I have been in the process of manifesting something for awhile now. I was getting sign after sign in the beginning. They slowly died down and I didn't see them as much, but still kept faith and my desire strong. Tonight I was hit with a couple of discouraging incidents that were enough to tell me to just give up. I was just feeling like this isn't going to happen, and in the process of convincing myself to forget about it.

In the very short amount of time in-between from when I told myself this til now, I had received 4 VERY strong signs that were in my face and had to do directly and completely with this paticular thing i'm trying to manifest. What does this mean? I mean I went from seing almost nothing, to getting pounded in the head 4 times in an hour with these incredible signs.

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You could title it "Very strong signs regarding a manifestation I've been working on have come up very quickly and at once... what does this mean?" Also, it sort of sounds like you let go of a lot of resistance when you 'gave up'... so its allowing it to become a part of your reality very quickly.

(15 Feb '12, 00:57) LapisLazuli

I agree with LapisLazuli- everything came when you let go...Good luck. <3 Jai

(15 Feb '12, 01:03) Jaianniah

When you give up on a desire you also give up your resistance to not having it,which let's the desire manifest :)

(15 Feb '12, 05:17) Satori
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Satori's comment above is spot on.

Whenever you have a desire, you can never really give up on it because a part of you has already expanded into it. That desire is now a part of you. See What should we imagine, visualize or believe? for the exact process.

This simply means then when you "give up" on a desire, all you are really giving up on is your resistance to it which, paradoxically, places you in an ideal vibrational stance to receive it.

That's really all that the manifesting process in Manifesting Experiment 1 (The Manifesting Box) is...namely, think of what you want, and then "give up" on it :)

Whenever what you want isn't manifesting in your life, it is an excellent idea to just "give up" on it and see what happens.

You can't fake the "giving up" however - it has to be sincere from within - because it's your vibrational output that the Universe is responding to rather than the physical actions you appear to be taking.


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"You can't fake the giving up", I love that it's really funny too.

(16 Feb '12, 21:39) Tom

Was slow surfing IQ and youtube A-H videos ..So as I read your question I hear;

the reason you want it is because you believe you will feel better having it... instead contemplate the feeling better

at about the 4:00 into the video. think this gets close to what you seek


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Hey Ursixx, that was a super video, thanks for the link. That's a great one to play everyday for while.

(16 Feb '12, 21:50) Tom
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