Hi :) . So I have a really really strict father and I understand that he only wants the best and is trying to protect me but life is short and I really want to be able to experience my teenage years .. I do not mean sex, drugs, alchohol, or any of the bad things.

I mean simple things like going out with friends every once and a while or being able to call my friends or pull an all nighter with my best friend.

I have somewhat recently discovered manifestation and am learning more and more about it everyday. I have already manifested a few things and plan to manifest so much more.

I wanted to know what would be the most effective way for my dad to be a bit more lenient. I have been using affirmations and I've been visualizing him saying yes more as well as truly believing he'll change.

Any tiny piece of help would be gratefully accepted because I'm really tired of not being able to do anything ever.

also can someone tell me how to keep my vibration high and how to stay in a positive state when surrounded by negative people that are very hard to ignore and have to be around 24/7. Thanks in advance :)

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Hi @charity the very first step i would take in such a situation is to relax, meditate and sincerely thank my father for his presence for just being there ... and mentally give him a big warm hug ... :)

(22 Apr '21, 02:12) jaz

my next step would be to write a letter to the universe ...


(23 Apr '21, 02:20) jaz

what if you've already asked like not a letter directly to the universe but you've already tried to manifest .. like would the universe think im being " paranoid " if i wrote another one ? or a letter directly to it .

(23 Apr '21, 07:45) charity

well i wrote it anyways lol

(23 Apr '21, 08:55) charity

yes @charity writing the letter is consciously surrendering to the universe :) essencially you're allowing the universe to guide and support you ... what more could you wish for ...

(24 Apr '21, 03:14) jaz

and now i just let it go and wait for it to deliver , correct ?

(24 Apr '21, 09:53) charity

well yes ... and watch out for feedback

(25 Apr '21, 02:12) jaz

what do you mean by " watch out for feedback "

(25 Apr '21, 14:35) charity

getting what you wish usually comes progressively, first signs can easily be overlooked ... here's an article you may find useful


have a great day :)

(26 Apr '21, 01:40) jaz

Jaz, the signs your manifestation is coming is when you dont even care about it coming any more.

(26 Apr '21, 01:51) Nikulas

thank you guys , you've been a great help :) , ill keep you updated

(26 Apr '21, 09:44) charity

sure @Nikulas when you don't even care anymore you're effectively surrendering to the universe lol

(27 Apr '21, 01:53) jaz

There is a difference with 'false surrender' as a means to get what you want, and genuine giving up to the point one may even be pessimistic or nihilistic. A mixture of nihilism and an attempt to just make the best of what you have is a good formula. Mans Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankel is a good real life testimony of manifesting things in the most dire and violent circumstances I have ever read (possibly in human history). It is not a manifest log nor a spiritual book either.

(27 Apr '21, 04:52) Nikulas

thanks for the clarification @Nikulas ... have a great day :)

(28 Apr '21, 01:49) jaz
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You really cannot make someone more lenient, even if they are apparently above you (father to child). The best answer is to continue on YOURSELF. Write out what freedom means, and each definition extrapolate on that. Like "freedom means good friendships, good friendships mean calm & trust, calm & trust is who I am," etc. Do this for other terms like what secure, safe, support, joy really mean. Also gratitude & appreciation lists... you can also pray for your father's happiness too. You do have power, you see. I like general affirmations for success, abundance, divine order, etc., without thinking of someone or something. Hope this helps.


answered 04 Jun '21, 20:20

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Hi ingridstjerne257! I really like your answer. Would you be able to explain what you mean by writing out what freedom, friendship, calm etc mean? Do you mean 'what does having freedom look like to me'?

(28 Jul '21, 04:17) Inner Beauty

Hello Inner Beauty. The main idea here (and I'm no expert on law of attraction) is to "line up" with what you feel... the emotion word(s) & phrases are important. Not so much what freedom looks like but what it feels like. My examples would be: calm=good things flowing, friendship=fun opportunity, sharing mutual interests, freedom=enjoying my hobbies, wonderful meetings.

(30 Jul '21, 08:42) ingridstjerne257

You could write details like calm=admiring the green leaves of a tree, but I usually stay general because if I already feel good about something there's no need to go further. I hope this answer helps.

