It seems when I do it on my own, I get little or no results. Yet when I hire someone to do it for me or I sit through youtube videos it seems to "work" or at least I feel a difference. An example is when I try emotional freedom technique on my own I don't feel anything but when I watch youtube then I feel the difference. Even after the video, I would recite some of what the person said and I don't feel anything but when I go back then I feel it. I also use some healing gemstones, I usually feel something but not the results I wanted or heard about. I've read different books, tried different techniques and searched through this website. I'm tired of hearing or reading about someone else's success because I want my own success. I'm tired of hearing "keep trying" because that's not really helpful especially when there is time involved. Update: I do not have an authority problem either ok and there is nothing wrong with asking practitioners for help. I do not put them or anyone else on pedestal. I don't doubt myself or the methods. Belief is not required either, definitely not placebo, placebo is bogus and unethical. No man is an island either. Healing doesn't mean just health, it can mean any other area of life. Seems like some made false assumptions with my question.

asked 28 Dec '21, 14:43

ingridstjerne257's gravatar image


edited 04 Feb '22, 15:28

I know there is a hyphen for self-healing. I can't make the change.

(28 Dec '21, 14:44) ingridstjerne257

Hello ingrid, you may have difficulty like I have difficulty on this website. I have checked All the boxes that say no more notifications. I unsubscribed to all of the website, but still I receive questions/answers. I can give you all the samples of what I have thought and done to be able to heal myself, but I read books to get there. So read a book. I recommend HANDS OF LIGHT written by the physicist Barbara Brennan.

(28 Dec '21, 15:25) MagicallyEternal

Not reading any more books.

(28 Dec '21, 15:28) ingridstjerne257

perhaps not ready yet,
have you introduced yourself
to all your cells
do you know them

(31 Jan '22, 19:49) fred

Not ready to be free of pain and not get money either? How absurd. Good-bye.

(31 Jan '22, 21:46) ingridstjerne257

I imagine misery is quite painful.

You haven't provided any details but if you are referring to chronic pain, the emotion behind it is usually anger or some other fear based emotion such as regret, grief, etc. According to the latest research, the pain could be all in your mind. The pain is real, it's coming from your mind.

(05 Feb '22, 16:37) ele

Emotional pain can easily turn into physical pain.

(08 Feb '22, 11:49) ele

If you need an outlet for your anger, try exercise. Exercise may also relieve the pain your anger is causing you. You could go somewhere where you won't frighten anyone and just scream. In some areas they now have screaming clubs. Instead of constantly venting which doesn't do anyone any good, try screaming till you get it all out of your system.

(09 Feb '22, 16:28) ele

I recall a show where they were interviewing ppl who survived terminal illnesses. There was a man who had a terminal illness w/only a 20% chance of survival. He was also in a lot of pain. He realized that anger was causing the pain & prob the illness also. He sought medical treatment, but when he realized it was anger behind the pain, he chose vigorous exercise as an outlet for his anger. He was soon free of both the disease and his pain. He continued to exercise & has been healthy since

(09 Feb '22, 16:38) ele
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You have difficulty selfhealing because you believe you need someone to do it for you, for whatever the reason.

It's like placebo. Placebo works because patients believe it will work. I mean, why wouldn't they believe it? It was given to them by a medical authority who spent years studying his/her craft. The drug was also manufactured by an established pharmaceutical company.

Your healing is likewise substantiated by an external authority, it seems. It makes more sense for you to doubt yourself than someone on youtube who heals others for a living, for example.

Why do you believe you need external authority to do the healing for you? Maybe you are used to having other people do things for you - you have a baker who makes your bread, tailor who makes your clothes, real estate agent who finds you a home, plumber who fixes your sink,...nowadays, there is a person for everying. Maybe you don't trust yourself. Maybe it's easier to just hire someone. And so on.

When you find a reason, try to analyze it and ask yourself do you really need to hold on to it.

