I'm afraid I need more help in understand the illusion of time. If there is only the present moment and all time is here and now. How do we explain the fact that we grow old and grow up? And throughout our journey we pick up physical attributes like scars?

@releaser99 has helped me understand how we can change by creating a new practised belief to replace a memory here:


But what I dont quite understand is how times itself works, because we cant manipulate it fully as we wont be able to change our physical appearance by becoming the new me who never lost my arm in a lumberjack accident (just an extreme example) so is it only changing the way you look at things that is possible and it doesn't actually affect anything itself.

If you say that it is possible to truly affect physical properties of our being by becoming the person in the parrallel that it never happened to then what about evidence of that new belief being wrong such as photographs and other hard, physical evidence that show the old person still? Do they change as well?

How does all this relate to our experience of growing old? Is it because we have the belief that we do so built into our dna? Because a new born baby does not get told in physical that it will grow old, it just does.

Is it because we are all co-creating this reality? Has a line been drawn somewhere to how much we can actually effect and where does it start?

I think I may have forgotten a peice of information that fills in these gaps.

Thank you all, Peace.

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Hi @lastplacefavourite - Have you seen this thread?


Lots of information there that may help as you think this through. Great stuff.

Good for you btw. Keep asking! :)

(04 Jul '13, 00:13) Grace

Hey @Grace thank you, yes I an familiar with that thread and have been planning to re-read Stingray's great answers as a whole.

I just want to make clear to everyone I'm not asking these question to be difficult or to pick holes but they are itching at me because if I dont understand something as complete I find it very frustrating and almost impossible to work with the idea.

(04 Jul '13, 05:34) lastplacefavourite

lastplacefavorite, it is inside you that you recognize who and what you are. your body is time bound as all material form, your soul has potential beyond human brain capacity. for it comes from duration

(04 Jul '13, 21:28) fred

Thank you for your comment @fred, if what you are saying is true then how do you explain descriptions of altered physical bodies in the link above where stingray claims he appears to be in his twenties although is actually older? if you can slow the aging process through thought doesn't that show your body isn't time bound?

(05 Jul '13, 03:51) lastplacefavourite

you'd have to ask stingray that question, we have memories, stored wisdom and down deep past incarnations. to remember being born or what are spirit was like back at any given body age of this life may show that there is more to a human than the body. what are your thoughts

(08 Jul '13, 18:12) fred
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Asking questions about 'life' (how it 'works') is like driving a car through a beautiful landscape while continuously wondering who invented the car, which parts it contains, how all these parts work together, etc. Haven't you noticed yet that every question generates more questions and there's so called proof for each of the zillion answers, of which most are contradicting themselves? By the way, wondering who invented the landscape you're driving through is just a variation on the same theme; although it's 'natural' to ask questions, once you kinda realize that it's only a lesser part of you who's asking them, the whole process of 'asking questions' becomes more or less obsolete. Suppose there is no such thing as 'Time' (although it might be as real as you are, but how would you ever find out, if that's not the case? :-) Do you realize also that, if you 'changed' roles with, for instance, me, the urge to understand Time as Now - or whatever - would look completely irrelevant? Doesn't it also ring a bell that all this questioning got us so 'far' (off) that now we need 11 dimensions and multiple universes to keep up the appearance that there is such thing as 'real science'? lol


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Time as an illusion is easier to say, than to fully realize. The illusion is a manifestation that starts with core belief, that within God, there can be something other than eternity, and that can render eternity as not knowable.

If we think of illusions that say a skilled magician will use to trick our perception for a moment, that is not comparable to the illusion that time is. A magician is not causing me to rethink my very existence, nor to have me ponder reality for more than a few minutes.

For time to be an illusion with weight to have sufficient faith in, it HAS to display the effect on what I identify as my 'self.' Aka, my body. I have to grow up, grow old, wither, die. Death being the cornerstone to the illusion. The end where God/Creator can't even go, for She is an eternal living being. My physical death demonstrates an existence that not even God can create.

To change this illusion, or change my perception of physical properties, I would have to realize with consistent conviction that I am not a body. I may be in a body, but I am not my body. The body can still be honored, respected, and utilized for (spiritual) communication, but if the illusion turns to fear, then the identification has not been changed really.

I'm convinced we are constantly changing the physical, both in mental manifestation ways, and in practical 'hands on' ways. The question of can we change it in ways that circumvent 'natural laws.' I say yes, but it does take a consistent conviction, and faith in Self that knows what the body actually is, rather than identifying it only through referential points of understanding.


answered 30 Jul '13, 14:07

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Hi Jman. Many years ago, my mind was also trying to figure it all out: who am I, where do thoughts come from, does free will exist, what is time, what is the meaning of life, etc. Through the years, it almost drove me crazy. Then it all settled down and now I'm just enjoying the ride. It's as if I know what it's all about but it's a knowing not resulting in more 'mind-knowledge', it's something my mind can't even attempt to grasp. Maybe there's a reason why 'knowledge' sounds like 'know-less'.

