I have been reading up on manifesting/LOA from articles on the internet, watching youtube, to reading any book I can find on the subject. I have gotten pretty good at manifesting little things here and there & doing it rather quickly.

However there are a few things that are taking longer. Most of the things that happen I realized that I think about them, then forget about even thinking about them so much so that I don't realize that I had actually manifested this thing or experience until hrs after it actually happens. So I know that there is truth to the "letting go" theory.

That is for the most part when things happend the quickest. However, everything I read says something different. I keep reading to keep the doubt away for my manifestations that havn't materialized yet. Some information tells me to visualize/feel for at least 7 min every day and or night. Some says how important it is to let go and not be attached to the outcome, however think and feel the end result.

Isn't this kind of like being attached to an outcome? I even read to become obsessed with your desire. To become "it." I'm just a little confused. There are certian things I just can't stop thinking about from when I wake up to when I go to bed, and I noticed that these are the things that have yet to manifest.

If I need to let go how do I do that with these specific desires?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Have a look at STINGRAYS ANSWERS to these questions i have linked below, should answer your question.

what does detachmentment truly mean in the law of attraction?

focus on what we want or ask for it and forget about it?

what should we imagine,visualise or believe?

i have yet to see it explained any better or clearer than this.:-)


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Awesome!! Thank you so much!

(22 Jan '12, 20:40) believer1

Well, it is a bit of a problem with a subject that keeps coming in your face... The best way is to really take your attention away and focus on good feeling thoughts in other areas of your life. But if you can't do that, then the solution is to tackle it directly. Again, the best way of doing it in my opinion is Abraham's focus wheel process. You melt your resistance gradually by getting general, and after you feel pretty good (in the vortex already, or at least close to it), you can start focusing on it specifically - this is the best time for visualization. Also a nice process of Abraham is the "wouldn't it be nice if" process, you can focus on your desire in a very non-resistant way. It's all in youtube, if you're intesested.

About the visualization thing - I believe that visualizing out of the vortex is not a very effective thing. You can't really enjoy the feeling because you are resistant and "blocked", and it's hard to maintain it. That is why I believe many methods like "Silva Method" teach to reach a certain relaxed state before visualizing. Also a major problem is focusing with the intention of "fixing" the subject or of the visualization manifesting the goal... Which of course, creates resistance, as we are giving attention to the absence of the manifestation. So the only truly powerful, effective visualization, in my opinion, is in the vortex, and with the intention of reaching the feeling. You can word your intention in whatever wording that is comfortable, for example : 1. I am visualizing in order to see how this would feel like. 2. I am visualizing in order to enjoy a high state of empowerment and joy. 3. I am visualizing in order to train my vibration over time, and to make it familiar to me. 4. I am visualizing this simply because it's fun and feels great.

These are all great intentions, because they give no attention to what is happening in the physical world. So the reason visualizations fail, is because they are done out of the vortex, with a mixed vibration of "it's not there yet", and also because instead of taking the time to feel the experience, people usually just envision it without really feeling.


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you're right benjamin, the only 'goal' people should attack is to feel good.

(23 Jan '12, 05:00) Nikulas

Well what you're supposed to be letting go of is the resistance to having it. And that resistance can be felt in the feeling of lack. If you want something, keep obsessing about it, wonder why it's not here yet, etc - that's the feeling of lacking something, and that's the resistance you need to let go of.

Some people let go of this resistance by forgetting about the thing altogether and focusing on other stuff, until it manifests. Other people do it by getting rid of limiting beliefs with EFT, Sedona method or other techniques, until you feel like you don't care whether you have the thing or not. And some people do it by immersing themselves in the feeling of truly having the thing they desire, visualising and feeling it until it seems so real that all resistance towards it melts away.

I think it's up to you to choose which technique is best for you, you might even find that a combination of them works best, or that one works best in certain situations but not others. From what I have observed, it's different for different people and it's worth playing around with it to see what works for you. I have had success using all these techniques, but I'm not experienced enough to say which one works best for me. For now I'm going with the third, visualising it, mostly because it's fun and it feels like I am taking an active part in creating my reality, and when I get results I feel a bit like a powerful wizard! :D


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I think it's up to you to choose which technique is best for you. Excellent answer and my preferred approach :)

(22 Jan '12, 21:09) Eddie

Hi believer1

A Quick Exercise.

Take a moment & imagine that you have forgotten all the desires that you have been intently focusing on.

Drop it.....Drop all the visions...the affirmations...the things you wrote down.

Now describe to yourself how tomorrow is going to be if you didn't do all this focusing.

What will happen next week, next month, next year, if you didn't focus on your new desires.

Look at what you come up with.


Now re-define that which you are left with and you will understand what this LOA is all about.


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The Traveller

I never looked at it this way before Traveller.great answer.:)

(23 Jan '12, 08:24) Satori

Hey! Thanks Satori. I appreciate your appreciation.

(23 Jan '12, 09:30) The Traveller

I focus on my breathing and find something beautiful that excites me. Manifestations, large and small occur.

Sometimes, when the "3:00 am straightups" (you suddenly wake up worrying), occur, I realize that I just can not 'think' my way out of a bad feeling. I focus on breathing and being here now, I look around my darkened bedroom and find something of beauty. Often it is the red lighted digits on my clock.

For me, "releasing resistance" is not the best way of looking at it. When I look at "releasing resistance" I have "resistance" in my mind. It is like saying you want to give up smoking. Brings a picture of a cigarette into your mind, doesn't it?

I fill my world with light, beauty and song. There is no room for anything else. With gratitude for what I have and eagerness for the future. Also, I place less value in the "things," the "manifestations" and more excitement and joy in the connection that brings me things!


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Dollar Bill

Hello Dollar bill - "fill my world with light, beauty and song", feel "excitement and joy in the connection" ... that certainly resonates with me ... blubird or should i say greenbird :)

(23 Jan '12, 10:45) blubird two
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