Good luck.


answered 01 Feb '22, 05:57

Marin's gravatar image


edited 02 Feb '22, 04:04

I wrote earlier that I no longer wish to continue this discussion (you don't read?). Since questions can't be closed here I'm not going to reply to anymore comments. I write in other comment here I got answers from elsewhere that helped.

(02 Feb '22, 14:55) ingridstjerne257

thanks @Marin and @ingrid :)

(03 Feb '22, 00:37) jaz

Where are you from @Marin ? As far as I know placebos are only given in test trials. Furthermore, everyone is told they may not be receiving the actual drug.

Many many many years ago, physicians did prescribe placebos which were nothing more than sugar or another harmless substance. The medical community finally agreed after many years that placebos work in about a quarter to one third of the cases. Then they had to stop the practice. Do you realize how many ppl are on meds they don't need

(07 Feb '22, 14:34) ele

Often times the physician had nothing else to offer if it was a disease like cancer. You can't take hope away. There is spontaneous remission and also miracles. Yes miracles. Something science cannot explain.

The reason placebos worked in medicine was due to trust. The placebo effect depends on a trust in the physician.

(07 Feb '22, 14:44) ele

@ele, appreciate the reply, and the information about placebos. However, my comment wasn't about placebos. I just used it as an example to illustrate my point to Ingrid, which was that she has difficulty selfhealing because of her beliefs about it. It seems to me that external authority that comes in the form of hired prefessionals or youtube videos are Ingrid's placebos.

(08 Feb '22, 14:34) Marin

She believes (or trusts, if you like that more) that a hired professional will help her in the same way a patient believes a drug (a placebo or the real thing) will help him.

(08 Feb '22, 14:37) Marin

That is all that I was saying. I wasn't making any other assertions about placebos or their history.

(08 Feb '22, 14:39) Marin

I did understand that @Marin

My example using cancer wasn't the best example of the use of placebos. Often times patients demanded a pill and when given one, they got better. Usually these meds were dispensed in the office. No pharmacy needed.

Several members mentioned placebos recently and wondered why. It's not standard medical practice.

Yes, trust plus belief.

Some ppl do need help and there is nothing wrong with that either.

(08 Feb '22, 15:23) ele

"external power" @Marin not much different than faith healing. One relies on trust and belief; the other faith and belief.

(09 Feb '22, 11:32) ele

@ele correct. Both revolve around trust and belief

(09 Feb '22, 12:39) Marin

Like you said, they are trusting an external power.

(09 Feb '22, 15:25) ele

There is also nothing wrong with that. I wish placebos were used more often in medicine. Not for serious conditions where you need modern medicine. I see too many rx's written. Those meds have side effects. I would never discount the power of the placebo effect.

(09 Feb '22, 22:10) ele
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Hi @ingridstjerne257, from my own experience, if you want to get to a place where you "help" yourself by yourself, you have to chill a little. in my past I couldn't meditate or focus for more then 2 minutes at best or at other times i would just fell asleep :(. It take practice. but im not advising you to practice. im advising you to just keep watching those YT videos that helps you. trust me!!, there will come a time where you will NATURALLY and not forcefully just will not have the need to listen to them anymore. it really doesn't matter where you get the help from as long as you have the will in you and as long as you establish through time new beliefs, and you Will see that it will happen. just the fact that you are watching those videos shows that you love yourself. one day you will say to yourself "hey, im amazing, i dont need anyone to tell me that just so that i feel good." and mean it!. but dont stress yourself in to being there.

"also never achieved ANY goals in my life. So, no peace or happiness for me" - that is illogical and i dont even know you. and even if that was true, wel... that is why you are still here, alive. goodluck.


answered 31 Dec '21, 16:48

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edited 31 Dec '21, 16:51

I'm not watching EFT for self-esteem whatever, I want the things and results I want. I suppose you never heard of someone never getting what they want, well um now you have. Has nothing to do with logic either.

