Have they ever recommended other teachings of physical or non-physical beings? For instance what about EFT, Sedona Method, Yoga, Reiki, self help books etc?


Thanks @Stingray for adding this recording. Here is another one I have found some time ago.


I had the impression that Abraham and the questioner were talking past each other. And I think part of it is because words can mean so many things and can be interpreted in so many ways. The questioner is using Bashar's words (and admitting it in this case). Abraham immediately wants to change these phrases because it seems that within Esther's perception there are "better" words that would cause lesser resistance to her particular audience I suppose. So Abraham is re-phrasing Bashar's words to make them more suitable to the Abraham audience.

Here is the other recording I added some time ago to the comment section. And in order to be able to edit this formerly short question and hit the newly required 1000 characters that this wonderful site, namely Indward Quest, is demanding, I'm adding it to this question too. And let me say that I really like it and.... what's not to enjoy about a good old recording of your favorite channeler introduced by me, right? To make a long story short, here are Abraham and our beloved questioner (who I would call Dimitri because I enjoy that name).


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@releaser99- I know Bashar has mentioned very broadly in his "achieving perfect health" youtube video, that "one should engage in some form of yogic breath practise."

He has also recommended reading a book called The Heart Code. Apparently that book holds many truths on relationships, yet I'm still looking for the book in my area so I'm unsure.

(31 Jan '13, 01:38) Nikulas

@Nikulas Interesting. Thanks.

(31 Jan '13, 02:07) releaser99

@releaser99 : I know rob / @TReb Bor yit-NE as mentioned other channelers in some of his earlier work ..FYI rob has had some loss in his family so it might take a while before he can answer or give reference ... our thoughts are with you rob

(31 Jan '13, 06:23) ursixx

EDIT (I can't edit it above):

Abraham are talking about Bashar in this video...


..."he is smarter" :).

(20 Jan '14, 19:09) releaser99

@releaser99 - love this, thanks for finding/sharing. :)

(21 Jan '14, 08:58) Grace

@releaser99 - Thanks for sharing that. Fascinating to hear Abraham acknowledge Bashar

(21 Jan '14, 11:06) Stingray

@Releaser99- Nice one Releaser. Enjoyed that:)

(22 Jan '14, 05:14) Satori

@Grace @Stingray @Satori You are welcome !

(22 Jan '14, 11:16) releaser99

@releaser99 - Thanks for the extra videos.

"Abraham is re-phrasing Bashar's words to make them more suitable to the Abraham audience" - Yes, it's quite noticeable that they seem determined to reword them into Abraham-speak. I remember Bashar once saying that the different perspectives of channelled teachings are to suit the different belief systems that people hold. So it makes sense that Abraham would want to quickly massage the concepts into their own teaching lingo for their own audience.

(23 Nov '16, 12:39) Stingray

@Stingray - "to suit the different belief systems that people hold" - Interesting, that's what I thought. It seems to be sort of like McDonald's and Burger King. They are basically selling the same thing with a slightly different touch :).

(23 Nov '16, 15:54) releaser99

@releaser99 - "like McDonald's and Burger King" - Hmmm..."vibrational fast food junkies"...I like it :)

(24 Nov '16, 03:36) Stingray
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I remember watching one Bashar video where a questioner mentioned Abraham directly to Bashar. There wasn't really much of a response from Bashar (from what I vaguely recall) - and definitely not an enthusiastic one :) - he just said something along the lines of "It's a different point of view" and that's about it. I got the feeling it was a bit of a dismissive response.

This is all going very roughly from memory and I can't remember which recording it was on. And I'd probably have to watch the interaction again to more accurately gauge Bashar's reaction.

I've not yet heard anyone mention Bashar to Abraham on any recording.

Regarding the rest of your question, generally, I don't think the non-physicals get involved in promoting systems or products (which often have the incentive of making some money for the author/creator behind them)...they seem to mainly stick to explaining the principles upon which those systems or products operate.

ADDED 15 OCT 2016

I noticed this question popped up again so I thought I would add a bit to my answer.

I recently came across a recording where Bashar's ideas were put to Abraham. The questioner was a bit sneaky about it and never mentioned Bashar by name but simply put a series of statements to Abraham and asked what they thought about them.

