Or, no matter the same circumstances/“toolkit”, they would be fundamentally different- make different choices, lead a different life with different thoughts, opinions, ideas, goals? Are we the same Consciousness/eyes looking through different lenses/lives- or are we fundamentally different eyes that even when looking through the same lens, would perceive differently? Are we fundamentally unique from everyone else, or are our personalities stepping stones along the way for one Consciousness? Like I’m life #20202827484 and you’re #3947749986, and we are who we are for now, but as we evolve (and have evolved) we are every other person? Is each life like a costume, but it’s always “me” in there- and how I choose to act in it isn’t a reflection of how anyone else would?

Bashar says if you can imagine it you are it- but what about when people want the same exact thing? Is the idea of competing for it irrelevant because if we truly tuned to having that Thing we want- we’d become- literally “be”- the same person- the person who has what we want? (I don’t have the quotes but he has basically confirmed this, saying you’re appearance being the same to you is an illusion of continuity, etc.)

To elaborate: I recently watched a Chinese drama in which Immortals would go on “trials” in the mortal realm as humans; they would nap for two months and because time passed differently between realms, live a full life below. Upon death they would “wake up” to their higher self, a fuller perspective that “contained” these trials, these more limited perspectives. This is really close to how I’ve always understood it and how teachers such as Abraham have described, but in regards to this question- could it be construed that the immortals themselves are in turn in a lower realm and awaken to an even fuller narrative- a higher perspective who-in all of their lives “as an immortal” where contained? And if that cycle continued, we’d pull out and out on what ultimately was one Consciousness, playing out infinitely-detailed “lesser” lives?

My understanding of the teachings has been verging on Solipsism, this idea that All That Is is playing sock puppets with itself, that you’re only ever “interacting” with yourself (albeit at different steps of Your overall journey), everyone is One, alone on a stage so (if you’re aligned) committed to the role that you forget you’re playing all of them and there is no audience. According to my own Emotional Guidance System I know this understanding is not in alignment, so I’m seeking new approaches to help me come to my true understanding. :)

asked 08 Feb '19, 14:15

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going about it this way would make things really complicated for you. observing the world from a prerspective of "mirrors" and "how others reflects you" will put you in an endless lup. the reason? well- first of all your foucus must be on others instead of on yourself in order to sea the reflection constantly, while your goal is to be focused on yourself. secondly, it is NOT imposible to figure out what other's wills, intentions or patters are but you cant figure if they are a match to you if you're not focused completely on yourself, and by wondering FIRST whats going on with them, you are not. you must be FIRST aligne with yourself and the mirroring knowledge will AUTOMATICALLY come.

the idea about competetion - when you aligne - there in no competetion. competetion is a silly vibration. when you alingne with yourself all fears collapse. competetion is fear (unless in a fun game). competetion just disapears. dont even think about what to do about competition, just aligne with yourself and it has to go away.


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Thanks for your comment! I actually got a bit of a revelation regarding this, and your answer helped me understand it. Bashar has said whoever we’re interacting with currently is our “soulmate” in that they’re matching us/reflecting us- so when we’re really aligned (with who we uniquely are), then we’ll meet people who choose that “frequency” too, our true “soulmates”. :) So it is about finding your core frequency, and when you do, you’ll find what’s truly meant for you.

(13 Feb '19, 10:40) flame-eternal

I believe in the continuation of the Soul, and Reincarnation as a result. I remember coming into this life, and also remembered that I "jumped" too soon, and as a result, did not end up in the body/life I was supposed to get. This might be hard for you to swallow, but I assure you that I have learned a valuable lesson. All this being said, it would follow that some other Soul was supposed to live in the body I jumped into.

We do have free will, and God didn't interfere at all. But next time, you better believe I will wait and be patient for the "go ahead".

If some other Soul received your life, I am sure everything would have been different for that Soul. We are individuals even between lives, and another Soul in your body would have directed the body you have according to its individuality.

We are constrained by the genetics of the body we receive, though. Many human traits are genetically inherited, and it is very hard to fight one's genetics... but not impossible. We cannot change the color of our eyes; this is a strictly inherited trait; all sorts of other traits are also inherited as well. But the Soul influences the choices we make, and steers us behind the scenes.

This is what I believe; I have come to these beliefs because of what I remember before I came to Earth and my existence here.



answered 12 Feb '19, 21:41

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Thanks for sharing your experience and understanding :) This question has bothered me for a long time and accounts like yours put me at ease :)

(13 Feb '19, 10:38) flame-eternal

@flame-eternal- I liked your question, and I am glad my answer helped you. Welcome to IQ, btw! I hope we can help you with more questions you might ask. This was a great post!♡

(14 Feb '19, 07:08) Jaianniah

fundamentally unique
your spirit breath is with own
vibration and frequency,
your gift to this life


answered 13 Feb '19, 20:04

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