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I was just reading a question I posted here on Inward Quest back in 2009 (What is the best action to take when you are emotionally drained or over-tired?). As I was reading that question, I realized just how far I have come in my Personal Journey, for I can answer my own question with ease now. I have grown since I posted that question!

I see growth in my own greater peace and personal happiness. I can handle things which used to baffle me. I am not sorry that I posted the question, for it and others are still out there, helping other people.I am generally much more positive about everything, which is a tremendous gain since 2009. I pray more, and laugh more.

How have you grown since joining the site? Please share!

Blessings and Much Love, Jai

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Well, I have been here less than 2 months at this time, so if I answer this in a year or two, I am sure I will have a different answer. So far I have grown and learned. One thing that has been helpful is that I am a "Christian" and have found comfort in finding other Christians here. I don't want to be tricked by any false teaching. I have found that the Church has strayed far from what Christ taught. I am learning how to read the Bible with new eyes. Before I found this site, I was journaling my thoughts because thoughts and ideas were changing fast. I would read something or watch a video of say, Bruce Lipton, and get revelations or understanding on issues ( accompainied by tingly itchy scalp). Things were coming together and making sense in a way I had never understood. At least until I read the poems I wrote 20 years ago. I read my poems last week and most of them were very relevant to this site. So, I guess I came back around to knowing and understanding. Quantum mechanics and the New Biology and Dr. Emoto's water experiments all scientifically prove these things that we talk about here.

Journaling was great, but I didn't get feedback and responses to my thoughts and ideas. It has been helpful here at IQ to have other people to bounce ideas off of and also that have had similar experiences. That is why we all found this place, because of somthing that happened that changed our thinking and we sought out others, and here we are. I find it very exciting when I read about somebody else having a similar experience or idea or thought as I have. Also, people here have posted links to things that are new ideas to me that I hadn't come up with yet. I have gone back and read old questions as well as the new ones. My ideas and thoughts change with new information. I loved reading about how Jesus taught the LOA. I had figured that out myself, and was so excited to find it here too. People can twist the Bible to fit just about any idea, so I really wanted to be careful with that, so when I found it here, it was reassuring to me. I hope this all makes sense. LOL

Edit 9/26/12 I have been here a year and half now. A new change for me is that I have learned to master my mind instead of my mind master me. Six months ago, I my mind was master and would wander all sorts of places that I didn't want to go. My showers were spent dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Now, when I take a shower, I enjoy the smell of the soaps instead. Six months ago, many of my thoughts were dominantly negative and in the past or future. It was very conflicting, because I was my usual happy self also. However, with Two Hands Touching and all the ways of using it, I have been able to stop the flow of the negative thoughts to a more neutral, Now existance. I expect that in another six months I will have even more possitive thoughts as my overall vibration rises.


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I'm curious about your 'tingly itchy scalp'... that's something I've been experiencing a lot lately :)

(03 Apr '11, 17:50) Michaela

Michaela, it seems that when I get a flash of inspiration or understanding, my scalp gets all tingly and itchy. I scratch it, not hard, but rapidly. I wonder if that is what happened to Einstein's hair from all that scratching back and forth. LOL

(03 Apr '11, 18:09) Fairy Princess

I fully understand what you're saying Jai... looking back on some of my own questions and answers I get to see exactly how much I have evolved in such a short space of time.I do think every time we ask a question the answer is within us and this site provides those answers to come forth for us through another... we will always accept the one that is in alignment with our current belief system. However as we do evolve (which primarily for me has meant becoming more openminded) our belief system also begins to change and I have found re-reading some of the old answers that what once resonated may not be true anymore and some answers which may have previously not meant too much to me are now more in alignment with my current belief system. And the wonderful thing is that I am always constantly changing and growing and able to accept all the different opinions even when they aren't in alignment with mine :)


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I've just come on here today after several weeks away from IQ; after a phase of checking in every day I suddenly felt I needed to NOT be here for a bit! I didn't know why and didn't really question it.

But it's really interesting that the day I get back I find this question and also I notice that I have definitely grown since I first came here in December; as Michaela says some of the questions that resonated then now feel somehow irrelevant or not especially useful to me any more (except I suppose in that they helped me get to this point!), and I find some questions that would have stumped me before I suddenly get a light bulb and know I can offer something in the way of a response. Which is quite exciting!

One specific thing I notice is how rigid and heavy and ego based my thinking has been; I'm not saying I've cleared that yet - not by a long shot! - but I am definitely 'looser' and more relaxed and open, just clearer really. It's a really good feeling. :)

That makes me want to say thank you to everyone on here for helping me on my journey! Yay! And I hope that I can use it to help other people too.


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