hi all,

my question is about manifesting.

is it enough that i am the thinker of the thought in order to influence my reality meaning, that im the ONLY ONE who thinks the thought? or...... are other people thought matters too for MY reality? and how to desolve a paradox?


1) according to bashar and the pleiadians (because abe has different answer to different questioners)... we are kind of alone here and everything we see is like picture after picture that our conscious create by our perception of things. and we decide sub/consciously on which picture we want to "land on". so to sum - we can create the situations we're in. we can write future letters, imagine specific staff etc.

2) according to all chanellers we CAN'T control anything BUT the way we react to thing. we should let go and let the situation unfold and NOT try to create it, but only respond to it with good vibes and positive/different perspective. (which contradicts no.1).

3) in short - im in a situation in my life that i was influenced by family that i cant do something i really want for years. i believe now that i can. sometimes when i meet them (because i have too...) i get sucked into their vortex again, but with time im out from it in seconds, and it used to take me days or not at all....

4) now back to my question in the beginning, i hold the believe that i can have it! not only can, but that its mine. but i know that my family are so much in a different vibe about me, when they look at me they see "NO WAY", "shame" and more... its the complete opposite.

so, here are my questions:

do i need to change their perspective of me in my mind? or is it enough to believe in my self? or maybe - i need to change how what they thinks means to me?(id love some affirmations)?

should i just let go and be or did i creat them being so opposed to me? and how to let go of that resistance?

should i maybe not go visit them for a while? i tried compassion but it just dont work because they are "using" it to put blame on me, and i get mad cause after all... im just human.

if i talk about what i want or believe i have they will ask for prove and i dont have one daaaa its just a feeling for now, so i cant really talk about it in a positive way. if i talk about it nothing good will come out of it. so keep it to myself? try to not focus on their perspective on me? i'd love a reconciliation between no.1 and no.2 please.

i hope that was clear, thank you.

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"I always get to where I'm going by walking away from where I've been." ~ Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin

(03 Aug '21, 16:37) ele
(04 Aug '21, 02:06) jaz

thank you @ele and @jaz. when i wrote the question i was in a deep confusion, and the minute i finished writing something has released from me and i didnt care anymore about the law of attraction or my parent. i think that for a while i dont want to know anything more about the law of attraction or spiritual staff and get more grounded and "real".

(04 Aug '21, 05:46) myself

from the mment i desided that until now i managed to find (or it finded me) an NLP lecture on facebook (its in hebrew so i cant give a link) about what we "gain" from not doing what we want. and the main things was - freedom, relief, good feeling and more, but those feelings are not reel but fake and how our mind tricks us.

(04 Aug '21, 05:46) myself

for example, in order to feel good about myself not doing something i want i will intentionally subconsciously avoid failure and then i will feel good about not failing and free of not having to take responsibility and deal with things. that is one example. so after hearing that i find another lecture and i can see now how my perents are not and influence at all.

(04 Aug '21, 05:47) myself

well...they can be if i let them...but i will not. also had a dream last night which showed me some staff abuot my life and how it mirrors to someone i critic alot. so now i know what to change exactly. so in conclusion... im leaving for a while loa, it never gave me the courage to get out of victimhood completely, it kept me in fake peace and kept me out of action.

(04 Aug '21, 05:47) myself

the low would say it was all my choice to do those things...well...maybe, but now its my choice to say good buy at least for a while and also to put some blame on these channelers. my choice, maybe even responsibility. also the poo sentence is correct, but now i have a way! 2 days ago i didnt.

(04 Aug '21, 05:47) myself

also the complex i was asking about - hers the ansewr: i dont care!!! idont care because it really dosent matter. really really dosnt matter to me. im just gonna live my life day by day with the clearity i'v gained. hope it'll last forever/ and hope the habit of listening to others ib will not come back. when i listen yesterday i was like "what???? turn that off" cant listen to that. sorry. different vibe. much love

(04 Aug '21, 05:48) myself


My intention was not to run you off. I like your question. It's well thought out. I'm expecting some good answers.