(30 Jul '21, 08:43) ingridstjerne257
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Just do what you want to do. I would lie to daddy in order to get out and just have a life. If he gets upset thats his issue.

If you do what you wish to do, and have a blast doing it eventually your vibes will easily raise and may even rub off on your dad for him to be more adventurous and trusting. He will respect you in some manner in the end.


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yes @Nikulas ... "a man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself as a liar Mark Twain" ... here's an article you may find interesting


(24 Apr '21, 03:43) jaz

Jaz Im not reading it when the option for you to summarize it for me and other people is there. If its so important for some reason then just explain the main ideas

(24 Apr '21, 04:35) Nikulas

Hi @Nikulas ... in short the article explains that we all use lies in difficult situations, it was very enlightening to me :)

(25 Apr '21, 02:10) jaz

In addition to the Twain quote, what I found most interesting about the Psychology Today article was the Parkinson study on the connection between deception and damage to the lateral prefrontal lobe.

(30 Jul '21, 12:26) ele

Going to have to take away one of your upvotes.

(11 Aug '21, 10:51) ele
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My parents were really strict- very controlling, very critical. The upshot of it was a disaster. Show him my answer. Maybe it will make him think.

I had very strict parents. I became desperate to get out, and ended up at a college most unsuited for me.I was free, though...But after all the years of my parents running my life, I learned absolutely nothing about controlling myself. It was like a power vacuum. I partied, I drank, and went from being a student of High Honors to losing my scholarships and flunking out of school. I then hung out with a guy from high school who also flunked out. I got pregnant. We married, and just two years after I was buried in accolades in high school, I was buried instead in diapers and confusion and a deep, abiding grief over what I had lost.

You must earn your parents' trust, and they need to let you fly. This way, you will learn to discipline yourself, and to know your limits. Despite your parents' denial, time is going to pass. You are going to grow up and you are going to leave them.

Their strictness comes from fear. Be sure not to add to their fears by acting out. Show them that you will stick to their curfews and rules. But they need to see that you need to practice being adult while still in their care. This way, when you are on your own, you will know how to handle your freedom.


Jaianniah ♡


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"show him my answer" Good thinking @jai

She will certainly get her internet privileges taken away as she did her phone.

(10 Aug '21, 17:14) ele

When I read your question, what touched me most was when you stated your father wouldn't even allow you to talk to your friends on the phone. I then looked at your previous questions and read the comments.

You did have your own phone and your father took that privilege away. You did not say why.

I recall the summer between my freshman and sophomore year. I lost all my privileges with the exception of swimming for the entire summer. Had I had a phone, it would have changed my fate. I didn't think it was any big deal but my parents were worried when I didn't show up at an event. My parents wanted to make sure I understood as a young teen there would be consequences if I didn't keep my word. I think that was the reason why the punishment was so harsh.

I got busy that summer. I had lots of fun that summer laying in the sun, reading books. I found many ways to amuse myself. I also got my first paying job doing something I had fun doing. Minimum wage was a fraction of what it is now but I earned nearly $300 which was enough to buy something I really wanted and my parents weren't just going to give me.

You are off to a good start. You know your dad only wants the best for you. You also realize that until you are of legal age, your parents are responsible for you.

You can't change other people and trying to control other people never works out.

What you are really trying to manifest is freedom. The simplest definition of manifesting is like attracts like.

You are a teen and most teens have to follow their parents rules.

With freedom comes responsibility and accountability which is also truth.

Shine your light @charity. Stop moping. Enjoy your summer like @Nikulas said. Have fun ! Your happiness does not require anything outside yourself. Your friends will be there when school starts.

Show your father how responsible you are and accountable. Once your father knows that you will always act in loving and kind ways as my parents showed me by example, never try to harm yourself or others; I'm sure you will have all the "freedom* you desire.

If you make mistakes as I did, which is normal and as @jai stated, it's part of the learning process .... if your parents find out and disapprove there will be consequences. if rules are broke, privileges will be taken. It's preparation for being an adult. As you know, adults have to follow laws too.

As for my summer. Restrictions ended a couple weeks before school started.


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