I have been strongly connected to the coyote since I was a young child, and recently underwent a meditative journey which confirmed that the Coyote is indeed my spirit guide. This brings me a great deal of joy, but it also comes with an odd hollowness. A longing, I would even say - and a very intense one, at that.

I have never physically encountered a coyote in my life, despite living in close enough proximity to them that I can hear them sing during certain parts of the year. The only coyote I have ever seen in person, rather than in a book or on a screen, was a young pup who had been killed on the highway and left at the side of the road.

I am an intensely physical person by nature; I learn best by physically attempting to accomplish a new thing, and derive a great deal of comfort and reassurance from physical contact. I believe the longing I feel in regards to the coyote is due to a lack of physicality in my relationship with him; my meditation culminated in my being given a scrap of fur from his shoulder, which I returned to him a short while before the meditation ended.

It is best difficult to find coyote artifacts that feel to me as though they have been created with true respect for the coyote and his lessons; most that I encounter seem as though they don't truly grasp what the coyote seeks to teach us, and instead seem to trivialize coyotes as mystical in the way of strange women in old folktales.

Additionally, art and carved likenesses are lovely, but don't feel enough to me. I would most like a part of a coyote - a real part of one, be it fur or bone or claw or tooth or otherwise. There are reliable vendors who offer such items, many of them cruelty free; however, I hesitate to seek more than shed fur from these sources. Bones and hides and claws and teeth must all be taken from a coyote by more violent means than gathered fur; the coyote ostensibly had to suffer or die to sacrifice them.

I am most drawn to coyote teeth and tails and skulls - but I cannot bring myself to purchase these. It feels supremely disrespectful, and cowardly, and simply not right to obtain the remains of a living creature I did not track or kill, especially from a vendor I do not know.

But I hesitate also to hunt any creature for the sake of taking trophies from it, and I fear that to do so tomy spirit guide would be even more sacrilegious yet.

I find myself torn therefore between my heart and my spirit. Would it be wrong to hunt the coyote in search of a worthy artifact that might strengthen my sense of intimacy with it?

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no, no you should definitely not hunt your spirit guide.

that was the short and quick answer

explanation: before i say anything else i want to say you are incredibly over-emphasizing the significance of the spirit animal. yes it is can be a very much empowering SYMBOL of your own strength and the inherent power within you- but it remains just that- a symbol.

You are simply using the essence of the coyote as a way to translate and understand certain characteristics that may be of use to you as you are evolving as a spiritual consciousness. the coyote is not giving you anything- you are using the coyote to give yourself whatever you feel you need from this spirit animal.

again- it is very important you understand that you yourself are creating everything- you create your own reality REMEMBER its like rule number one in the LOA-Spacehikers Guide to the Galaxy- so that means you also are creating this spirit animal- and you are also creating the effect you are assigning to what you believe this coyote is giving you. there is not one coyote involved here thats doing anything for nothing outside of you basically exists, there is no ASSERTION only ATTRACTION.

now you obviously chose to attract this spirit animal into your life and thats great- more power to ya- if it makes you feel good than i would say keep doing what you are doing. but on the other hand when you say you are 'torn' between heart and spirit (whatever that means) it doesnt seem like you are enjoying this whole coyote thing anymore, now you are thinking of claws and bones? you dont want to buy from a vendor for that would disrespect the coyote, but you have no problems hunting and killing it yourself (thinking what? the coyote would be like- you know Inksinger- i respect you for killing me yourself and not going to a vendor who killed me- either way i feel way more respected that you took the time to do it yourself and not flaking out and purchasing my dead body remains from some dude named Jose on a street market in Tampa- you go Inksinger my love to you!) i mean come one, no one wants to be hunted and killed and if you say its your spirit animal than why in the name of Jose would you want to hunt it down and kill it?

maybe you are not understanding the significance of a SPIRIT GUIDE correctly- they are supposed to GUIDE YOU, nowhere does it say 'hunt and kill spirit guide for bodily remains'.

you say you learn best by taking physical action- and hey you and the rest of the world but THAT IS THE WHOLE REASON YOU HAVE A SPIRIT GUIDE not an ACTION GUIDE THE WORD LITERALLY SAYS THAT ITS NOT ABOUT THE ACTION IT IS ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL

and also, no physical object can ever replace a spiritual connection- which you say you have had since you were a child- why are you trying to 'hold on to' something that is clearly in your SOUL- no bone or claw can ever come near such a connection and truth be told- it sounds creepy and a bit disgusting. i would just use that spiritual connection you have and let that be more significant than any tooth can ever be- for it is.

p.s. my spirit guide is the hedgehog. never have i once had the urge to hunt one down or kill one for better connection- never once. what i do is- usually when i see a hedgehog (and to be quite honest i come across them more than anyone else and they are blind so its always funny to see them walk towards me sniffing away not seeing anything) but anyhoo- when i come across them i always see it as a direct sign from this spirit guide that what i am doing or thinking is right on track and hedgehog approval is mine. and thats that. it works like a charm. also sometimes when i ask for my higher self to give me a sign that all is going to work out and i dont need to worry- i always encouter at least 2 hedgehogs within that day. lovely. no killings necessary and we both live and we both happy.



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@Januaryfeelings - Well said. Great answer.

(22 Sep '18, 10:18) Grace

I was going to give a similar reply but you articulated it perfectly. It's about the spiritual connection, not the physical. I have a physical representation of my spirit animal (a statue), but it doesn't come close to how connected I feel when I call upon Owl in meditation.

(13 Nov '18, 03:42) cassiopeia

Also, @Inksinger mentions that he is a very physical person by nature - maybe Coyote is trying to tell him to work on his non-physical side and strengthen it so that there is balance?

(13 Nov '18, 03:43) cassiopeia
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your spirit guide stays with you,
sometimes with tears on choices
made, recognizing you own
your being


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I have a similar connection with Wolf, and as I had a difficult time finding answers as to why I felt as I did, perhaps sharing something of my experience will help you.

When I was little, abuse forced me to flee in my mind, and I fled to the comfort and protection of an imaginary wolf. He was very real to me, and I called him Shadowwolf. Later in life, I always felt drawn to the Wolf, and when I read about "spirit animals", or spirit guides, I never doubted that the Wolf was one of my guides. But my Christian upbringing said nothing about this; in fact, one leader told me that I was worshipping a "false god", and to extinguish my desire to understand my attraction! This was nonsense; the attraction was real, and when I finally asked Spirit Wolf for answers (something like going to the horse's mouth lol), I started getting answers.

This naturally led me to the Native Americans, and it was these kind people, and the many books I read and folks I spoke to that helped me to understand. It culminated in my learning shamanistic techniques with a Sioux shaman, and in many meditations and journeys, I found answers. Not wishing to deprive you of the joy of discovery, I will only point you towards resources that will directly help you understand why you wish and long for a deep connection to your "Power Animal", who has been tweaking your soul since you were small.

I have written about some of my path here on Inward Quest. If you check out these links, you will be led to what I and others have written:



Animal Speak, book by Ted Andrews

ps: Be sure to follow the links in the links!



alt text


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