(04 Aug '21, 22:02) ele

@ele you didnt dear. the chain of events did. if someone has an answer i'd love to here it too because its interesting, but i made my decision to flow and do what i want without any guidance. its just an approval anyway. and i think im confidante enough now to do what i want without the needing to know how everything works exactly, and therefore it doesn't matter to me. thank you.

(05 Aug '21, 04:00) myself


It is said, "if you want to fly you gotta give up the poo that's holding you down" or something like that.

If you have time and you are still here, would you mind explaining your "victimhood" comment. Thank you.

P.S. To be clear, I'm not asking you to explain what happened or why you labeled yourself as a victim.

(08 Aug '21, 18:11) ele

"I tried compassion but it just don't work" ?

As for your "number 2" ... I'm not familiar with that unless you meant to say anyone else instead of anything. :)

I realize you love your family and want their blessings; but isn't it time to put yourself first? You are no longer a dependent. So instead of trying to change others ? ? ? ?

(09 Dec '21, 13:42) ele
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In the simplest way if you think you are the only thinker of the thoughts that influence your reality you are.

If you think there are others who think thoughts that influence your reality that is true also.

What ever you focus on becomes your reality.

The challenging part is to simply stick with the attention of the outcome you want.


answered 05 Nov '21, 20:50

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Audrey Reese Johnson

yes, thank you. i chose to leave it for a while. it really frustrated me. but then i chose to decide the second option. im not the only thinker. and i cant control everything and everyone. it was very releasing and brought peace to me. im focusing on myself only. i can see how some people change and some are not. some go out of my life. thats fine. i am much more clear

(08 Nov '21, 04:32) myself

.i know some people can control my reality by their strong energies and im beginning to notice that in a more clear way by the way i feel, and i keep track of my feelings, and i know how to step out of that quickly now, because i cant focus on myself and what i love when feeling bad. i know other people have different thoughts and opinions but i dont give much care anymore when it comes to my life.

(08 Nov '21, 04:32) myself

i think that if someone thinks he is the only thinker of the thought that influence his reality then this person is deluding him self in many ways. of course, no one can think for you, but you cant avoid influence, unless you have no senses. we are human.

(08 Nov '21, 04:32) myself

and now i have no problem sticking with what i want like i had before. i think (sorry if i hurt someone) listening to channelers confused me a lot, believing that what i want and attract entangled in any kind of way to others is just...ho my god.... i will never believe that again and i will alway listen just to my self. and if i mention any channeler again its just things that i chose to take with me. but many things i throw away. thanks for your comment.

(08 Nov '21, 04:44) myself

@myself you can freely choose to be influenced by whatever you wish ... "decide what you want, put your attention there, find the feeling place and you're there, no need to fight or struggle - A.Hicks" ... you can strengthen these influences by reinforcing your own personal magnetic energies ... all the energies of the universe are always present everywhere

(09 Nov '21, 01:06) jaz
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context in which we live has
close to 8 billion persons,
perhaps there is return karma
that may play a role


answered 08 Aug '21, 20:56

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How can someone be blamed 4 what they do when from the very beginning they don't know that INTELLIGENCE is creating them constantly as IT'S self? It's not as if this INTELLIGENT GOD is speaking loudly enough 2 show us the way. Sure we seem separate from this God, but at the same time we ARE this God We consist of the same frequencies/energy/light that God consists of God should be taking care of itself, rather than letting itself run free 2 hurt so many. God is hurting itself the whole time

(10 Dec '21, 14:01) MagicallyEternal

No and in your case, you are being influenced verbally as well as in nonverbal ways. In the comments under the @Audrey Reese Johnson answer, you resolved the question in your title.

As for your conflict ~ `

No one can give you what you cannot give yourself.


answered 09 Dec '21, 14:36

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Since our thoughts are images that are holographic and God is a holodeck, then our thoughts are God's thoughts. If God doesn't want us to think the way we do, then God should stop creating us. Or at least become involved.


answered 10 Dec '21, 14:06

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