(30 Jul '13, 19:34) ronald123

jman, don't believe it would be circumventing but speeding up the time of manifestation, in duration and then it be dropped back in our time as a miracle

(30 Jul '13, 19:54) fred

Hi, last place favorite. I am a fitness trainer with experience in yoga, cardio, strength training and also obsessed with the science of staying young; i like to see happy, beautiful successful people. The life of physical body has seasons: baby, teenage, maturity... Aging as in the passing of time is so far a subject that we human beings did not solve. We simply cannot stop time. However, the good news is that the human body has a tremendous potential and plasticity in changing its shape, biochemistry, vitality, energy. I see it everyday. What i mean is that we can preserve attributes of youth even if the time passes by. We can rejuvenate, shape, transform, energize and heal. It all depends of the trust you have in your physical apparatus and of you forming the ability to work with it. Yes, you can look and feel and have a young body even at advanced age. There i a book "Old age, its causes and prevention" written at the beginning of century by Sanford Bennet. Even if some of his methods have been surpassed i have applied some of the methods and it works. There is a free online book of his called Exercising in bed, there you will see how he looked at the age of 50 and how he looked at the age of 70. I wish you could see some of my private students, some of them approaching 70... extraordinary ! No wrinkles or fallen face features, healthy, energetic and... successful. There is hope when you see people like this. All of them have had and are having routines of body care that they have practiced through their lives. They could not stop the time but they stopped the signs of this time passing over them: their muscles, bone density, skin, blood pressure, functioning of organs did not degrade and some of them have personal stories of being better physically then they were years ago ! It is true ! Their thoughts, eating, exercising and all other methods of body care have these results. The fear of aging is a terrible virus that when you let it eats away your energy, you want to slow down, or think that this is the way it should be. The most powerful attitude is that of being "on a mission" when you see some unwanted changes, not to explain it with "I am getting old". I am repeating myself: trust in the potential of the body and the way you care for it is what makes the difference between physical joy and physical misery. There are genetical diseases, accidents, disabilities that happen to our bodies that we do not choose. But there is harmony in the overall functioning of the body even with 90% or 80% or even less of its potential. I am not aware that, as per your question about growing an arm, this is possible at this moment. But i have absolute trust that some day this is going to be possible, maybe it already is but is not yet made public ! I am a believer in the capacity of humanity to find solutions to this kind of problems.


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I conceive of time in this way as derived from quantum mechanics

ENTANGLEMENT: Take a photon, split it in half, and send the two mini photons down fiber optic cables in opposite directions. When they are some distance apart, change the spin on one. The other's spin will instantaneously change - in zero time. There was no "faster than light" communication going on. The photon itself is still existent outside of time.

Image it this way: Take a pencil and paper. Put the point of the pencil through the top of the paper and the eraser through the bottom. The two points represent where you are - spacetime. Turn one tip and the other simultaneously turns.

In your mind, replace the part of the pencil that holds the two ends together (in a relationship) with elastic representing the potential energy relationship. Now, again in your mind, replace the elastic with pure potential energy. meeting in the precise moment of NOW.

With this in view, consider that at the moment of the Big Bang, we were (all that is) entangled. That means that the greater part of our being lives in the timeless, on the other side of the times that we perceive.

From there, NOW recognizes all of its potentials - including its potential times. You are living as one of its potential times. All potential times exist in their potential with some potentials being more probable than others. Because it is potential, the way to get from here to there is to take a probable path.

I see reality as like a box full of minutely thin postcards. If the way to get there is known or desired, then I simply use consciousness to direct me through the many minutely thin postcards, fulfilling the potential of each, until I arrive at my desired future at which time I fulfill it with my presence even as I am aware of and deciding on distant futures. My relationship with NOW (and all the rest) assure me of my absolute safety and it is how I remember what peace is.

How to find peace? Release every thought about your past until now. Release every concern or idea about the future - even one second from now. What is left? Peace - the moment of now. NOW is not the absence of time. It is the existence of something very alive and wise.

I don't know if you have the ability to grow a new arm, because humans are not yet made to be able to do so - perhaps because of a common agreement on belief in this reality that you chose to enter. But if you want a new arm, technology now makes that possible.

Why age? I'm glad I age and will die. There are far too many potentials to reach in one short lifetime - ESPECIALLY in this culture that makes it so difficult to change interests and pursue them fully. Our culture loves money and the perceived need for money prevents fulfillment. If I were 30 years younger, I would give it up and take a different route, but my potentials and probabilities are limited by choice - I am married and I choose to honor my husband's wants and needs.


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