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This is a live demonstration of Abraham's new Calibration Process in action

Abraham have been hinting for some time at a new gentler clean-up process which I guess we’ll have to call The Calibration Process since they don’t seem to have officially named it yet.

I’ve been trying for some time to extract the step-by-step mechanics of it from various recordings.

I came across one recording that was specific and detailed enough for me to provide a live video demonstration of the process in action (using a Vibrational Nudging sheet from the Manifesting Lab) so hopefully it will be clear enough to get you started with it.

There is no reason you couldn’t do this process on paper if you wanted, and that is actually the way that Esther Hicks has been doing it.

The reason the process works is because the momentum of general thought on a subject from your Higher/Broader Self is far more powerful than the momentum of specific thought from your Physical Self on the same subject.

Hope you find the video useful.

Enjoy :)

asked 14 Mar '20, 06:43

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Hi @Stingray! :D

Thanks for sharing this. The term calibration feels right.

It describes what I'm actually doing when I am reaching for one better-feeling thought. I want that feeling for the immediate relief it gives, but I also have another agenda, one in which I'm always building on my overall strength in happiness and progress. It's an important distinction because I'm actually aiming for calibration with who I really am, which is where everything I want and want to be is, so it rings just that little bit clearer and truer.

It also works well as you said, because in the simplicity going general I can avoid getting bogged down in the minutia of where I want to take each individual thought and feeling. None of that matters when what I'm reaching for is that click of being perfectly calibrated.

I think this process would work best once you have come to the point where you know without a shadow of a doubt who and what you truly are.

Love, Grace :)


answered 21 Mar '20, 02:01

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@Grace - "The term calibration feels right" - Yes, it's a subtle shift in terminology but it feels quite accurate. Your Inner Being already is very clear about who you really are so by giving yourself (your Physical Self) even the slightest nudge in the direction of an immediate calibration with it, you get swept up in that river of clarity...and it has the helpful by-product effect of shifting that previously-uncomfortable vibration a bit without any direct attempt to change it.

(21 Mar '20, 08:06) Stingray

@Stingray - "...swept up in that river of clarity". That's exactly how it feels, well put. Haha just saying that makes me feel a little giddy. Good stuff. :)

(21 Mar '20, 10:11) Grace
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