Hi everyone,

I noticed today while listening to Bashar after a year not listening to him a huge differance between him and Abraham-Hicks in the approach to negative thinking.

*** BASHAR says to dig in and find the core belife in order to eliminate it. for example in this video (you can start watch at 1:35):


but, *** AH say to don't even think about the negative things, and that we should focus only on the positive and the negetive will go away accordingly.

also, AH said more then once that the "digging" will only slow down the processes or the flow of things.

can you see how one approach contradicts the other??

let say someone feels a lack of something, so what is the best way for him to get out of this lack feeling?

a - imagine himself with this thing that he wants, believe it, believe in himself etc. until the lack feeling dissipates and seems illogical.

b- try to find within himself what makes him feel so lackful and then the issue is solved.

what do you think?

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Abraham actually tells you to deal with the negative as well- they are just much more subtle about it than Bashar is. Come to think of it, most people are probably more subtle about most things than Bashar is!


It's right there in their introductory CD- they say, if a negative thought won't go away, experience it, and ask: Where did that come from? Then think about good things. That's a direct equivalent of Bashar's technique for dealing with negative beliefs- the description is just more folksy and less technical and mind-expandingly precise.

A questioner actually asked Abe about Bashar once- Abe said it's the same material coming trough a different corridor. The questioner also noted the difference in precision and tone, and Abe said the other corridor (and I assume they mean the Essassani) were smarter than them. And I was very impressed how Abe sounded very matter-of-fact and completely undisturbed about that.

My personal experience, trying the two approaches, is that when you dig up a negative belief you are not so much thinking negative rather than becoming aware of habitual negative thinking. So you allow yourself to feel bad just enough to get the belief, and to not resist it, and then you shift into thinking something positive.


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"So you allow yourself to feel bad just enough to get the belief, and to not resist it, and then you shift into thinking something positive" .but that is exactly what abe says . that we shouldn't feel soooo bad in order to feel good. we can just feel good.

(24 Mar '18, 10:06) myself

it is only our habit of thought that makes us drown ourselves into sadness/negative/loop of negativity/ investigation and try to find our way out from there. and only when we feel really bad we find the relief. so maybe bashar just teach us what is easier for us and we kinda already know?

(24 Mar '18, 10:06) myself

No- Bashar absolutely, positively, unambiguously, completely, fully, unabashedly, with the utmost clarity does NOT advocate wallowing in a negative feedback loop.

What he does instruct is how to complete a quarter-cycle of that loop: You allow yourself to feel the negative emotion. But that's as far as it goes- then you ask yourself: What would I have to believe in order to feel this? Then you find out, and then it's gone.

(24 Mar '18, 10:18) cmc

Also, Abe never said you can "just feel good"- they said you can think positive thoughts, and if you just can't shake a negative feeling, then you ask yourself: Where does that come from? That is exactly the same thing as Bashar's instruction.

So the perceived difference came about because you misunderstood both teachings in this area.

A third way of putting the same concept comes from Huna: Allow yourself to feel bad for a little bit, then fix it, and then go do something cool.

(24 Mar '18, 10:22) cmc

"Bashar absolutely...does NOT advocate wallowing in a negative feedback loop", yes not in a loop but one may understand that he SHOULD go and find all his core belifes and clean them, which CHOULD make misunderstandings.

(24 Mar '18, 11:35) myself

it is just that in this spesific video when he said :"you need to keep digging" (what???) , they usually say "dont dig"!!!! i get what you are saying and know all this already, but these words in this video.....too extreme for me to here from a channal.

(24 Mar '18, 11:35) myself

maybe they could be great for a very specific negativec case, as you were saying

(24 Mar '18, 11:38) myself

No, Bashar is very clear- use the process of feeling a negative feeling once to become aware of a belief and then it's gone. You can repeat this any number of times- you never hold the same negative pattern long enough for it to have any effect, and your investigative attitude puts a positive twist on it to boot.

It is only when you go over a single negative belief many times without exposing its true nature that it starts influencing your vibration.

(24 Mar '18, 13:00) cmc

Abraham never explicitly mentions how often to inquire about a negative feeling, but he does say "whenever"- and that implies doing it as often as it takes to get positive- again, same as what Bashar is advocating.

(24 Mar '18, 13:01) cmc
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I don't think it is contradictory. I've applied both. Digging in is a longer process than purely focusing on your desire. If you dig in, then you still have to shift that negative vibration by either ignoring it completely or working on it by focusing on your desire (a bit difficult to do - ultimately what one needs to do is release resistance and the rest happens automatically). This is where the crux lies. Just be digging and learning about your beliefs or fears will not automatically dissolve them. I know this for a fact. You still need to shift your mindset and perception and be very aware of how you are reacting to things and what you are thinking. With Abraham's method, there is no need for digging because once you've achieved the high vibration required it means that during the process the beliefs and negativities have been neutralised. Both Bashar and Abraham are indicating awareness ... it is the method which seems to be different but really it isn't. Bashar says live in your greatest excitement or passion, which is the same thing as Abe's vortex.


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thank you :)

(16 Apr '18, 18:02) myself
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