Is there a difference between visualizing what you want, and fantasizing about it?

I think of visualization as "mental practice," whereas fantasy seems more like wishful thinking; people fantasize about all sorts of things, but it doesn't seem like that gets them very far in creating their reality.

Is there a difference between constructive imagination and fantasy, and how do you tell the difference?

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In my view the difference is belief. Previously, I fantasized about things, people and places etcetera, but I had no idea that we create our own reality through imagination. And because I didn’t know that, I didn’t really believe that the things I’d fantasized about would come to fruition. So really it was wishful thinking and lacked all the elements needed for conscious deliberate reality creation.

Once we know or believe that imagination creates reality, feel good and do not doubt that our desired end result will ultimately manifest; wishful thinking or fantasy do not really come into play anymore. And I’m not sure if we can cease to know what we now know for the sake of fantasizing.

Is there a difference between constructive imagination and fantasy, and how do you tell the difference?

So fantasy is a kind of airy fairy head trip, while constructive imagination is a conscious deliberate intention that we choose to believe will become our reality and so it is.


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Your consciousness is a seed of creation and as such, it already knows the difference.

How do you test that?

Try this test.

GIVE ME AN EXAMPLE OF FANTASY. CLOSE YOUR EYES AND PICTURE IT. (Don’t read the rest until you come up with it)


alt text

OK Did you get two distinctly different visions?

How did you have the intelligence to do that?

Your mind already knows the difference.

Because what you think of as intelligence is not a learned phenomenon.

What you have learned is how to draw and channel the source energy into a coherent organization that is in resonant harmony with this experience.

You already possess the ability to know the difference because this knowing is not from you; it is coming from source intelligence.

You have been taught to take that knowing and "fit" it to an existing framework of acceptance.

So one begins to believe that to "know" the difference between reality and fantasy, a credible framework of authentication and quantification must be developed so that the rest of the (blind sheep) will know the difference.

All that the framework will do is completely destroy creativity.

You always possess creativity and knowingness (as according to your choice and needs).

If you analyze it you will box yourself within your own analysis of it.


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The Traveller

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Thanks for adding the beautiful picture Vesuvius! I think it has both the fantasy & reality elements within it (wish upon a star)

(29 Dec '10, 19:11) The Traveller

Oddly enough, I found the picture by doing a Google image search for "Waiting." :)

(29 Dec '10, 23:18) Vesuvius

Fully agree with Eddie. Although I think there's nothing wrong with fantasizing, it is usually using our imagination to dream about something we consider unrealistic, or as Eddie said, something that we don't really believe will happen.

I think it can however be beneficial in raising our vibration if using it makes us feel good and it is harmless thinking ( in other words the fantasy has no malevolent intent behind it ). Although the fantasy may not play out in reality,it may help raise our vibration enough to help attract those desires we do consider believable.


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Fantasy is picking the color for your Porsche. And visualization is deciding on silver.
Fantasy is window shopping.
Visualization is paying cash.


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If your fantasy is reality based, then I think it is stronger than desire. If the fantasy is in the realm of a light saber fight with Yoda, then enjoy it. :)

May the Force be with you



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jim 10

Visualizing, and constructive imagination is based upon the actual idea to manifest your desire, and therefore is the more concrete objective, supposed to fantasying and day dreaming that your fairy God Mother will wave her magic wand to manifest your desire for you. In theory they both play a significant part in attaining the given result to manifest your desire, since you are using the forces of the same energy vibration in both cases!


answered 28 Dec '10, 01:07

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