Anyone who has listened to Bashar for any length of time would recognize the Bashar-isms :) ...such as "Circumstances don't matter, only state of being matters" etc.

The response from Abraham was quite generous and enthusiastic about the ideas (though it was never revealed to Abraham where the ideas originated). It was quite different from the response to Abraham from Bashar, which I mentioned above.

Just my observation of the responses. Not meant to imply anything about Abraham or Bashar :)

ADDED 23 NOV 2016

Wasn't looking for it but it turned up nonetheless :) ...here's the recording where some of Bashar's ideas were "secretly" put to Abraham...



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Thanks @Stingray. Yes, they always kinda say "It's a different point of view". It would be great if they would explain the differences between them and how to combine their teachings. But i think they assume that their students are smart enough to figure this out themselves :). As @Nikulas said, Bashar recommends "The heart code" and some products of Dr. Schultz. I heard Abraham just once saying "Reiki is a great thing!". And they talk about kundalini. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3vuz2DVTXc

(03 Feb '13, 17:28) releaser99

"Wasn't looking for it but it turned up nonetheless :)" Universal laws in action!

(23 Nov '16, 05:36) Yes

@Yes - "Universal laws in action!" - My thoughts exactly as well. Pesky Universal Laws...just can't stop meddling in your life :)

(23 Nov '16, 12:32) Stingray
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To my knowledge, Bashar once said that people take the Kryon channelings too literally. Aside from that Bashar said that the various teachings cannot be compared because they serve different purposes for different individuals.

When you say “If not, why not?” Perhaps the greater question is why do you believe that these teachers should or should not offer a comparison? Can you see how the limited 3D mind works? It’s stuck in the realm of duality of this and that, good and bad, right and wrong etcetera :)


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Eddie , on the note of different teachers , may I ask , I have read from various sources "it's not what you want but what you BE that creates the manifestation" so running with that last night I thought about "BE" and came to the conclusion that Be(ing ) is the same as feeling .You see I always wondered how I could get the feeling pertaining to ie owning a ferrari ( i actually have no desire for such , lol ) or being a rock star , but it seems everything whether situation or physical item ...

(12 Feb '13, 22:12) Starlight

@Eddie I do believe in diversity and that those teachings serve different purposes for different people. But I also think that they could be combined to serve a further purpose. Especially in practical terms I think that a combination of methods (e.g. EFT+Abraham) could be helpful. But probably channeled beings know that they don't have to do this because LOA will take care of that.

(12 Feb '13, 22:18) releaser99

ownership , still boils down to how it makes one "feel" ergo the Be(ingness) . Have I got it correct ? Sometimes it seems all the terms muddy the waters so to speak . Last thursday I left home in the most amazing mood and things just popped up , discounts that were then discounted again , a playring I had bought ,this to help me get into the feeling of "engagement "

(12 Feb '13, 22:22) Starlight

then a lady gave me a magazine with exact pic of it on front cover , the whole day was so beautifull , every one mega helpfull, this has to be Vortexville or Be(ing), yes :-)

(12 Feb '13, 22:22) Starlight

Ultimately it's your vibrational state of BEing that determines what manifests in your life Starlight. When you feel good you attract all, in your terms, good into your life experience ♥

(13 Feb '13, 07:55) Eddie

All tools work release99. No one needs to tell anyone which tool will work for them. If they attracted any particular tool into their experience and feel good about it, then it will work for them.

(13 Feb '13, 08:02) Eddie

@Eddie But my desire is that only my combination of permission slips should be valid. And I believe in that. So I must be right because what I believe becomes true :D. Thus you are wrong lol...just kidding:). I like your answers!

(13 Feb '13, 19:05) releaser99
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I like Stingray's answer. Non-Physicals probably should shy away from making some one rich with all there products. Since entities can go with out food they don't even have the same prospective. Why don't they give it away. I have not signed on for a long time, I have missed the wisdom here at the site. I am not so sure LOA is real new or different from other self-help philosophies.


