I am in the midst of an experience that has threatened my feelings of peace, worthiness, and most especially, security.

I have examined how I have manifested this, and find the answers are pretty clear. I had old programming (still) that I am unworthy of a happy, abundant, peaceful life, and fear that the rug can be pulled out from under me at any time. ...So that's just what I manifested. Out went the rug!

The illusion is that I am helpless, which I dismiss as obviously untrue. I know I have only to release all resistance, focus on what I do want to feel, enjoying it clearly in the present moment, and I will manifest circumstances much more to my liking. :)

I have worked on releasing each limiting belief that supports this illusion, and have tapped away all of the unpleasant sensations in my body that feel like they stick to it. I have followed our @Stingray's advice in his answer here, and try not to bother with what it all means, just trusting that the supporting feeling will be tapped away, and that will break down the building blocks of what I am manifesting.

I chased them, calling them what they are, and what they feel like, and stating that I am safe as I release and let go. Starting with my whole middle, to upper abdomen, to throat, to a thin, cold pinstripe running down my breastbone. That last little bit, I have identified as a sneaking suspicion that I am kidding myself. That all of this relief may feel nice, but that big bloody boogeyman is still coming to get me. I keep tapping on it to release, and it just doesn't budge.

I feel like I don't have the most helpful phrases or attitudes or something, to release this last, crucial little bit. I'm missing something...

Any ideas or advice you can share would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Love, Grace :)

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@IQ Moderator - Thanks for the edit! I just can't seem to make the all caps stick like you do. :)

(25 May '14, 13:02) Grace

@Grace, in response to your Meta question: Only moderators can create words in question titles with capital letters. I've amended your title for you. There were too many people SHOUTING IN THEIR QUESTION TITLES (i.e. using capital letters) so we have prevented it happening

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@IQ Moderator - Well that makes me feel better, I thought I was doing something silly. And thanks for the policy, I do so dislike shouting. ;)

(25 May '14, 13:08) Grace

@IQ Moderator- It is difficult for to write questions comprising of at least 1000 words as my English is not very good.It would be of great help if you could allow question of any length.

(28 May '14, 02:27) Zee

@Grace at-least we are lucky people who understand actually who we are. That's the great enjoyment in itself.

(28 May '14, 11:08) PERFECT GOOD

@Grace I have heard alot of people mention EFT on this site, but I am not familiar with this process. But I am also having a very difficult time getting back into alignment this time. I am moving in the right direction but I also feel like a stubborn energy inside that I just can't seem to shake. I was wondering if you can direct me to somewhere that I can read up on EFT. Thanx:)

(29 May '14, 16:22) Jess

@Jess if you click on the "tags tab " at the top. There you will find about 34 questions and answers about E.F.T and many link to videos on YouTube. It's a good start!

(30 May '14, 00:02) ursixx

@ursixx thanx for the tip!

(01 Jun '14, 20:01) Jess

@Jess - Sorry I missed your question. @ursixx thanks! I love the videos, they are so inspiring. I started with simply following along with them, then as I came across questions in my own practice, I have used the wealth of information posted by our experienced Wise Ones here. @Jess, you will love EFT. :)

(02 Jun '14, 22:11) Grace
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A few (random) points spring to mind here.


If the feeling resists leaving, don't fight it. Just let it be for now. Everything bad feeling is actually on your side anyway because bad feelings are just a mask for your Inner Being to directly point you to what you might wish to "play" with next in your life.

So if the feeling is being stubborn right now, there's a definite reason for it. Since we are projecting into a physical time-based reality, we sometimes have to play along with the illusion of time just to keep up the whole immersive experience so it can sometimes be a case of leave it for now and try again in a few hours/days/weeks.

I would just relax a bit and trust that, since your Inner Being is clearly involved (because of the strong bad feeling), it knows what it's doing even if your physical self hasn't figured it out yet :)


It's always useful to have a toolbox of techniques handy for situations like this. So if something doesn't work immediately, perhaps because you have become "numb" to the method from using it frequently, a different approach can sometimes get the ball rolling again.


