I used to Astral Travel a lot in my younger days. I spent almost 10 years astral travelling throughout the 3rd dimension and higher dimensions.

Back then there was no internet and I didn't have access to all of this information as today's generation does. I never felt the need to protect myself as I always felt safe travelling abroad. And if I was in any danger of sort I would simply fly back to my body in an instant. No harm no foul.

Mind you I used to purify my chakras and body before engaging on any Astral Quest which kept my intent pure and my quest clear. But was that enough to protect me?

I did have some powerful guides who I felt kept me out of harms way. I was quite an adventurer and I did travel beyond what the mind can actually comprehend. I also found that the higher I ascended dimensionally the more I became visible to other planetary beings of those higher dimensions.

Only a handful of civilized planets in the third dimension were able to see me as the majority couldn't or weren't even aware of my presence. The ones who did were very advanced spiritually and always welcomed me with open arms.

I ascended as high as I was able to dimensionally but I never came across Heaven or anything remotely close to that. I traveled to where my guides lived which may have felt like Heaven but it definitely wasn't. Mind you I know I would have been happy and content there.

I'm planning to Astral Travel again after all of these years as soon as I can release all of my third dimensional attachments so to speak and work on purifying myself as I have a lot to release. It's been 20 years and I have accumulated a lot of baggage over the years.

I enjoyed it immensely when I was younger and the longest I was gone at one sitting was 2 earth days. Most times I was gone only for a few hours at a time and not once was my body in any danger whatsoever eventhough I was pushing it when I was gone for 2 days. I wasn't tired when I came back to my body but boy was I hungry lol. A few of my friends and girlfriends were worried for me because I had disappeared without notifying anyone for a few days lol. Nobody in my circle understood or even knew what Astral Projection even was.

I was nicknamed FOOL by my guides at times lol because I was fearless of the unknown and nothing stopped me from venturing on. I could shape shift into anything while in my Astral Body and maybe I guess I did take some foolish chances at times but I was always met by Beings who took good care of me no matter where I traveled.

But this time I want to be more prepared than I ever was and I was kind of concerned about picking up parasites or bad entities while Astral Travelling this time. I don't believe that I ever did pick up anything from my past days as I always felt strong and confident and I was guided most of the time. I was taken care of.

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Yes it is possible, but only if you are coming from a place of fear about the entire subject. Popular authors will focus highly on protection, and magic, and blah blah blah.....but if you are coming from a place of pure excitement and purity of fun, then you will not encounter anything 'evil' even if you try! Your frequency will be invisible to theirs.

(29 Jul '18, 17:46) Nikulas

*Note- I write this comment after just waking from a deliberate astral projection after 4 months of trying. Used to be very afraid of exiting my body, but last night, zero fear and 110% pure curiosity.

(29 Jul '18, 17:47) Nikulas

Nikulas - Thank you because that is exactly what I experienced when I used to do it pure excitement and purity of fun. Congratulations!!! I was also afraid of exiting my body the first time but I just went with it and it open so many doors for me more than I could ever imagine. I can feel your excitement and I can't wait to Astral Travel once again.

(29 Jul '18, 18:05) Moonbeam
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Since it never happened by your descriptions, then why ask? You already know "precaution" if you can call it that.


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