(02 Jan '22, 13:30) ingridstjerne257

So try the other way and stop all self healing by others. cut this habit at once, and wait for inspiration to come from you. You'll get bored and anxious, you'll be nervous and energetic, you'll want to go and watch the media, but you'll have to be SUPER strong and not do it. and start acting towards your goals, little by little, even if its just mean cleaning your kitchen for example.

(02 Jan '22, 15:46) myself

Wow, you don't think I tried THAT? This is going nowhere.

(02 Jan '22, 20:29) ingridstjerne257

"never". . .

" illogical" . . . I think a psychologist would call it all or nothing thinking, a type of cognitive discord.

(05 Feb '22, 16:44) ele
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If you sit through youtube videos and it helps, isn't it the same as doing it on your own?

As long as you don't require the help of other people, youtube videos, music are still the same as doing it on your own, just in a different way. Why limit yourself ?


answered 03 Jan '22, 11:05

kakaboo's gravatar image


I am asking the WHY I'm having difficulty... not about YT. I give examples to fill up the 1,000 character requirement. I guess I came to the wrong place to ask.

(03 Jan '22, 12:12) ingridstjerne257

that wasn't clear from the question. anyways, i think that it is a lot harder to see yourself outside of your own situation in order to lift yourself up (or any other purpose) than for someone else who is outside the situation to do it for you/us. it is just easier to let someone else do it for us, when the brain isn't trained enough or when we haven't found a way to do it ourselves in some areas of our lives (to let go, to surrender etc...)

(06 Jan '22, 19:00) myself

that is why meditation is a practice. when you meditate you can disconnect your SELF from your MIND and thoughts and just observe them, and when you wake up from the meditation after a few practices, your thoughts cannot control you anymore. i hope that was what you were looking for.

(06 Jan '22, 19:00) myself

It is crystal clear from the get-go. This proves that a) people don't pay attention and b) don't actually answer the question and talk about something else.

(07 Jan '22, 13:43) ingridstjerne257

Yes I dont, for I am not answering your question, I am asking you another question to your question, just for karma points.

(07 Jan '22, 20:28) kakaboo
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Hi @ingridstjerne257 what exactly is self-healing? self-healing are things you do consciously or unconsciously to stimulate the natural processes of healing, it's a natural process just as your body naturally repairs a cut on your skin. If you're having difficulty then it's a sign that energy is blocking somewhere.

The very first step in self-healing is to bring a feeling of peace into your body, using just thoughts you can change the frequency and flow of your energy.

Personally to do this i like to laydown, listen to soft meditation music and say to myself 'i'm now relaxing my whole body and all the space around, i'm now filling my space with beautiful positive energies' then i center my attention on my left foot feel it's energy and feel the energy slowly flowing up my leg to my groin releasing any tensions ... i do the same process for my right leg ... then a similar process for my upper limbs and the the whole of my body from the bottom all the way up to my head.

I thank my body for having been able to awaken to this awareness and healing. Play with this flow of energy for a few minutes to bring peace and happiness.

Now you can start painting the picture of the life that you desire ...


answered 31 Dec '21, 04:52

jaz's gravatar image


edited 28 Jan '22, 07:50


I appreciate your answer, I have tried relaxing but I can't seem to do that either! And it's not just health, also never achieved ANY goals in my life. So, no peace or happiness for me.

(31 Dec '21, 13:59) ingridstjerne257

@ingridstjerne257 i'm pleased you appreciate my answer :) ... 'no peace or happiness' in your life? that's a good starting point, the doorway to improvement

(01 Jan '22, 01:49) jaz

@ingridstjerne257 feelings feelings feelings that's what steers us all ... focus on high vibes "life itself is an empty canvas, it becomes whatsoever you paint on it, you can paint misery you can paint bliss. this freedom is your glory" quote Osho ... have a great day :)

(15 Jan '22, 03:21) jaz

I don't believe in "law of attraction" stuff.