...and actually most importantly. In fact, it's so important that it makes Firstly and Secondly somewhat irrelevant...but then this answer would be way too short to provide value-for-money and people would be demanding refunds :)

So, anyway, most importantly of all...you don't really have to clean it up ...you just have to find ways to get yourself back into predominant Vortex alignment again and you can just zoom out of range of it all.

In any case, Life would be soooooooo dull if we actually managed to clean up all the bad-feeling stuff so it's actually quite fortunate that we can't because it keeps the ride going ...and rides are only fun when you are riding them, don't you think? :)

After all, if you reach Ithaca too soon, you miss out on the fabulous journey to it :)



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@Stingray - Thank you for this excellent answer. You managed to make me believe I am doing great, when I was so sure I wasn't. It never occurred to me to let this be, that there may be something for my good in motion here. Trust. That is an important element I was missing.

A wonderful example to your point is what happened right after I asked my question. As a result of the circumstances I mentioned (which I now suspect I was carefully and intentionally guided to)...

(25 May '14, 18:35) Grace

...several old, painful subjects that have long needed to be neutralized, but had been very well hidden thus far, bubbled up to the surface, easily recognizable for what they were. In the end, all the tapping I did released so much old, rotted, stinky stuff, I felt so amazingly good, I was buzzing like a high voltage wire! I somehow managed to take a nap in that condition (?)...

(25 May '14, 18:40) Grace

... and woke up still buzzing, my heart just bursting with happiness and anticipation that I had had a "problem" to solve, and I had the advice of my IQ friends to look forward to, to help me with the joy of having to "solve" it! Hahaha now that is a new one for me! Thanks again @Stingray, for sharing your higher perspective. :)

(25 May '14, 18:41) Grace

Are there levels, a scale of emotions even within Vortex alignment? I had never considered the idea before, thinking alignment is alignment, and that's as high as we can go. But I felt like I was going to start blowing up transformers all over the neighborhood if I kept it up! :D

(25 May '14, 18:41) Grace

@Grace - You're welcome. "Are there levels, a scale of emotions even within Vortex alignment?" - Yes, there certainly are. The Vortex alignment kicks in around the "Hope" level and the emotions scale up from there. Also, remember that the Vortex alignment range is a dynamically-shifting fixed range so there is really no such thing as "alignment is alignment"...everything changes all the time :) More info here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/62478#62524

(28 May '14, 04:28) Stingray

rides are only fun when you are riding them, don't you think? :)

I think the same way.

Thank you.

(28 May '14, 11:18) PERFECT GOOD

@Stingray - Thank you for the clarification. It's fun to see your answer in that link again, and realize that I had only understood it at the time in the context of lowest end of the EGS, never for it's dizzying heights! :)

(28 May '14, 21:53) Grace
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Leaving the subject and coming back later to that subject is a good idea as mentioned by @Stingray.

I also find that sometimes some part of us does not want to let go of a limiting belief completely. People who do energy methods like EFT know that often you can bring a subject down to a one or two on a scale from 1-10. But then sometimes it doesn't seem to move further.

This basically comes down to the self perpetuating mechanisms of beliefs explained by Bashar. The negative belief is afraid of losing its identity and thinks that it (and you) will die if you let go of it. So sometimes there are some tricky mechanisms that hide themselves and you can't even notice them even if you try.

I'm going to suggest two methods you might want to try on that stubborn belief. Especially the second one IMO is a "super-weapon" you're going to like because it's so powerful that everyone would consider it cheating if clearing negative beliefs would be a contest. Seriously! It makes clearing stubborn beliefs so much easier.

The first one is my personal version of the Zpoint "Opening Protocol".

Just read the following sentences and let your feelings fill in the blank. You don't have to use words, even though you could. Then tap the feelings away that come up or use any clearing method you like to clear that feeling that comes up.

  1. When I think about the feeling that I am (kidding myself), I feel......
  2. ...and that feeling makes me feel......
  3. ...and that feeling (i.e. 2. feeling) makes me feel......
  4. ...and that feeling (i.e. 3. feeling) makes me feel......
  5. ...and that feeling (i.e. 4. feeling) makes me feel......
  6. Even though there may be parts of me that may benefit from holding onto these feelings.......
  7. Even though there may be parts of me that wouldn't feel safe by releasing these feelings now......
  8. There may be parts of me that wouldn't feel safe because......

