I find that there is resistance to the prospect of monitoring and changing thoughts and beliefs because all of someone's current beliefs have been more or less adopted as truths. Is there and easy, fun way to unravel our individual thought paradigms? Things like "no pain no gain." An opposite phrase like "You can gain without pain." does'nt rhyme as well.

Thank You

asked 19 Dec '10, 23:41

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I think as human beings we sometimes tend to take life too seriously and as a result make things harder for ourselves. I guess even holding that belief no pain, no gain is an indicator of this.

If you find that easy solution to monitoring thoughts, identifying limiting beliefs, and letting go of resistance, let me know because I think you'll be on to a sure winner Brian. For some crazy reason we all seem to have to take the hard route to get there :)


answered 20 Dec '10, 00:08

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Make fun of yourself (in a respectful way) as often as you can!

It might not solve All of the worlds challenges all at once, but it will sure make them much more fun x]


answered 20 Dec '10, 17:13

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unfortunately, the game is not easy or fun;
but you'll get to see, as you sort out the cause of ignited senses
and think of where the belief in what is the truth came from;
the end result more often is joy than fun.


answered 20 Dec '10, 00:32

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One day I realized I was just like my dad; I had all of his bad qualities and none of his good ones. Today it's the other way around most of the time. It took a great deal of effort, but it was worth it.


answered 20 Dec '10, 02:39

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I hate when that happens!

(20 Dec '10, 19:08) Back2Basics
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