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Receiving prayer, or laying of the hands for healing is considered to be a very anointing experience for some, did you feel this same anointing when you received healing, and what happened there after?

asked 19 Feb '10, 05:48

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I had stage 4 skin cancer and had been informed by doctors that people with my level of cancer have approximately 9 month to a year to live. I received a "priesthood" blessing from two elders in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Elders used "consecrated oil" then placed their hands directly on top of my head. About a week after this blessing, I was scheduled for a surgery called "SCORES" (I think that was the name). In SCORES, the surgeon removes the tumor and is able to test it "on the spot" for cancer cells. If cells are present in the outer perimeter of the amount of flesh removed, the surgeon removes more of the area surrounding the tumor. The intent is that, hopefully, the tumor and surrounding cancerous cells can be completely removed. The first amount of flesh was removed from my shoulder for testing and my wife and I waited the 30 minutes for the doctor to return and report. When he did, he explained that there was no cancer or cancer cells in or around the growth. That was my experience with a blessing of "laying on of hands." ps. It has been 10 years since that experience and there has been no sign of cancer. In God's Love, Phil.


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Phil 2

The work of God is great! I am happy for you.

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My answer is a huge "YES!!!" I was consecrated in a ceremony just as Phil described about twenty years ago by Father L., and immediately, my mental health improved and I was filled with forgiveness for the people who abused me as a child.

Then, of course, there is the big "Prayer Circle" formed by Traveller for me while I was in the hospital earlier this month. I have to say that the prayers worked and worked well!!! I no longer have any pain in my knee, and they found the bacteria (MRSA) in my thigh that was causing me so much trouble! That is healing, indeed!

Prayer works. Distance Reiki Healing works. It is amazing! I am so grateful.

Blessings, Jai


answered 21 Feb '10, 21:16

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Jai, I am so happy to hear you are pain free. O what a mighty God we have. Let us continue to pray, and give thanks to God in the name of Jesus. I am very proud of you, stay strong in your faith!

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During my Reiki Master training I was having terrible pain in my elbow. So while I was on the table receiving Reiki my teacher asked me: What shape is my pain? What color is my pain? and What in my mind would alleviate my pain? I answered each question and by the time I was through conceptualizing my pain it vanished never to return.

Thank You Thank You Thank You.


answered 22 Jun '11, 09:45

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Indeed, wonders will never cease! Thank you.

(26 Jun '11, 22:42) Inactive User ♦♦

do good to other and so shall good be done to you!god grace will heal you people that did good deeds and deserve to be heal are healed the burden is drop and given to god! and this happen every day but people do not notice they just think it is normal pain and sickness go away on there own!Then he said to the centurion, "Go home now, and everything will happen as you have believed it will."Jesus went off with him, followed by large crowds jostling at his elbow. Among them was a woman who had a haemorrhage for twelve years and who had gone through a great deal at the hands of many doctors (or physicians), spending all her money in the process. She had derived no benefit from them but, on the contrary, was getting worse. This woman had heard about Jesus and came up behind him under cover of the crowd, and touched his cloak, "For if I can only touch his clothes," she said, "I shall be all right."

The haemorrhage stopped immediately, and she knew in herself that she was cured of her trouble. At once Jesus knew intuitively that power had gone out of him, and he turned round in the middle of the crowd and said, "Who touched my clothes?"

His disciples replied, "You can see this crowd jostling you. How can you ask, 'Who touched me?'"

But he looked all round at their faces to see who had done so. Then the woman, scared and shaking all over because she knew that she was the one to whom this thing had happened, came and flung herself before him and told him the whole story. But he said to her, "Daughter, it is your faith that has healed you. Go home in peace, and be free from your trouble." And it happened that as they went on their way they were cured. One of their number, when he saw that he was cured, turned round and praised God at the top of his voice, and then fell on his face before Jesus and thanked him. This man was a Samaritan. And at this Jesus remarked, "Weren't there ten men healed? Where are the other nine? Is nobody going to turn and praise God for what he has done, except this stranger?"

Everybody knows that God does not listen to sinners. It is the man who has a proper respect for God and does what God wants him to do - he's the one God listens to. Why, since the world began, nobody's ever heard of a man who was born blind being given his sight. If this man did not come from God, he couldn't do such a thing


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If God...If Jesus...did not listen to sinners, why then, Heaven must be very quiet indeed...WT, we all fall short. That is why Christ died for us. My only hope is that God and Jesus will listen to me, a sinner!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Jun '11, 06:47) Jaianniah

jaianniah god does not listen to sinner in the way that they do not do is work! and because they do not do is work he will not give them what they want because what they want and what they need are 2 different things! me saying that to you does it make it more clear to you? heaven is very quiet but at the same time full of light and counscience communication arrise when counscience share there light to each other! so stay in the light jai and always seek harmony!

(22 Jun '11, 13:58) white tiger

@ white tiger: as I recall the Bible does teaches Matthew 22:14 “Many are called, few are chosen.” Thank you.

(26 Jun '11, 22:54) Inactive User ♦♦

agree vee but i like this passge more!“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.

(26 Jun '11, 23:17) white tiger
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