(15 Jan '22, 11:33) ingridstjerne257

yes @ingridstjerne257 when i think about it i don't believe in the "law of attraction" either ... but it certainly seems to come in handy lol

(16 Jan '22, 01:10) jaz

For me @ingridstjerne the "law of attraction" is a tool, for example when i use an axe (a tool) to cut wood i don't need to believe in the axe i just use it and it works ... have a great day :)

(17 Jan '22, 02:49) jaz

It's an ideology.

(17 Jan '22, 11:07) ingridstjerne257

yes @ingrid it's an ideology or in other words a way of seeing things ... may i ask "what is your ideology?"

(18 Jan '22, 01:33) jaz

I no longer want to continue this discussion. I got answers to my ORIGINAL question elsewhere.

(18 Jan '22, 11:27) ingridstjerne257

What is "law of attraction stuff" ?

(05 Feb '22, 10:17) ele

... such as - the more you complain, the more you find to complain about? If you don't like the word attract, you can choose other words like I just did.

(07 Feb '22, 14:19) ele

"relaxing". . . have you tried internal massage? A term coined by Norman Cousins. It's physiologically impossible to genuinely laugh and be anxious at the same time. It relaxes the diaphragm, exercises the lungs, increases oxygen levels. It's good for the entire cardio system. Releases all kinds of healthy chemicals. All the muscles in the face unless you are a Brit :)), the chest, abdomen all get a little workout. Lowers BP also. Also relieves pain.

(09 Feb '22, 15:27) ele

I see @Ingrid responds to tenderness *jaz

We won't have to get out that pronged metal meat mallet with this one :)

(09 Feb '22, 17:12) ele

When you are complaining or criticizing you aren't appreciating. I'm sure I wrote something about this somewhere. I have a friend who completely transformed her life nearly instantly almost 20 years ago by doing just one thing. She stopped complaining. Focus on the good things in your life.

Speaking of appreciation, a friend just did a favor for me earlier today, one I really appreciated. 5 minutes after leaving my phone rang. He was rewarded for his kindness nearly immediately & couldn't

(09 Feb '22, 17:23) ele

wait to tell me.

Practice random acts of kindness with no expectation of a reward or help others. It costs nothing and it also makes you feel better.

(09 Feb '22, 17:33) ele
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Hello! This is a very sensitive subject for me as I have been experimenting with self-healing and healing others with minor ailments for a few years now and I would rather remain under the radar so to speak but I sensed an urgency to your question. Self-doubt is the major contributor as to why most of us cannot self-heal but yet Doctors can give us placebo's instead of real medication and we still heal because we believe in Doctors for healing. Or when people hire someone or attend a seminar or watch a video on YT they experience healings but most times it is only temporary because in that moment they truly believed without a doubt but the next day they started to doubt themselves and the healings wane. We have been brainwashed into believing that we are simple limited 3D Beings since birth by our friends, family, teachers, our peers and so on so that they (the controllers) can keep control of everything that defines us as a Human Being and keep us slaves and distracted to the failing system we know of today. We are soooo much more than what we have been taught since birth.

I have studied Chi Energetics, Frequency Manifestation, Sacred Light Energy and so on and applied it all to my life with the help of my Spiritual Guides and I have done some amazing things with my life even though I used to be an Atheist and believed in my mind that science explained everything although there were so much that we still do not understand yet.

I did notice however for those who didn't believe in me or who had any doubts to my healing abilities well I had little to no success with them which frustrated me a lot because I knew they were blocking their ability to self-heal and I was merely assisting them. Eliminate "All Doubts" from within the mind/body and "Believe" in yourself and you will have success in what you are trying to accomplish. At the beginning ... we have to remind ourselves daily until it becomes a part of who we are. Remember ... Healers do not Heal ... they only assist in our healings much like Doctors do. We heal ourselves when we allow it and believe without any form of doubt. Our minds and bodies can do miraculous things if we truly believe in our capabilities ... believe in oneself without any form of doubt and witness the positive changes that will happen in your lives. I do hope this helps a bit.

