What do I think of or do that will put a smile on my face all day? I can't be booze or drugs or a hot sex partner hehe lol. I would think it needs to be something from within. They say get happy and stay happy. Are there any tools to put a great big smile on my face, and be mister happy face all day. I have some ideas but would appreciate any input. Merry Christmas Many Blessings!

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Smile. Really.

Your body is conditioned to react to the physical act of smiling. Yes, you involuntarily smile when you experience something happy, but it also works in reverse; your body will automatically feel good if you hold a smile on your face for several seconds.

Beyond that, you can do several things:

  1. Have an attitude of gratitude.
  2. Do things that make you consistently happy.
  3. Use positive affirmations, like Anthony Robbins' power questions.
  4. Change your beliefs.

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That's what I thought, it works in reverse. Thanks Vesuvius

(19 Dec '10, 21:53) Tom

Fake it till you make it - As Vesuvius said "Smile. Really" - It does cause physiological changes that result in making you feel better.

Find anything to be grateful about , and believe me when you start looking you'll be amazed at what was right in front of your face that you really didn't pay attention to.

Put on a funny movie - laughter is probably one of the cheapest and most effective medicines available.

Just deciding to be happy will be enough for ways to be happy to start showing up - hence, the great answers here :)


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Fake it till you make it! It doesn't get any simpler.

(22 Oct '11, 05:41) Aphrodite

@ Aphrodite... Yep I'm finding 'simple solutions' are often the best :)

(25 Oct '11, 01:52) Michaela

Get a picture of a red Ferrari F40.Look at it...it will make you smile.



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Monty Riviera

No it can't be an outside thing, that was my parameter. But, it couldn't hurt. hehe

(19 Dec '10, 21:55) Tom

Any Italian will tell you Tom....the Ferrari F40 DOES come from within!!

(19 Dec '10, 22:26) Monty Riviera

That make me laugh, Graham

(20 Dec '10, 02:24) Tom
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Smiling is a naturally occuring phenomenon but it is also a "feeling good" technique which can be practiced. Whenever you are thinking, notice how your forehead feels. Is the space between your eyes all scrunched up? If it is, smile and notice how all the tension disappears. You will also see the subject in a different light, often times bringing about a more genuine smile. Smiling is also contaigious, the more you do it the more you see it and pretty soon your day will be filled with smiles from you and everyone around you.

Thank You


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I like it......

(20 Dec '10, 02:22) Tom

All day!? That may be a little weird.

But as hard as it is, replace thoughts.


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Lol @ that may be a little weird, I am reminded of the cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Thanks for the smile! :)

(15 Mar '11, 15:38) Nikki777

one may consider reviewing those things that for now don't let you smile,
and maybe why it is preferrable to be sincerely smiling all the time. you may find something inbetween
that changes where you are now and into what you are supposed to be


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That was soooo adorable!

(23 Jan '11, 07:09) daniele

To get to this happy place we first need to get out of the sad place and like it or not, believe it or not there are devils and demons you can call them negative beings or negative influence or negative energy. When we get depressed or angry we attract these influences, they can lead us into deep depression even. They can bring us to suicide even so it is best to get rid of these, then we can find that happiness. Happiness is not just a thing itself it is also an absents of the sad things. Clearing is very important to bring happiness.

This just happened with me and I feel great, I have felt great for days, I cleared out my self and my home of all devils and demons I commanded them gone in Jesus name. The energy has been wonderful since, I feel great I feel like singing and dancing through the day like a musical movie. More like a rock musical actually I'm straight. lol

Start your day off listening to real pick up music like, Bing Crosby There's going to be a great day, Louis Armstrong What a wonderful world, happy songs that really pick you up and feel good.


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Wade Casaldi

This one Tom, I do not think we can answer for you. I do not think we know you well enough to know what brings you joy.

I think Walmart has fake smiles on sale right now for like 8.59 (roll back) but they are not as good as the real thing.

Happy Hunting!


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jim 10

I love your sense of humor, now you have everyone thinking, “Smile on your face all day,” great, how do we smile all day. I will sleep on it, but on second thoughts I will write to your smile: your body is smiling with you all day long, and you are smiling back with your body all day long, and you are doing this every day all day long, and every day you will notice that you are smiling with the world all day long, for smiling is you, and you are smiling all day long!


answered 23 Jan '11, 07:20

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