If the LOA says that you attract into your life whatever you are in alignment with, does that mean that I manifested the oil spill?

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Excellent question, Vesuvius.

(16 Jun '10, 20:24) Stingray

seth Individual and the Nature of Mass Events


Ch 2: "Mass Meditations." "Health" Plans for Disease. Epidemics of Beliefs, and Effective Mental "Inoculations" Against Despair


Ch 3: Myths and Physical Events. The Interior Medium in Which Society Exists


Ch 8: Men, Molecules, Power, and Free Will


(02 Mar '13, 18:41) don
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I like questions that force us to re-evaluate notions that we may have become sloppy in thinking about and I think this is one of those questions.

Those of us who accept that the operations of The Law of Attraction do underlie all physical reality often fall into the trap of thinking that we have created something or manifested something as if it just materialized out of nothing.

We have this tendency to think that we started with an artist's blank canvas, projected some thoughts into the Universe and eventually out popped a manifestation matching those thoughts.

alt text

But I think that is where the metaphor of creating something (as though we are artists) needs to be looked at more closely otherwise we end up with answers that make no sense because they were based upon faulty initial premises.

Have a look at this answer for some background: Is this really my manifestation?

It is my view that what we think of as manifesting something into reality is actually better thought of as rendezvous-ing with something that is ever-becoming.

What you currently experience as an oil spill at this now moment was, in a previous now moment, a beautiful coastline and sea area, and in future now moments, may be a beautiful coastline and sea area again.

The question is perhaps not Are you responsible for the oil spill? but Are you responsible for vibrationally rendezvousing with the oil spill in this "now" moment?

You are choosing to give this event meaning enough in your own life right now to call it a manifestation. You are choosing to snapshot this ever-becoming thing at this exact moment and give your focus to it.

So are you responsible for the oil spill? Well, the oil spill is just a meaningless event (An event without meaning) so you can be as responsible for it as you want to be.

You are responsible for giving it a meaning in your reality, and rendezvousing with it in order to express that meaning through your lens of physical interpretation.

To me, that interpretation of meaning is what you are responsible for.

You may argue that an event this big affects everyone but that's not really the case.

I don't watch the news and I don't live in the US. If it wasn't for the recent mentions of the oil spill on this website, I wouldn't even really be aware of it. I just choose not to give this event any particular meaning in my own life.

Instead, it's been a beautiful, bright, fresh sunny day here today and I've been out walking in the sun with a big smile on my face. (I like sunny days!).

Tomorrow it may rain but I choose to give meaning to today as my manifestation.

I'm as responsible for the beautiful day today as you are for the oil spill. :)


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In other words, your world is what you focus on.

(17 Jun '10, 01:20) Vesuvius

Yes, everything in life comes down to how you use your power of focus

(17 Jun '10, 05:09) Stingray

but this doesn't really address LOA and it's effects in physical reality?

(17 Oct '10, 21:03) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics - I'm not sure what you mean. Can you clarify?

(18 Oct '10, 06:27) Stingray

@Back2Basics What Stingray means as I see this is "If it doesn't happen in my back yard I don't care about it." I think most of humanity lives like that really at any moment we could start searching world events and spend all day finding one bad thing after another. We could pray for everyone of those events but it would never end because bad things are constantly happening around the world just as good things are as well but far less reported.

(29 Jul '11, 19:49) Wade Casaldi

Purely awesome answer. I feel the same, thankfully.

(09 Jul '16, 12:24) einsof
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The Gulf oil spill is also going on in my universe!

I don't take the law of attraction so literally, that I would feel responsible for British Petroleum and the actions of their people in authority. I know some won't agree with this. I feel responsible for the circumstances in my own personal life. I don't think I am to blame for the actions of others; they also have their free will.


answered 16 Jun '10, 20:45

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LeeAnn 1

No, as the previous responder said, you were most definitely not responsible for the oil spill, so don't lose sleep over that. Free will is always operating. I don't even believe in God and I can say this. But people can be the victims of others' free will, as those directly affected by the oil spill were. And saying the spill was an event without meaning is horribly dispassionate and mentally cruel to those poor creatures who lost their lives because of it. You can kind of tell I don't take the LOA as anything but a hoax. I studied it, lived it and believed in it, thoroughly, for years. It doesn't work. It certainly didn't in my life.


answered 29 Jul '11, 19:36

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Ana 1

@ana-your answer is intriguing me ... you say free will is always operating yet for you the loa doesn't work. surely that means that your free will is clouded.

