I have been giving this some thought. If we think of our bodies and brains like we do most other things, we would give up what doesn't work. So many times we try something to find it doesn't work and give up on it, however we return to sadness, despair, and depression again and again. What have any of these ever done to improve the situation? Nothing, nothing changes we just feel bad about it, that does nothing to help the situation.

We need to toss this feeling just as much as if we would toss anything else that doesn't work. It is true happiness doesn't change it either, but it sure feels much better than depression and worry.

By looking at this in this light, we see worry and depression does nothing to fix the situation and neither does happiness. They are both a choice of a state of being that have nothing to do with the problem.

So it seems the logical choice is to be happy and care free. If you can do nothing about the problem then what good does it do to be upset over the problem? It changes nothing except your feeling. So it is better to throw it up to God and be happy no matter what, if you can do nothing about it then it is out of your hands.

We know sadness, depression, worry or fear are good for nothing so don't worry, be happy.

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Wade Casaldi

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Borrowed from "Subconscious Magic" on PsiTek with thanks ♥♥♥

While your objective mind controls all your voluntary functions, your subjective mind controls all of the involuntary functions. Involuntary functions are things that you cannot control, but that you still do, unconsciously. You don’t sit there and say “I am making my hair grow now.” And you don’t say “I am going to produce tears for my eyes” do you? But yet, you are responsible for the production of the tears, the hair growth and more. So now you are starting to understand a little clearer when I told you that you and I are responsible for everything in our lives, on a subconscious level. The subconscious mind perceives differently than our physical body or our objective mind. It does not use the physical senses, but instead perceives on an intuitive level.

It even has the power to communicate directly with the minds of others. There are actually no limits as to what it can do.

Doctors and psychologists know that the health of the body is influenced greatly by how we think and feel. There are countless cases around the world of people who have been able to cure themselves of major illnesses such as cancer through the power of their emotions, mind, visualization and inner subconscious.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t seek professional medical attention if you are sick. Not at all. But as you are seeking medical help for your physical ailments, you can also begin to explore the other side of you. You can explore the possibility of using your subconscious to help bring about harmony to your body, and restore peace and love within yourself.

It’s a known fact that if you are in a state of laughter, love and joy it is impossible to feel pain.

I experienced this first hand when I was having surgery a couple of years ago. The pain was mild to moderate and I decided not to take any pain-killers to see if I could help myself just by lifting my spirits. I figured that if the pain got too bad I could always page the nurse to bring me a pain-killing injection.

So I opened up one of my favorite books and started reading. I became engrossed in it and, before I knew it, a few hours had passed. I just couldn’t believe it. I had not felt any pain because I had forgotten all about the pain. This proved to me that how I felt inside could affect how I felt on the outside.

Most physicians will tell you that if you give constant thought to any part of your body that you send an over-supply of blood to that particular part. This illustrates that thoughts really can affect the body.

Your subconscious has the power to make any part of your body behave in a variety of ways. Your subconscious is very sensitive to your predominant thoughts. All you need to do is to start worrying or becoming anxious about something and your body starts responding. The medical profession has recognized for a long time that there is some kind of hidden power in the human body and that power can heal diseases much better than drugs or surgery.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

I've been waiting for this question.since I saw the movie "The Avengers" but I'll get to that We all have our emotions available as a choice all the time. Think of your emotions as programs on your computer. All those programs (emotions)are always available,and how you decide to use them ,how they run is up to you. Happiness can be like Skype is on my PC .It opens when I start the PC, it's always in the taskbar. I just need to click on it ,and it's ready to use.
We put the programs (emotions) we use the most on the desktop. So we can have to use the A-H emotional guidance system these 21 programs ready to use a click away. But when you realize this those programs you don't use you can drag and drop the shortcut to the recycle bin. They're still on the PC but now you have to search in your computer programs to use it.
But wait you say. I don't choose to depressed,or a sad. Well yes you do until you learn to not have them pop up automatically.sometimes these programs get infected by a virus and always pops-up.
Wade let me get personal here .If I say to you your eyeglasses make your face look silly ,as an example. ( they look great on you Wade ,just for an example) Now depending on how you have learn to program to respond you get really upset "What the @£$€ did you say" or "well that's your opinion" or "That ursixx is a smart dresser and knows so much about fashion I'm going to get new glasses tomorrow!" (laughing at self right now). It's all about how you choose to use your programming. It might be @£$€.and it's always been like that and you haven't had the knowledge that you could reprogram that response to one that didn't take so many resources from the PC and slow it down ,make Youtube laaagg. The more you learn how to make your programs run smoothly and which programs serve you well and others can be buried deep in the hard drive and take a lot of effort to get the running, or even forgotten that you had them!

