I started getting into his teachings last year, and I resonate with much of what he says. However, I find his delivery to be a little..patronizing. He tends to trip up questioners on their wordage; cutting the person off before they get to their point.

Sometimes, even going as far as to make them look silly for having perceptions that may not be mechanistically true. I remember seeing a video where the questioner greets him, and his response was “well you’re not really seeing me but I know what you mean”. Be it “humor” or not, it rubs me the wrong way.

This is in no way meant to mitigate the truth behind the message, as I have applied the methods, and the results speak for themselves. I only wish to highlight my confusion surrounding a being who claims to be unconditionally loving, but just comes off condescending at times.

Does anyone else pick up on this? Am I misinterpreting the energy into something offensive, or is this the channel?

Hoping to get some insight on this, thank you.

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Hi nessuno

You are creation
The entire universe that surrounds you is an expression of yourself extending from within your point of reference in every direction towards infinity (which is kind of an illusion because all of it exists within you as non-existence prior to you even experiencing your existence within consciousness)

Everything that is a "thing" has a starting point within you that serves an understanding which is then expressed in a reflected projection constructed of your five senses creating a physical "outer" projection that is actually an inside-out flip where you the observer is looking at a reflected reality similar to looking into a mirror trying to reach and understand the reflected image on the other side of the mirror, not realizing that the source of that "other side" is actually within the observer that is looking into the mirror.
Your opinion of Bashar is the result of your own inner construction. Nothing that we say here about it will change your experience.

Only your own decision to change it, out of your free will to do so, will create a different experience where you are not offended by the projection that is originating within you.

You will not arrive at it by engaging in a conversation that leads to a debate.

It is a decision within you.

Once you decide that being offended is a choice you can choose to let it go.

There is no other way around it.

Just let go of your decision to be offended.

Not only Bashar, but anything that offends you.

Realize that being offended is a choice and a decision of experience of one's own inner state.

You probably think that I am telling you to choose to be not offended while offensive people and situations are clearly surrounding you and will continue to do so.

That's not at all what I am telling you to do if that is what you are reading in this answer.

What I'm pointing out is that the outside is depended on your inner decision.

Which you have clearly described in the question you are asking.

What anyone else picks up is irrelevant to your experience.

What you are stating is your experience.

What you my not be aware, is that your experience is completely dependent and locked in to your state of being that you are trying to fix by discussing with others how they feel about the things that offend you.

But others are the reflection support system of your own inner state of being.

As long as you are offended others will agree with you by sharing similar points of view.

Is that what you want or do you want to change this experience?

If you want to change it then decide not to be offended first.

and as you choose not to take offence about things that surround you, the very same people that will agree with you on being offended will now instead also change their opinion in line with your decision.

In other words, as you are offended the people around you will agree with you. But once you decide not to be offended the exact same people will now agree with the not offended version of you.

How is that possible?

It's because there is an infinite strata of creative availability within creation including every version of you and every version of everyone all existing in a non realized state within non existence.

Your inner decision then brings forth the entire universe into existence to serve the singular point of reference that is you. and it re-calibrates itself to serve each and every one of us and the resulting venn-diagram of the collective co creative collaboration is physical reality.

Decide not to be offended, even though you don't know how to do it, and if you hold it long enough until the reflection catches up to your decision, The universe that is actually your own sensation of "yourself" will transform.


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The Traveller

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I learned a lot from listening to Bashar several years ago but quit listening to him due to his delivery style. I have found many others that I prefer to listen to.


answered 04 Apr '23, 05:21

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Lately I've been listening to Darryl's interviews which, to me, are better than listening to Bashar

(14 Jun '23, 09:29) IAMWELL
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