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Well I disagree Tom. If the channels of non-physical or extra-terrestrial beings do not make money then they cannot bring the information through. But then again I don't operate from a lack perspective ;-)

IMO the wisdom here is far too focused upon the theories of the LOA (it is real btw) and not enough on the practical aspect and on the other Universal laws; that's probably why I've also been away. I'm just making a cameo appearance...

(21 Jan '14, 23:28) Eddie

@Eddie, we will miss you input and wisdom. We probably have hashed over every scenario by now any way. This might be a cameo appearance for me as well.

(22 Jan '14, 18:03) Tom

@Eddie Good to see you again! I honestly wouldn't mind you sharing your opinion on the practical aspect of the LOA and information of the other Universal Laws. I'm always in learning mode and your wisdom of these things (even in Community Wiki format) could possibly spark new discussion that some of us may have never even thought about looking into. I hope you get an inspiration and decide to share something. I always enjoyed your answers and interaction here at IQ. If not, keep enjoying life:)

(23 Jan '14, 14:35) Cory

I agree with Cory's comment wholeheartedly. I think the majority of us here can always benefit from "practical" themed resources. It's certainly my priority. Please do share! If not, though, all the best.

(23 Jan '14, 17:08) lozenge123

@Eddie I see the "focus on the LOA" as a step for many towards awareness .People with beliefs of fear,disconnectedness LOA is a first step into awareness. As you say on your site "But that shouldn't stop you from looking into the ideas and the timeless messages from those who came before us. Once you realize that much of what we've been taught is inaccurate at best, you'll begin to relax your prejudices and allow yourself to remember more of who you really are." People are looking and find LOA .

(25 Jan '14, 03:24) ursixx

.. I would also recommend to viewers here click on the link in @Eddie profile and visit his site.

(25 Jan '14, 03:30) ursixx

Thanks very much for your kind words; I really appreciate what you've all said. Basically I contributed to IQ nearly every day for 3+ years and feel that's enough for now...

(26 Jan '14, 01:00) Eddie

At present I'm involved with an Internet based health product and due to time, my writing is limited to posting a couple of deep insights on my Facebook page on a weekly basis. You can find that page from my website that's indicated in my profile, should you wish to receive my insights.

I'll probably return to IQ to post from time to time - all in good timing of course :)

(26 Jan '14, 01:01) Eddie

@Eddie Just curious as to what the internet based health product is?

(26 Jan '14, 05:34) Catherine

@Catherine - it's a cure for Candida.

(26 Jan '14, 05:53) Eddie
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It was when a person said Bashar uses the heart code method while Abraham uses Reiki...

My 3rd eye started tingling and I thought this:

"Your physical body is just a machine, a robot in which your energies flow. To use the heart code is to use your own natural energies to achieve what you desire inside of pulling in an energy from somewhere else."


answered 24 Jan '14, 10:47

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Interesting that he seemed dismissive of Abraham. The Abe material is so in sync with Bashar. Anyway, still perusing old Bashar threads and here's my 2 cents on this question.

Bashar has strongly recommended the Conversations With God books. Conversations with God Part 1, part 2, 3 and Home With God by Neale Donald Walsch ("read them over and over and over again")



Can't get working link for Book 3, do a search for the pdf at Law of Attraction Haven


Also recommended: After Disclosure by Richard Dolan

The Heart's Code by Paul Pearsall

Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives and Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Micheal Newton

Cosmic Voyage by Courtney Brown http://courtneybrown.com/publications/CosmicVoyageByCourtneyBrown.pdf

Right Use of Will by Ceanne DeRohan.

Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars Of Russia by Vladimir Megre


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i dont remember the name of the youtube video, but in one of Abraham's videoes someone asked about bashar and talked about bashar teaching, so abraham said (briefly) that their teachings are in a more jeneral perspective then bashar's. and that it is logical as everything that after you master the general you go and understend (attract) the more specific perspective.

btw - for an expample you can check abraham and bashar explamations about "time": bashar REALLY get into the details and give strategies and thruogh them you can really feel time dissapear and turn into your thought only. abraham say also that there isnt time BUT! insist on keeping the continuity so that we see the past and futur as we are use to = general perspective. i love them both.


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