Rinse and repeat as often as you like.

Now the second method I would like to suggest you try is IMO one of the most interesting and ingenious methods I came across. You basically get into the Vortex on another subject and then you think about the subject which is bothering you for a few seconds. And then you immediately bring your attention back to your in-the-Vortex subject. By repeating this process a few times, you can easily bring your problem to neutral or even higher on the emotional guidance scale with ease.

You can go as high on the EGS as you wish.

This is so cool because you get into the Vortex where all the answers to all problems are anyway. So you can do no wrong here. But then you use the power of the Vortex to clear negative, stubborn beliefs in an amazingly fun way.

The Poke and Run Technique

Here's the basic rundown:

Step 1: Raise your vibration on another topic. Any topic. Choose a topic that already feels really good to you. For a little while, totally let go of the issue you're trying to shift. Just be willing to feel better for bit. Aim for the vibration of love. Now, you may be thinking "How the hell am I supposed to find the vibration of love, if what I feel right now is depression?" Easy. Change the freaking subject! (I slap. But I slap with love). Is there anyone in your life that you love? A child, perhaps? A pet? A grandparent? If you have anyone in your life at all that you truly love (and yes, they can be "dead"), someone to whom you always give the benefit of the doubt, someone who could never screw up enough for you not to love them, someone who makes you feel better when you just think of them, then you can use this technique. Spend some time thinking about this someone. And when I say "some time", I mean 15-20 minutes. Build a real foundation; this is imperative if you want this technique to work its magic.

Step 2: Poke at the issue you're trying to shift. Once you feel really, really good, and you're filled with warm, smooshy love, you can "poke" at the issue you're trying to shift. What do I mean by that? Think of the issue you're trying to shift. There's no need to try and change the thoughts, you're not going to be here very long. Just activate the vibration of that subject. As you do this, you'll feel your vibration take a nosedive. You'll likely feel a physical sensation like a sinking feeling in your stomach, a dizziness, nausea, etc. You're coming from a really high vibration to a much lower one. Trust me, it's going to be obvious.

AS SOON AS you feel your vibration start to slip, and this will only take SECONDS...

Step 3: Run. Wrench your focus away from that subject and bring it back to whatever person, animal or thing allowed you to reach the vibration of love. This will not be the easiest thing you've ever done. Your mind is going to want to get into your issue. It's going to want to fix stuff, and focus on the problem more. It will feel really unsatisfying to just dip in and then run away. But beware: if you get caught up in the momentum of the problem, you're just going to be giving more and more energy to what you don't want. This is why I said that this technique requires some trust - you have to be willing to run, to go back to your higher vibration, and not engage with the issue you're trying to shift.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat. Once you're firmly back in the vibration of love (which shouldn't take too long, IF you took the time to build a firm foundation in Step 1), you can repeat the process of poking and running over and over again. Each time you do, you'll notice that it will get easier to go back up to love. The issue you're trying to shift will lose more and more of its momentum. Your vibration will take less and less of a dip each time you poke, and your "recovery" time will decrease.

Essentially, you'll be raising yourself up to a higher vibration and then bit by bit, reaching down to pull up the issue you're struggling with. Here it is again in a nutshell:

Achieve a high vibration (love), focus on your "issue" from the perspective of that high vibration, stay there just long enough for the resistance associated with that issue to become activated, and go right back up to your higher vibration.

Source: http://www.deliberateblog.com/2013/11/11/tips-to-drastically-raise-your-vibration-without-having-to-hire-a-coach/


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@releaser99 - That's wonderful! Something along those lines had occurred to me before, I mean, look at something from the Vortex where all is well, but I would just think, what a waste of happy alignment. I never considered I could be raising the vibration associated with the unwanted issue. I can understand the careful advice and warnings, though. Strong concentration and self awareness would be essential prerequisites, certainly. I know I will enjoy this, thank you for sharing. :)

(25 May '14, 21:00) Grace

@Grace "what a waste of happy alignment" I know what you mean. It seems as if we waste the power of the Vortex when we first get in and then clean things up. I've also come to realize there is a part of me who always wants to tackle problems before I can allow myself to get into the Vortex. But I also know that being in the Vortex most of the time is the way to go. So this method solves that dilemma quite nicely for me. I can solve problems all day with this and still be in the Vortex mostly.

