I was wondering about the power of focus wheel and how it integrates the concept of positive general statements around a particular subject. I was thrown in the bushes before by trying to manifest by imagining ideal scenarios although as Stingray pointed out in another question I asked, we can manifest down to the specific details.

I have been successful in manifesting in the past, when I was working with belief work and Abraham's processes daily. The distinct feeling was of being a channel for liquid love and whatever I focused my attention on, I could feel energy moving in that direction. I felt like a true creator. Ever since I feel like I lost that and have struggled with a couple of things it was hard to take my mind off.

So my question is, by molding my thoughts in the form of a perpetual focus wheel throughout my day, is that a good approach to 'opening the floodgates' of those particular subjects? Eventually I can get specific? Would a month of committed thought like that see the conditions improve?

Thank you


asked 06 Apr '20, 18:16

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The issue with using a perpetual focus wheel is that there is a continued risk that it is keeping your attention on the absence of what you want and thereby perpetuating that absence i.e. you don't manifest what you want.

That's because with Focus Wheels, you need to keep focusing on the subject that you are trying to change.

There is a much easier way and - rather than me write a long posting explaining it - you're better off just signing up for the Manifesting Lab (two-month free subscriptions at the moment) where we discuss and apply it, and learn how to use it effectively.


answered 07 Apr '20, 05:19

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Thank you Stingray! When the manifestation process is working, does it feel like you're pulling from the ethers energetically, so to speak?

(08 Apr '20, 13:13) Surfgrass

@Surfgrass - You are manifesting all the time in your life, whether they are things you want or don't want. How does that feel? ;) If instead you mean about when you are lined up with a powerful desire that you want, then you feel good-feeling energy freely flowing through you.

(09 Apr '20, 06:07) Stingray

Easy to overlook that, innit? :)

(09 Apr '20, 08:07) Surfgrass
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