Ok so I'm finally going to give the Manifesting experiment #3 a go.

I have my 3 goals ready. I even have the first step for 2 out of 3 before I have even began the actually game.

The problem I'm having is chooseing the step that comes before the goal arrives and working backwards to step one.

I'm having dificult with the backwards planning stage. Now after rereading the experiment I see that the actually steps or daily action steps aren't actually manifesting the goal in mind but are there to help feel better about the goal, which makes total sense.

Although in the example the steps were progressive and appeared to be steps on the staircase towards the goal. How can I come up with progressive steps for things such as "My Ideal body" or learning to be more "social" or for learning anything for that matter?

I hope that was clear :)

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It sounds like what may be causing problems for you in deciding what the step before your goal should be, is lack of definition of what the actual goal is.

For example, if your goal is that you want to have a waist size of 32 inches, then the step (or mini-goal) before your goal might be something like "Slim down to waist size of 33 inches" and the one before that might be "Slim down to waist size of 34 inches".

But if your goal is just "I want an ideal body", then it's not clear what the previous step is because you haven't defined what it means to have an ideal body.

The above is just to answer your specific question but, for the purposes of the Vibrational Goal-Getting process, it doesn't matter even if you don't define what an ideal body represents to you.

The broader part of you already knows, through your natural launching of desire, what an ideal body is for you, even if you can't articulate it clearly.

As you noted, this process (like the others) is simply about making you feel better about your goal. It is that feeling better that causes the manifestation to happen, not the physical action you take though the two can often go hand-in-hand.

So, in fact, you could (if you wanted) only ever define in your plan what the "Next Physical Action" is that you need to do towards your goal and then not plan any further. alt text

You could then just keep working towards that "Next Action" until you achieve it and then, once it is complete, simply define the next "Next Action".

There is even a time management methodology (Getting Things Done) that uses this Next Action approach quite effectively though the creator of it doesn't suggest (explicitly, at least) that there is a metaphysical basis to it...even though there is :)

I'm basically saying you can change the plan (or make it more detailed) as you go along. It doesn't need to be set in stone from the start.

The key aspect of this process is that you feel like you are winning. And that feeling of winning will make you feel better and better about what you are aiming for.

The feeling of winning may enthuse you to take further physical action or it may not but, either way, it is causing you to align more and more daily with what you are aiming for, which will eventually result in the physical manifestation.


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