(26 May '14, 18:13) releaser99

@releaser99 - I've also come to realize there is a part of me who always wants to tackle problems before I can allow myself to get into the Vortex. Yikes! Me too! I hadn't realized that until I read those words. What the heck is that? Why would anyone want to delay alignment to suffer some more? Yet, there it is.

(27 May '14, 10:12) Grace

@Grace "Why would anyone want to delay alignment to suffer some more?" Maybe it's not actually suffering but choosing to have clarifying experiences. So this relates to @Stingray's first point above ("Firstly...") I think. My guess is that there are several good reasons for that from a higher perspective, especially for learner-teacher type of people. However, I think all that doesn't matter much for those of us who are physically focused. It's not our job to figure that out.

(27 May '14, 18:37) releaser99

Because our only job is to get into the Vortex by using any permission slip that works for us personally to get us in. One interesting thing is that we definitely can, from inside the Vortex, set systems and mechanisms that can "trick" us into the Vortex once we are out.

(27 May '14, 18:39) releaser99

@Stingray's Advanced Focus Blocks Method is one of probably endless tricks we can use to make it easy for our, dumb, out-of-the-Vortex self's to get back in.

(27 May '14, 18:40) releaser99

Another system I have mentioned elsewhere is the creation of habits that push you into Vortex alignment automatically once a day. Another trick might be listening to uplifting songs, petting the cat etc. There are probably endless ways to come up with permission slips that can lure the "problem-solver" in us back into the Vortex :).

(27 May '14, 18:40) releaser99

@releaser99 - Thanks for sharing that Poke & Run idea. I can see how it would work if you can pull it off. It's strikes me as using that magnetic quality of the Vortex edge to filter the "good stuff" from that emotionally painful topic. The tricky part seems to be that, when you are feeling great because of the Vortex alignment, you then have to force yourself to look back and engage with something painful. It would be...

(28 May '14, 04:37) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...like (when applied to the Focus Blocks spreadsheet) writing out a Rampage of Appreciation and then switching back to playing directly with the Focus Blocks level again. When I've tried that previously, I've always felt quite a revulsion at having to even consider, never mind engage with, out-of-the-Vortex vibrations from within the Vortex. In earlier years, Abraham did try an approach of telling people never to look at anything painful but just concentrate on all the good...

(28 May '14, 04:44) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...stuff in their lives instead the moment that anything painful cropped up by itself (Pivoting, Scripting, Virtual Realities are examples of concrete implementations of that approach). It's a similar idea to trying to use a good-feeling place to filter out the "bad" (though not as directly as Poke & Run) but somehow, those methods never felt as inwardly satisfying, for me at least, as the more "head-on" methods like Focus Wheels where you are left with an audit trail of...

(28 May '14, 04:54) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...vibrational change.

(28 May '14, 04:55) Stingray

@Stingray "those methods never felt as inwardly satisfying, for me at least, as the more "head-on" methods like Focus Wheels where you are left with an audit trail of vibrational change" Yes, I agree. The head-on methods are still my favorite ones. Poke and Run I use mainly in times of huge emotional pressure such as when applying your Surfing the Desire idea...or when I have a belief that doesn't seem to move but I'm in stubborn mode and I want to wrestle it to the ground. So then it's...

(28 May '14, 09:50) releaser99

... a perfect solution for my stubborn, out-of-the-Vortex mind to make a compromise by first getting into the Vortex and letting the Vortex do the shifting work. Also for me, there is a subtle difference regarding Poke and Run vs. writing out a Rampage of Appreciation and then tackling Focus blocks. As a child I would run through people's properties and steal apple's from their apple trees. It was great fun and it felt very exciting, especially when an apple tree owner chased me and I...

(28 May '14, 09:50) releaser99

...somehow managed to run away. Sometimes I couldn't and then...well, that's another story :). But Poke and Run feels to me like that - seeking trouble and then running away while having an exciting ride. Whereas writing a ROA and then doing Focus Blocks afterwards feels like waiting next to the apple tree for the owner to appear, to then wrestle him to the ground and take the apples.:)

(28 May '14, 09:51) releaser99
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answered 26 May '14, 11:59

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