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The Inward Quest Community

The new free Inward Quest Community is now open for all to join.

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The Inward Quest Community is the official companion community to this Inward Quest Q&A site.

There is a vast amount of free powerful spiritual knowledge on this Inward Quest Q&A site and the new community will help you understand it better, make it easier to discuss it, and generally make it easier to communicate with other Inward Questers.

If you are looking to hold relaxed and informal discussions with other spiritually-minded people, then this is the place for you.

  • Perhaps you’ve found yourself using the comments sections of the questions/answers on Inward Quest as a way of holding discussions with others?

  • Maybe you’ve wished that you could just casually express the things that are on your mind without having to post a lengthy question?

  • You might even just be feeling a bit lonely and isolated during these times and just want to meet some new online friends who think the way you do?

In all these cases (and more), you'll find the new community to be perfect for you.

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What's Inside The Community?

  • The Inward Quest Community is full of intelligent uplifting discussions about spirituality, reality creation and mind power

  • Get answers to any spiritually-related question

  • Connect with like-minded positive people. Make new friends

  • Free live monthly Q&A webinars

  • Daily life-affirming quotes

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asked 31 Oct '21, 08:33

Stingray's gravatar image


edited 03 Nov '21, 12:34

Am I allowed to join?

(05 Nov '21, 00:45) Nikulas

Of course :)

(05 Nov '21, 02:57) Stingray

See you soon my friend :)

(06 Nov '21, 00:26) Nikulas

I have not received an email ...Roy1

(09 Nov '21, 11:45) Roy

@Roy - According to our records, it was sent 4 hours ago. Have you checked your spam folder?

(09 Nov '21, 12:16) Stingray

found it...thank you

(11 Nov '21, 16:53) Roy
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