In creating and manifesting my desires I often meet obstacles, I choose to walk away since I see it as the Universe's way of saying "I closed the door, go find another one" . But perseverance is supposed to be one of the keys to success...and giving up too quickly each time may be the reason for not succeeding in manifesting what you do I strike the delicate balance.When do you persevere vs Walk away. How can you tell whether you created the obstacle with your own self doubts or the Universe is really sending you a sign?

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(28 Dec '12, 09:57) blubird two

You talk about balance, then why instead of trying to push through to manifest something, you leave the way to be the way it is and change your destination.

I can only imagine that success in wanting to manifest nothing would surmount any other success that has been reached throughout all of our history.

(02 Jan '13, 04:30) CalonLan
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Whenever you have a desire, the universe creates it for you instantly in the non-physical and it is only once you are aligned with that desire (have total belief that it is going to manifest) that the desire gets manifested in your reality.

The obstacles that you find on the way are only a match to your resistance. In other words, the obstacles are an indication that you do not have absolute belief and expectation that you will get what you want. Therefore, in line with your dominant vibration, the universe presents you with obstacles to match the belief that you hold.

The universe does not make any decisions for you. YOU are the only one who can make choices and decisions and the universe is there to create and give you whatever you desire and are in alignment with.

In my opinion, perseverance is the wrong way to go about things. There are easier ways. In order to get things you want to manifest, they should feel like the next logical step in your life like it's no big deal.

I think the easiest way to do that is to start appreciating the way it would feel to get what you want.Imagine the good things that it will bring in your life and get used to that feeling. If your appreciation of the thing you want turns into neediness, then you are not doing it right as if you need something to manifest, it cannot manifest in your physical reality as you are then emitting a vibration of lack which stands in the way of the physical manifestation.


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This is a terrific answer, very clear. Your last paragraph is great advice. :)

(14 Jan '14, 14:51) Grace

When you truly desire something, the obstacles don't matter.

This is what is meant by true perseverance. Most people think of perseverance as a gauntlet, as something painful that must be overcome. But true perseverance arises from passion, not an iron will. Passion is the motivator that will propel you through all obstacles.

If you truly want something deeply and passionately, you will do whatever is needed to achieve it, and it won't feel like a sacrifice.


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+1 for encouraging Mental Tenacity

(20 Oct '11, 15:49) Aphrodite

Read these two books if you can, and it will help to give you a new perspective on positive thinking, and how to manifest your desires: "The Power of Positive thinking by Norman Vicent Peale,and Three Magic Words by Joseph Murphy."

Here is a very strong quote from The Power of Positive Thinking: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" Keep saying this quote as often as possible, and you will see that it will strengthen your faith.

I have manifested many things in my life, so from my experience, I can tell you the Law of Attraction will manifest for you, trust, and believe!


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It is not that easy to distinguish self-created dobut from the trial of the Universe. Try manifesting something lighter first and have lots of perseverance, if you want to check.

But I can tell you for sure that the Universe is our friend, and any obstacles are to help us learn. As many doors as possible are opened before you. Also, you would not be put before a hurdle if the thing you want to manifest is something insiginificant.

From your words I can tell it is self-doubt. The Universe would not want you to not be joyful eating the fruits of the world it has created for us. Overcome your self-doubt!

All my best to you


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I'll tell you of Colonel Sanders the man that started Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In his travels, he was rejected on many occasions, laughed at about his attire of his starched white shirt and white pants. However, Sanders persevered, and after a little over 1,000 visits, he finally persuaded Pete Harman in South Salt Lake, Utah to partner with him. They launched the first "Kentucky Fried Chicken" site in 1952.

1,000 times he tried, when do you think he should have given up if he had to keep trying, the 1,001 time, maybe the 2,000th time?

He became a billionaire, I wonder what he would have become if he had given up.

Here is a quote from The Secret Of The Ages by Robert Collier

Get firmly in mind the definite conviction that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING RIGHT THAT YOU MAY WISH TO DO. Then set your goal and let everything you do, all your work, all your study, all your associations, be a step towards that goal. To quote Berton Braley * again—

"If you want a thing bad enough To go out and fight for it, Work day and night for it, Give up your time and your peace and your sleep for it, If only desire of it Makes you quite mad enough Never to tire of it, Makes you hold all other things tawdry and cheap for it, If life seems all empty and useless without it And all that you scheme and you dream is about it, If gladly you'll sweat for it, Fret for it,

p. 255

Plan for it, Lose all your terror of God or man for it, If you'll simply go after that thing that you want, With all your capacity, Strength and sagacity, Faith, hope and confidence, stern pertinacity, If neither cold poverty, famished and gaunt, Nor sickness nor pain Of body or brain Can turn you away from the thing that you want, If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it, You'll get it!"


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In other words never give up!

(22 Jan '14, 12:26) Wade Casaldi

Before making a choice think throughly what you wished for manifestion. Dont keep changing things...else dont wish for it and dont play with universe. If you have strong belief ...i am pretty sure you will manifest ..time delay matters...but if you change your decision through your unbelief..the universe get confused...It is like an sculpturist keeping his one image in mind and keep changing his idea will end up in nothing in his material, which we all mostly do it.


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When you feel stressed out, it's time to relax, unless you like being stressed out.

Relax! Relax! Relax!

Be at Peace!



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