So what did "The Avengers " have to do with all this your asking now . Well in the big battle scene near the end ,Good vs Evil.... the battle is getting tough the big monsters are coming and the Hulk is nowhere to be found.. Dr. Bruce Banner rolls in on his motorcycle
I'm always angry is his secret.The same can be said for all of our emotions.
So reach for the better feeling emotion


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Loved the Film , and the computer analogy is fab , I have Stingrays /Abe adjusted Emo Scale as my desktop background ;-)

(26 Mar '13, 03:00) Starlight

It is funny... There was for years times I wouldn't even consider glasses. I thought they might make me look like a nerd.

But Jai convicted me to get glasses and now that I know how much better I see with them I don't so much think of then as fashion but more like a part of me. So when I read that about my glasses I had a chuckle actually. :-)

(26 Mar '13, 03:36) Wade Casaldi

@Starlight thanks ,that analogy has been spinning around in my head for awhile ..@Wade Casaldi knew you would take it well ;) You know the next time they rewrite the Bible it will say "the nerds shall inherit the earth"

(26 Mar '13, 03:51) ursixx

@ursixx, I'm angry most of the time and it feels good. haha. I'm angry about myself, everyone and everything. Such low standards everywhere. Sometimes I just let it go and go back to TAO. Enjoy my stay in emptiness and then get back on the stage of life and play some act. Surrender to senses and get angry again.

(26 Mar '13, 04:12) CalonLan

@CalonLan Are you good at smashing too?Waking up in strange places in a pair of over size shorts?Is green one of your favorite colors?;) But seriously, You want change?Be the change then! Men are born soft and supple; dead, they are stiff and hard. Plants are born tender and pliant; dead, they are brittle and dry. Thus whoever is stiff and inflexible is a disciple of death. Whoever is soft and yielding is a disciple of life. The hard and stiff will be broken. The soft and supple will prevail.

(26 Mar '13, 04:35) ursixx
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Happiness should be the choice of all reasonable people, yet a lot of reasonable people are not happy. Why is this?

Depression- and here I mean true, clinical depression, and not the blues- is not something a reasonable person would choose to have, yet a LOT of reasonable people suffer from depression. I am one of them. I do not seem to have much "choice" about where my brain is going to be on any given day- but I do have a choice about taking my meds and thus reducing the depression to manageable limits. What you are implying is that I can simply "throw off" my depression if I choose to...God, if only it were that easy!!! I would give this disease away in a minute. I have relatives who have suicided, been hospitalized, etc. It appears to be a family disease, and goes back as far as my great-grandmother on my dad's side. I wish I could concur with your idea that I can just "throw off" my depression.

Oh, how I have tried! For your sake, I have tried! For Christ's sake, I have tried. For God, I have tried. But nonetheless, the old bugger, depression, hangs around, lurking in my mind like a smuggler with bad booty to sell. I have finally come to some peace about it, but it is questions like yours that keep me wondering if I could "throw it off" as easily as a bathrobe before a shower.

What I choose today is to smile. To make the best of each day that I can seems a reachable goal for me. If I am alive at the end of the day, I did something right. I guess you just cannot imagine depression unless you have it in spades like me. You have rubbed off on me. I have learned to speak in positive ways about things. But deep inside, the depression lurks.

Is this a choice of reason? I do not think so. What reasonable person would ask to live this way?? I wish I could tell you just how deep this rabbit hole goes, but it would only scare you to death. Instead, I believe it is genetics, and a bad hand of genetic cards that were dealt to me.

But we do have choices about our attitudes and actions. I can choose to give up. I won't. I love you too much. So I try very hard to fight and win. I pray night and day that God will heal me. I try to laugh and to make you laugh, too. You have made my life worth living, and that makes up for having to fight depression. But I do not think I have a choice about it. It would be like saying I have a choice about having cerebral palsy or some other inherited disease. But through Christ, and you, life has become oh! so much more worth fighting for! And thank you.

It's a good question, Wade. Most people will not agree with me, I know. But this is my truth for now.

Love you, dear,

Your Jaiannaih


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@Jaianniah What if you found out that you were adopted?

(25 Mar '13, 20:11) flowsurfer

@Jai , things can be justified in so many ways , I like @flowsurfer's question :-)

Have a look at my answer to him .....


and I think you may find your scripture based answer if you read and absorb all of this


(25 Mar '13, 20:16) Starlight

@jai- dear, hav u tried "past regression therapy..once"? cos i hav read a lot abt it..that when u don't get results or solutions from many sources..,it really works.. , giv it a try.., may be it can help in some way..:))

(26 Mar '13, 10:10) supergirl
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