '18, 20:53

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