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It seems that most of us would agree that reality creation or manifesting what you want basically boils down to one thing : feeling better or feeling good about any instance in your life.

Most of the methods in Ask & It is Given for example, boils down to making you feel better in the different areas of your life - be it love, career, wealth or health. Most of the questions and answers on this site have hinted at it (feeling better to get what you want) too.

If that is the case, why did we humans have to make it so complicated? I mean, we have like tons and tons of reality creation books just to teach you the same thing (take PsiTek for example), we have so many people out in the world and on this site just struggling to understand this simple concept (feeling better to get what you want), and so on. It makes people who are seeking the truth having to wade through so much stuff just to get this simple concept.

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In a word: variety.

By giving our thoughts and shapes shape in a physical world, and then manipulating those shapes in limitless combinations, we explore the limits of our creative capabilities.

What would be your response if someone came to you and said, "I am a great painter"? Would you ask to see some of their work? What if they said, "Oh, well I haven't ever really painted anything, I just know I'm a great painter. I have all of the tools, I have all of the skills, I know all of the techniques, and I'm happy." Would you still consider him a great painter? Or would you have expected the painter to have created a variety of different works?

With respect to books, often we need to be taught the concepts in different ways in order for it to stick. Some of us relate to certain examples better than others, and the more examples you have of the LOA at work, the more connections you can make between the Universal principles and the ordinary things that happen in your daily life.


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