Peace, Love n Light


answered 12 Jan '22, 20:53

Moonbeam's gravatar image


edited 12 Jan '22, 21:04

I appreciate your answer and thoughts. But you ultimately say "believe!" or at least minimize doubts... that's what I've been trying to do, so how do I do that? It doesn't make sense because I've read stories where someone held or wore a gemstone and they were healed and either they didn't believe at first or didn't know about gemstone healing in the first place.

(13 Jan '22, 08:27) ingridstjerne257

It's not just about health... also money, relationships, goals, etc. that I just can't seem to alleviate.

(13 Jan '22, 08:34) ingridstjerne257

Qi energy and sound frequencies. One of my Spiritual Guides showed me the power of this lifeforce energy that we as Humans take for granted that is in us and all around us. Every culture on this planet talks about this beautiful energy and I see it everywhere in everything. I can feel it, see it, hear its frequencies, dance with it lol, manipulate it, it's beautiful and it's real and it doesn't cost a thing. When you are listening to that YT video you are feeling the energy of the person and ...

(14 Jan '22, 00:56) Moonbeam

... their intentions when they created that particular video. You can feel its energy and it feels great in that moment while you are listening to it. So feel it, hear its frequencies, and shut down that brain of yours and really listen ... you will hear a high pitch sound. That is the frequency of the energy sent from the person who created that video in that moment when they created that video for you to feel and experience. Now take that sound and energy you feel and let it flow through ...

(14 Jan '22, 00:59) Moonbeam

... you and all around you. Omg let the house feel its beautiful energy. Share that energy as far as you can so that others who need that energy can experience it too even though they are unaware. That is the power of lifeforce energy. You can use it to heal yourself, manifest things, find that love you soooo desire, and so on ... as Bruce Lee said "Use no limitations as limitations." Life can be so unfair on this planet and we are all victims of our individual environment no matter where we ...

(14 Jan '22, 01:04) Moonbeam

... live on this planet. Most times what creates self-doubt within us are the tragedies of our past and its negative energies we became a part of knowingly or unknowingly therefore creating doubt within our being. And throughout our lives we sure pick up a lot of these negative energies no matter how subtle they are. It becomes a part of us and it defines us as an individual. That is why I judge no-one and never have. We are all born beautiful beings in all of it's form and still are no ...

(14 Jan '22, 01:07) Moonbeam

... no matter the circumstances of our past and who we think we are. It's time for you to have the life you have always desired. You owe it to yourself. So now when you wake up the following day and every day after that remember the feeling of that particular energy and hear its frequencies and embrace it make it a part of the new you. I always purify myself with White Light Energy before I meditate and I eliminate all negative energies from the day by simply transmuting it into this amazing ...

(14 Jan '22, 01:11) Moonbeam

... and pure Light Energy. So when I meditate my experiences will be as pure as it can be for me. Remember everything is energy and everything has its own sound frequency. At first the frequencies may sound the same but as you get used to it you will hear the variations. For example money has it's own sound frequency and if you want to attract it into your life simply grab some money and feel it's energy and listen to it's frequency then visualize it your life.

(14 Jan '22, 01:18) Moonbeam

You know can use this energy secret and begin to transform your life as you desire as long as your intentions are pure and brings no harm to anyone else including yourself. Sorry for the long comment but your question is very hard to answer in so many words. Thanks for reading this and I do hope it helps you! Peace, Love n Light

(14 Jan '22, 01:29) Moonbeam

I never perceived anything like what you describe... I don't think I asked a hard question either.

(14 Jan '22, 10:12) ingridstjerne257

It seems like if I think about "energy" or "frequency" it doesn't help. If I just think of what I want, that is better.

(14 Jan '22, 19:43) ingridstjerne257

That's perfectly fine! It's your Journey and there are no wrong choices. It's all about what you feel comfortable doing. I was merely trying to show you the true secret to LOA in which not too many people know about and it does require a little self-discipline through meditation to experience the desired outcome. Thinking about doing something is usually not enough unless we take action to feel and experience it's full effect. Take care and I do hope you find what you seeking for in life.

(15 Jan '22, 12:59) Moonbeam
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