Over the past few days there have been questions about becoming a vibrational match to specific people.

After searching the site last night I also found the question about unlocking your inner genius very interesting. Basically saying to create the image of the person you want to be and stepping into that image physically.(short version)

My question is....Say I want to acquire such skills as Will Smiths humor and charisma, President Obama's poise, a business man’s money making skills, Will Smiths character in the movie "Hitch" skills with woman.

Can all of these characteristics be achieved by using this same mental exercise. I'm sure this takes practice but having a skill like this seems invaluable to me and something worth pursuing.

In Napoleon Hill's classic "Think and Grow Rich" he tells the story of his invisible counsel that included men such as Abe Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and a few other. He also used his imagination to gin wisdom and other characteristics from these great men.

Is this the same concept?

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Chris 2

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I don't really know Think And Grow Rich well enough to be able to comment on the invisible counsel.

However, yes, the method can be used quite effectively to acquire skills and talents from others, whether real or fictional.

It doesn't mean you are going to download information from them straight into your brain and be able to perform superhuman feats like that scene from The Matrix movie where Trinity learns to fly a helicopter in a few seconds.

But it does put you in an excellent frame of mind to learn those skills quickly, or enhance any existing skills you have.

For example, I rarely play Pool but when I do I first step into Tom Cruise from 'The Color of Money' and then proceed to demolish my girlfriend's game. It drives her nuts because she thinks she's quite a good pool player - and she is :)

And, yes, it does take practice, like anything worthwhile, to get good at this and make it something you can almost do on demand, but you are right that it is a life skill that is invaluable and worth pursuing...like so many metaphysically-related skills.

As you get better with the method, you can apply it in all sorts of ways.

For example, let's say you are called in to see your boss unexpectedly for some important meeting with just a few moments notice. You can place an image of some confident, relaxed, clear-minded person at your boss's door so that as you walk into the office, you step right into the confident "person" while simultaneously walking to your seat in there. You are now instantly in the appropriate mindset to create a good impression.

I'm sure you'll think of many other applications of this idea :)


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@Stingray You are an amazing human being! And I appreciate all your incite and your years of experience. I feel like I"m pretty young(26) to be so obsessed with this type of "stuff"(for lack of a better word or laziness) :) But the things I've learned on this site and being introduced to Abe through this site have truley propelled me and I know I have a new handle on life. I"M LOVIN IT!!! Thanks!!

(02 Nov '10, 21:04) Chris 2

We are such amazing beings!! it's great learning about all these techniques and processes. It's like entering cheat codes in the game of life...But I wouldn't have it any other way.

--Just a quick rampage :)

(02 Nov '10, 21:05) Chris 2

You're welcome, Chris. I'm glad you are getting some value from all of this stuff. The Law of Attraction, being what it is, only really lets those who are ready to hear the information really hear it...to others, who might not be a vibrational match at this time, it probably just sounds like Stingray doing his usual blah, blah, blah again :) So I'm happy that some of the blah, blah, blah is proving to be useful for you :)

(02 Nov '10, 23:24) Stingray

lol Stingray I love your blah blahs and find them most useful!

(04 Nov '10, 10:37) Flame

Glad you like them, Flame :)

(04 Nov '10, 15:45) Stingray
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the characteristics ,no doubt, belong to nature or spirit
should they work through a particular vehicle (a human) in a more intense than usual manner,
we have our individuals of particular character
choose to copy or use the energy to help,
the vibrational pattern may still have room for your signature


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