I happen to go to this swimming class. There are usually a lot of teens there but these two boys have been coming in my dream more than twice. Both of them are kinda like best friends. In my Dream one of them was kinda like my boyfriend while the other was my enemy who tried to harm me but the other guy protected me from that. I do not have any kinda crush on them and stuffs. But why do i dream like this? In my other dream both of the guys were my best friends. Is there any sign that we are going to be friends/enemies in future?

asked 08 May '13, 06:11

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I can't tell you the exact reason why they keep showing up in your dreams, however, our dreams communicate our unconscious desires. There may be some part of you that desires to be friends with the two boys or maybe you admire the friendship they share and desire the same for yourself. What we focus on expands. Usually, when we spend a lot of time thinking about something, representations of the subject begin to show up in our reality...


answered 10 May '13, 08:59

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1Shonta 1

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what we focus on expands ♥

(10 May '13, 09:11) ru bis

Love your answer @1Shonta1, @Swetha, it could be that the boys desire to be friends with you and you're picking up on it

(10 May '13, 09:29) MoonWillow

@1Shonta 1 does the "communicate oenter code hereur" mean anything in particulier?

(10 May '13, 10:49) ru bis

@ru bis I think @1Shonta clicked on the code button when writing his answer I edited it away

(10 May '13, 11:32) ursixx

@1Shonta her answer I just checked your profile,read your blogg.

(11 May '13, 06:52) ursixx
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