(30 Jul '11, 09:05) blubird two

Maybe you did how I cannot comprehend,(:-)! or maybe it was outside of human control. In order to bring about an evolutionary leap in mass consciousness we had to be prepared for it, sadly as with all of humanity it comes to us through a hard lesson. Because I believe in the ONENESS of the all. I believe that all things work together for the good of those who love God. That does not mean that all things that happen will be good but that the outcome will be. People hear the message about Alternate Energy, Now after the Gulf oil spill the mass consciousness has been prepared to listen. What does Loving God mean, Loving Life,The Earth,the children of the earth.Loving all of creation and living in resonance with it. Oh by the way I lived 14 years in New Orleans, I love to fish and if you wanted to see a old man cry it is when I watch the internet news about the spill. The places I use to go fishing, picnicing with the family.


answered 16 Jun '10, 19:46

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Yes, everything that comes into our realm of consciousness for our experience, we (at some level) are responsible.


answered 29 Jul '11, 19:50

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No you are not responsible for creating the oil spil. You are not even responsible for the majority of stuff that happens in your own back yard so please dont beat yourself up about it or worse feel guilty in any way. Yes the law of attraction works 100% in physical science experiments but it only sometimes works if a person wants to manifest a specific thing for it takes mental work as well as physical action. Human beangs are powerful but not so powerfull. We all have the creative spark within but not to such an extent that one can cause oil spills. Have fun with the law of attraction but dont take it too seriously.


answered 30 Jul '11, 07:28

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Paulina 1

@paulina-well explained, thanks

(30 Jul '11, 08:52) blubird two

"Responsible" is a word with varied meanings. From an ordinary, worldly, personality perspective, "responsible" often means "to blame for." From this POV, you are not, of course, responsible for the oil spill.

But when we enter the non-ordinary, energetic realm, "responsible" has a different meaning because in this realm, or "reality" nothing that happens is wrong, so there is no blame that can be assigned to anyone. From this POV, the fact that anyone notices the oil spill indicates that they are at least partially resonant with it. So the question becomes, is there someplace in my consciousness that I can identify that I am doing or acting in a way like this oil spill. If your main attention to the oil spill is, for example, the pollution of the coast, the question would be, is there some way that I pollute myself? If your main focus of attention is on judging the oil company as irresponsible, the question becomes, Is there some way I am behaving irresponsibly towards myself, the Earth or others?

The problem that people have with LOA is that, as Abraham says, each thing we want or prefer has an opposite in this ordinary world. If we love clean beaches, we resist or dislike dirty beaches. And we usually aren't aware of which "end of the stick" we are applying our attention to. And often our attention is applied to the thing we don't want - we resist it rather than applying our attention to the condition we DO want, appreciating and enjoying it. Resistance is the highway to manifestation. We create what we resist. Luckily, we are not very good at manifesting from the ordinary, worldly, personality "reality." We aren't that good at focusing our attention.


answered 10 Jul '16, 18:31

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Clever answer - thank you. Love this "If your main focus of attention is on judging the oil company as irresponsible, the question becomes, Is there some way I am behaving irresponsibly towards myself, the Earth or others?"

(12 Jul '16, 14:08) einsof

if you are in alignment with the gulf oil spill then yes it will manifest in some way in your reality, though not in the form of an oil spill but in a personal symbolic form...for example you find that there is an oil leak from your car engine.


answered 03 Aug '11, 06:50

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blubird two

Really? That sounds more like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post_hoc_ergo_propter_hoc to me.

(04 Aug '11, 02:15) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius-yes it certainly sounds like as you point out, but isn't that how manifestations seem to function...in a mysterious hocus pocus way?

(16 Aug '11, 15:24) blubird two
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