It took me a couple hours and a nap to have the insight to ask this question. I never identified with someone who could hold a grudge. On the flip side, I never saw myself as someone who needed to forgive. It was so hard to pinpoint the cause to a lot of my anger, but once I did it stuck out like a sore thumb.

To be honest, it took me over 5 years to even be open to forgiveness, which is crazy for me, knowing how much vibrations really does reflect back on you. Anyway, I actually began to look at my life and realize that nearly everyone in my life had trouble forgiving. It's crazy how consistent this whole "like attracts like" is. Realizing that was enough for me to realize the grudges I've been holding for years.

I do not want these past scars to stop me from opening my heart again. I pretty much have no friends because I'm deathly afraid of getting hurt. I don't put myself out there like I used to for fear of being ridiculed.And the most unforgivable of them all is the lack of forgiveness for myself.

I can feel my heart vibrating just from consciously choosing to let go of the wrong I felt was done to me, but I was wondering if any one here new of an extremely effective way/method to forgive others and yourself?

I'm finally willing to do what it takes. I'm done hurting myself.

asked 15 Jul '18, 04:26

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Forgiveness is an interesting concept.

A favorite quote of mine is...

Hatred is like acid,
It eats away at the container that holds it

...and forgiveness falls into that category also.

We forgive others not to be kind to them, but to be kind to Ourselves.

We are the ones that suffer by holding "grudges", not "them", because we are disconnecting ourselves from the life-giving "flow" of who we really are. Nothing is worth losing that connection for.

So it makes you wonder why there are so many people going around punishing Themselves for what they perceive others have done to them. They have it completely backwards :)

As for methods, I'd probably recommend taking a look at the following (in no particular order), and see what you feel intuitively drawn towards...

Obviously, there's many more methods than these but these are some of the more reliable ones to get you started.


answered 15 Jul '18, 06:23

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@Stingray- "Hate is like a man holding a hot coal with intention to throw it at his is he who's hand is being burned."- I think this quote is from Buddha. Great answer

(16 Jul '18, 20:17) Nikulas
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