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I received this as an email from Bob Proctor, one of my mentors, and it makes perfect sense to me. I've reformatted it for this forum and am sharing it with you for your consideration and enjoyment :)

Hi Friend,

Here is an interesting concept that I have used ever since I can remember and that I have shared in my seminars for years. If you're interested in setting a sizeable goal, I know it will help you too!

I want to talk about Fantasy, Theory, Fact. The basis for this concept is that everything has its origination in the form of a Fantasy, which some adventurous soul dares turn into a theory and then becomes bold enough to turn into a fact. This entire transition, of course, is the result of the highest form of no-limit, positive thinking available, yet, the cautious may construe this as erratic behavior.

Give this serious thought for a moment. The idea of moon landings, communicating via a fax machine, traveling on supersonic jets or wearing synthetic garments was, a very short time ago, sheer fantasy. Today, they are almost considered commonplace. Why? How did these things come about?


This entire cosmos is filled with thought stuff - a creative form of energy. Imagination is one of our mental faculties and it is the one we use to fantasize. An active imagination is able to build clear and vivid images. The most important step in building your fantasy is that you not concern yourself with how your fantasy is going to become a reality. Where the resources will come from is of absolutely no concern to you. Let the image evolve freely in your mind. Build the picture in color ... feel it, smell it, taste it, touch it ... all through the aid of your imagination.


Once you've built your fantasy, turning it into a theory calls for you to answer two questions:

  • Are You Able?
  • Are You Willing?

You could very easily be thinking, "Yes. But!" At this point, it's important to remember that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and attempting to go beyond the limits that your old belief system dictate... and whenever that happens, doubt, immediately followed by fear, enters the picture. To be able to answer this question in the affirmative--"Yes, I am definitely able," does not mean that you have to know how it will happen. There is no way that you could know how it will happen... you have never done it before, it's a brand new experience. The Wright Brothers didn't know how to fly when they fantasized themselves doing it! They just believed they could.

The second question: Are you willing? Are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to make the sacrifices that will be required to turn your dream into a reality? And you know that there will be sacrifices. My mentor, Val Van De Wall shared with me that most people think sacrifice is giving up something. That's not true. Sacrifice is merely releasing something of a lower nature to make room for something of a higher nature.

The minute you answer--"Yes, I am able!" and "Yes, I am willing!"... your fantasy moves to the next phase of creation and becomes a theory in your consciousness and, at this point, it turns into a goal.


The process of turning your fantasy to fact is ready to move into the final stage... fact. From this point on, it becomes a lawful process. As you turn the image over to your universal subconscious mind by getting emotionally involved with the image, the laws of the universe kick into gear and begin to turn that image into physical form. The law of perpetual transmutation takes that image and begins to move it into form with and through you. Your vibration starts to change and that causes your behavior to change. Your new vibration sets up an attractive force and begins to attract to you all things requisite to the fulfillment of the picture, through the harmonious vibration of the law of attraction. Although you have no way of knowing exactly how it will move into form, faith and your understanding of the laws will create a knowing within you that it must move into form.

This is the very process that has taken us out of the cave and into the condominium. Let your mind play. Fantasize a much better form of life than you presently enjoy.

To your success,
Bob Proctor

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sweet eddie. Agree with paulina, should be compulsory reading for novice IQ apprentices.

(17 Oct '11, 12:17) Nikulas

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

(08 Apr '12, 09:18) Fairy Princess
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I love Bob Proctor he is so wise when it comes to manifesting and his articles are allways infarmative and enjoyable. Thank you Eddie for although I recieve e-mails from Bob Proctor I must have missed this one. It should be required reading for all I.Q. members.

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answered 14 Oct '11, 09:40

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Paulina 1

Nice one Paulina, I agree with you re Bob :)

(14 Oct '11, 11:00) Eddie

i'd say there is a difference between fantasy and imagination,
with the latter based more on wisdom and
would recommend imagination.
yes, we ought be cautious on what we wish for

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answered 14 Oct '11, 21:37

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i agree with you fred about imagination. from dream experience i see it as using your mind to create annything that you wish with no consequence on the universe.but when you go above that level then you start to interact with the world on different level. to give you example: look at the movie matrix when neo train and when he is in the matrix booth place are very similar but there are some difference. like he can pause the training area what ever he do in the training area does not affect the matrix.

(15 Oct '11, 02:55) white tiger

white tiger, thank you for sharing the thoughts. i see it as the symbolism of 'the highlander' and that there can only be one

(19 Oct '11, 22:48) fred

Excellent! Thanks so much for sharing this Eddie. Yes Bob Proctor is great, I have a lot of his stuff, him and Brian Tracy too. Very good stuff.


answered 10 Apr '12, 22:20

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Wade Casaldi

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