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Hello Everyone!

I have been trying so hard on becoming a Healer to help those who were suffering but I just couldn't figure out why my physical Healing's varied from one individual to another. I studied every single form of Healing techniques from old outdated methods to new improved methods and nothing increased my Healing Abilities whatsoever no matter what I tried. I spent the last few years in meditation purifying myself and opening up myself to the unknown and awakening my hidden abilities through the Awakening Process. I even studied Biorhythms to understand my Energy levels on a daily basis in which I totally believed was the key as to why my Energy Healing's varied daily/weekly/monthly.

Then I suddenly discovered as to why I had experienced such variances from one individual to another ... It was all tied into "Beliefs" ... You see if one believes I am a Healer then the Healing's were successful every single time and if one doubted my abilities then the Healing's were unsuccessful or minimal or it took a lot longer time to Heal them with a few more Healing sessions and in some cases the Healing's were temporary because the individuals began to doubt themselves in the following days. Sometimes especially with very negative people who only know pain and suffering will convince themselves that they are sick because that is all they know and that is all that they are used to.

We as a Human Race are subconsciously programmed to "Doubt" ourselves with limitations because this is what is taught to us since birth from our peers/system as we mature into this world. Unfortunately the "system" is designed to keep us very distracted from truly discovering our "Truest Potential" or to be "The Very Best Version Of Our True Selves."

This "65 year plan" is designed to keep us slaves to ourselves, our families, our careers and to those who control the all in all. It is designed to keep us totally distracted from birth until retirement therefore we as a Human Race never really have time to discover our "Real True Selves" and our "True Abilities."

I remember reading in the Bible as a child when Jesus said to those who he had healed. "It is not I who hath healed you but you who hath healed yourself through your faith" or "Your faith hath made you well" or "Your faith hath healed you" or "Your faith hath made you whole" and so on. Not once has Jesus had ever taken credit for healing anyone anywhere in the Bible.

Faith = Beliefs.

I wasn't really healing anyone but it was their "Belief" in me which provided the Healing's. I can only surround them with Beautiful Sacred Light and increase their own abilities to self-heal. It is totally up to the individuals I did my so called Healing sessions with whether or not the Healing's were successful. It absolutely had nothing to do with my abilities as a Healer. I am merely an Energy Healer that can transmute the negative energies surrounding them and within them to boost their abilities and confidence to self-heal.

So to answer my own question ... Who knows for sure if Jesus did indeed Heal anyone in the stories of the Bible as there were so many exaggerations written in the book and so much was lost in the translations but if the stories were true and from my understanding of the power of the word "Belief" ... I believe through my own personal healing experiences it was the individuals themselves through their Faith/Belief who were able to heal themselves or to self-heal. After all Jesus never really did claim to have healed anyone which he clearly stated on numerous accounts in the bible. I believe Jesus was doing much like I was doing. He was an Energy Healer who through Love was able to transmute the negative energies within their hearts/mind which gave individuals enough faith, strength and courage to actually Heal themselves. Belief/Faith are such powerful transmuting words. The phrase "If Ye Have Faith Ye can move Mountains" is so true and so powerful if one only "Believes" and we as a Human Race all have this ability programmed within our DNA.

So "Believe in Yourself" and eliminate any and all doubts no matter what obstacles you are faced with in life and soon you will see positive and miraculous things happening in your life. I as You, are always learning how to be " The Very Best Version Of My Own True Self."

Humbly Yours

Peace, Love n Light

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Yes @Moonbeam experience shows it doesn't always work with everyone some people are very resistant ... having said that, so how does all this work?

Mietek Wirkus discovered his abilities when he was nearly 5 years old

Eileen Day McKinsick from Jamaica gives a detailed account of how she does healing at a distance

Here's info from Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Have fun :)


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Hmmm! Interesting video! By tapping into the 5th Element of "Ether/Space" she is able to see individuals Akashic Records to help her perform Healing's which is pretty amazing. Personally I had always believed that by reading others Akashic records was an invasion of privacy much like me hacking into your cell and accessing all of your private information. Mr. Wirkus goes one step further by reading peoples blockages/disturbances and using his own energy to help heal the blockages.

(14 Jun '20, 05:56) Moonbeam

That technique can be very draining depending on the blockages so I personally stopped using that technique all together. But by using my own technique I was counting on patients to reveal to me what ailed them instead of scanning them myself like Mr. Wirkus does which I should reconsider. I am familiar with frequencies in objects but never thought about listening to the frequencies in patients bodies. That would take years to master in order to fully distinguish the different frequencies of ...

(14 Jun '20, 06:11) Moonbeam

... each vital organ and other parts of the body. But nevertheless something I should look into also. Thanks for the information shared as it is as always very much appreciated. :)

(14 Jun '20, 06:25) Moonbeam

Eventhough these techniques are wonderful it doesn't answer the question at hand. These techniques using Bio-Field Energy is new age technology compared to what technique Jesus may have used 2000 years ago. According to what was written in the Bible Jesus never claimed to have healed anyone which still leaves me to wonder about the power of Faith/Belief. It was written on many occasions throughout the Bible that Jesus told his so called patients that "Your Faith has healed You." It was their ...

(14 Jun '20, 13:51) Moonbeam

... belief/faith in his abilities that may have cured them instead. I believe that Jesus was trying to show people who he assisted in healing that their beliefs was the key to the Healings. I can't help but wonder about the power of Beliefs much like LOA when it comes to individual Healings. When I asked individuals who had successful healings they all admitted about truly believing in my abilities whereas the others had doubts in my abilities. When we eliminate all doubts and totally ...

(14 Jun '20, 14:10) Moonbeam

... surrender ourselves to the healer are we not letting go of the personal blockages within in order to manifest the Healings successfully. I do get that Chi Energy Healing/Sacred Light Healing as I use does help tremendously it is still up to the individual to completely surrender themselves to me in their faith/belief in me in order to manifest the healings. So does the patient also possess the ability to heal themselves then and I am merely an instrument to enforce their Faith in me ...

(14 Jun '20, 14:17) Moonbeam

... much like a doctor does when giving prescriptions to aid in the healing process. I can't help but wonder about the "placebo effect experiment" and the power of the mind as many researchers have discovered when it comes to individual healings. So letting go and totally surrendering oneself and believing may be the key to individual healings and I am merely an instrument that provides Healing Light and nothing more as the power of the mind is the real Healer within each individual.

(14 Jun '20, 14:35) Moonbeam

all living organisms possess innate biomagnetism and it's this quality that allows human healers to heal others ... so we're all capable of healing, some are better at it than others, just as any normal human can run but only a few can run a marathon in under 3 hours ... so too a few people are very good at healing ... the person being healed is also biomagnetic, so to answer your question I'd say that healing is a mutual exchange ... hope that makes sense to you :)

(16 Jun '20, 01:23) jaz
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