Based on my study and experience with energy, I have a theory that it is both easier and faster to manifest knowledge/information than it is to manifest something physical. It takes less energy to manifest something "spiritual" than it does to manifest something "physical".

Yet - they both can be used to manifest the same end result. One is simply faster.

Therefore, my theory is that you will manifest your desires faster if you attempt to manifest the spiritual component rather than the physical component... and leverage you physical body to manifest the physical component.

For a real life example, let's use money as the end goal. Let's say your goal is to manifest $50,000.

#1: Physical Manifestation - You could try to manifest $50,000 in cash by using many of the "techniques" discussed on InwardQuest.

#2: Spiritual Manifestation - Rather than trying to manifest $50,000 in cash, you could try to manifest KNOWLEDGE on how to easily and quickly generate $50,000. You can get as specific as you want... such as knowledge of an individual that would GIVE you $50,000. Or knowledge of something in your house that you currently classify as junk, but someone would actually pay you $50,000 for. You can get as specific as you want regarding the knowledge you want to manifest, or you can keep it general.

Once you manifest the knowledge, you can quickly and easily implement it (pick up the money, sell the item, whatever).

My theory is that it takes more energy (aka more time) to manifest $50,000 in cash, than it is does to manifest the "knowledge" that will help you generate $50,000 cash easily. Once you manifest specific knowledge, you can leverage your physical body to quickly implement the knowledge and manifest the ultimate end goal, the cash.

Another example:

Let's say you are in the real estate investor and your goal is to make $100,000 in profits by flipping a house.

#1: Physical Manifestation - You could try to manifest $100,000 in profits from your real estate investing business.

#2: Spiritual Manifestation - Rather than trying to manifest $100,000 in profits, you could try to manifest KNOWLEDGE of a house that is priced far below market value, that when resold, will generate $100,000 in profits.

In this example, someone could randomly call you and tell you about a house for sale that is well below market value. In theory, a "phone call" is easier and faster to manifest than $100,000 in profits.

We all know the phrase work smart not hard. I believe we may be working "hard" rather than "smart" - trying to manifest physical things rather than spiritual things. They both work, and they both can get you the same end result, but one way is working hard and one way is working smart.

We do this all the time with small things. When you can't find your keys, do you try to manifest them physically? Or instead do you try to manifest "knowledge" of where your keys are?

The answer is knowledge. You ask yourself, "where are my keys?"

Sometimes the knowledge comes immediately - and low and behold, you implement the knowledge and pick up your keys. Must faster than trying to manifest your keys in physical form.

I hope this makes sense. I would love to hear your feedback.

Has anyone tried or experiment with manifesting knowledge/ideas/information and found that it manifests much easier and faster than manifesting physical things?

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I can see what you're trying to say here - that knowledge is "easier" to manifest than physical stuff, so focus on the knowledge.

But I'd like to suggest that there's a mistaken assumption in the idea :)

The reason knowledge seems "easier" to manifest is because you have less resistance about it.

You believe it's easier to manifest's your beliefs that make knowledge easier to manifest, not the energy flow that's needed for it.

From an energetic point of view within manifesting, there's actually more energy flowing more easily to something physical and "big" (like a castle) compared to manifesting something small and "easy" (like the location of your keys) because your desire about it will be, energetically, it's easier to manifest a castle than the knowledge of your keys' location.

But because there's a belief for most people - it's hinted at in the terminology used in the last sentence - that castles are difficult to manifest (they are "big") and key location knowledge isn't (it's "easy"), you have different levels of resistance to allowing yourself to acclimate to the frequency of those desires i.e. making them perceptible to your physical senses.

alt text

The key to manifesting (from our human perspective) is reducing resistance...The Law of Attraction, being an energy momentum builder, takes care of the necessary energy flows.

So the best thing to aim for is not knowledge about a thing (even though that generally has less resistance than a physical object for the reasons stated) but an underlying emotion about the thing you are after, because that will have the least resistance of all.

Manifesting a pure emotion about the thing you are after will have so little resistance about it that it brings about the manifestation of what you want relatively quickly.

Hope that gives you something to think about :)


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Thanks Stingray. Makes sense.

(21 May '19, 12:54) maxenergy

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to manifest knowledge for some time now. And I think I have to agree with Stingray. Some channeled sources I talked with said something very similar, too.

As it is with all things when LOA is in question, it always comes down to you because that's how things are, for some reason. You know, the same old story - what you believe is how things are for you. That is the law - LOA. What you think is what you get. Blabla.

So it seems that, if you are manifesting knowledge easier than other things, it's just because you believe that that is the case for some reason.

So basically, the Universe doesn't classify things according to how hard is it to manifest them. That's all your doing. Although, some channeled sources claim that some things really are harder to manifest than other things because of the nature of our reality - for example, even though manifesting levitation is possible, it is not very probable, because, well, you don't see many flying people around, do you? Only birds fly. And bats. And bugs. And some humans?? :D. But even that is to be taken with a grain of salt. Because, if we again remind ourselves how LOA works (or how it should work), we always get what we think. So that means that that channeled information is, because I heard it, something I attracted into my life, and thus, is a reflection of my thoughts and not yours. So maybe it does not apply to you, your Universe. You see, even this your question is something I attracted, and you were just the facilitator, because it thematizes something, as I said in the beginning, that I try to manifest myself. It seems that your reality is a combination of your reflections and the doings of other free agents (other people).

Happy manifesting.


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"So basically, the Universe doesn't classify things according to how hard is it to manifest them. That's all your doing." Good point!

(21 May '19, 12:55) maxenergy

knowledge is perceived, one has
to receive the inrush be
able to reason it,
to see where it fits


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