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Hello Everyone!

I've been wondering about this myself for some time now as there are some who believe that 5D Earth currently exists and the citizens of 5D Earth are waiting for all of us to Ascend in consciousness. But I can't help but wonder, if this is the case, then how many beings are there currently on 5D Earth and could this Planet accommodate another 8 billion souls? Or maybe 3D Earth as we know it, was once a 5D Planet and negative entities or souls forced the descension of our Beautiful Planet like some believe. Or possibly that 3D Earth has always been a 3D Planet and we are finally at the cusp of helping her with Her Ascension Process into 5D by Our own Soul Awakening and Our Mass Ascension Process.

The thing with astral travelling, from my own personal experiences, there are always 4D beings who always intercept me and send me back down into my 3D physical body everytime I attempt to venture beyond the Fourth Dimension for some reason. They sometimes appear as benevolent beings such as Archangels, Friendly Alien beings, or Ascended Masters but do they really have our best interest at heart or are they as corrupted as the fascist and evil Humans here on Earth who seem to be controlling our World. They'll let me venture out anywhere I please as long as I stay within the fourth dimension. Something is not right here!

The only way to ensure my success into and beyond the Fifth Dimension I have to purify all of my third and fourth dimensional chakras and ignite and purify my fifth dimensional chakras then create a light tube of energy using Pure White Light Energy going from the center of 3D Earth through my body directly into the fifth dimension in order to successfully bypass those fourth dimensional entities. They hate it when I do that buy it seems to be the only way that I know how to successfully bybass them in my astral body.

One thing that I do know for sure is that there are evil (fascist) beings on our 3D Planet who do not want Earth to Ascend nor do they want any of us to Ascend. They have been plotting a coup Worldwide and are doing everything possible to create even more chaos on our Planet with wars and threat of wars, gender and race inequality, poverty, severe worldwide inflation, violence, mass shootings, man made viruses and the list just goes on and on. There has been a powerful negative energy shift which started in the 1990's then subsided a bit until 2019 when all Hell broke lose onto our 3D planet with the help of these false light beings from the fourth dimension.

There are many powerful and very rich human beings here on Earth who are doing what they can to create as much chaos as possible for their own greedy and corrupted agendas. Most would know them as Billionnaires who praise and follow these false light beings and are using the corrupted institution of Religions as a means to gather followers to help them do their dirty deeds.

It turns out that All Religions without exception are corrupted fourth dimensional ideologies taught to Humans as a mean of corrupted control over all of us.

I couldn't help but wonder why everytime I venture into the fifth dimension and visit Planetary systems and meet beings from their Worlds why religion is not practiced whatsoever but that spiritualism is the way of life. They tell me that Religion was once a part of their Worlds past when it was in the third dimension but in order for their Planets to Ascend they had to let go of all negative energies from their Worlds. According to them Religion has always been the root of all evil, wars, inequality among genders and races, inequality among the rich and poor and so on and no matter where you venture into the higher realms.

Only a small percentage of Human psychics and I mean a very small percentage can actually see beyond the Fourth Dimension because their energies or should I say their frequencies are only aligned or tuned in with 4D energies because of their own personal spiritual growth, or personal tribulations that they haven't successfully dealt with yet. I have tested many of them out throughout all platforms in social media and everyone of them had failed miserably. Sure they can see some of your secrets and needs and may have insightful messages for you to hear but when you analyse their messages you will see that they only repeat themselves using different wordings to create the illusion of truth but yet here we all are, 8 billion souls and counting and yet no-one ever seems to Ascend after they pass on from their existence here on Earth.

If what Religion says is suppose to be truth about when we pass on from our physical lives, go into the light and you will be in Heaven then our Worlds population would be DECREASING AND NOT INCREASING like it has been. Where do you think these beings get all of these Souls from. Nothing but a lot of BS and lies.

Again something is not right here!

Heaven is when you figure out your true soul identity and you successfully Ascend into the Fifth Dimension to go back to your natural source Planetary system. Many of you already suspect that your Soul Family may come from different Alien lineage somewhere within the vast 5D Universe other than that of the Human Race. You see if you were born let's say in the 3D Andromeda Galaxy or any other Galaxy throughout this vast Universe well you will discover that those beings have different belief systems than that of ours here on Earth much like how we have various belief systems and Gods depending where you were born here on Earth. Their 3D or 4D Gods look like their own race and not like our Human race and so on. Every Planet has their own Gods or so called Ascended Masters in the third or fouth dimensions throughout the 3D and 4D Universe.

You have to understand something very important and crucial about our Ascension Process. Individually those who have managed to previously Ascend were selfish or possible misguided and left us to figure it all out on our own. Honestly I was also ready to leave this Planet myself but when I ventured out into the fifth dimension I did not see a 5D Earth. Instead I saw other Planets who have successfully Ascended but no sign of 5D Earth.

Now I am only One being searching for the real truth and not the truth of man because history has clearly shown that man's word cannot be trusted whatsoever. When you really analyse Religion one can only see that it is a fascist institution. They don't believe in equality among the genders including the third gender (trans-gender) that has been recently revealed, do not believe in the LGBTQ whatsoever, do not believe in financial equality, they kill in the name of their Gods, they steal from the poor to enrich themselves (monarchy, governments, religions and their massive expensive churches or sinagogues or whatever while their followers barely make ends meet, they don't believe in any Alien races, they don't believe in looking inside of oneself to seek the truth, they keep telling us to look outside of ourselves and pray to false light Gods and Entities, they don't believe in progress and Humans evolving spiritually higher than themselves (which is their biggest fear) and they don't want us to have a voice of our own. They keep us so distracted, stressed, living in fear, controlled and the list goes on forever. They only teach the fear of their Gods instead of the unconditional Love of the Gods, they love to unleash hell on Earth just like what we are All presently going through in the here and now and have always gone through as history clearly shows and in our World today with Fascism on the rise they are trying to hold the World ransom for their diabolical agendas. This is their last chance to control and prevent Us and Earth from Ascending to the 5th dimension and they are unleashing all hell on Earth in our present time and it's only going to get very worse before we see any light if we ever do unless we put all of our pettiness aside and begin to look deep within our inner being our soul source to help Mother Earth to Ascend with Us. Otherwise there will be no 5D Earth to go to if any of us successfully Ascends. Or you can be like many other individuals who have already Ascended and just left Earth and all of us behind to rot in the third dimension. Unfortunately there are only less than a million souls out of 8 billion souls who are even aware of what is truly going on. The rest of the World are caught up in the Illusions of this World and will never know the Truth and will always be slaves to those who control them.

The end game for them is the year 2034 when they finally destroy all living things on this Planet and all Humans with it. You must understand this very crucial thing. Our governments have been secretly working with Aliens from different 3D and 4D Worlds for some time now and I guarantee that all of them are corrupted and have been raping our lands of all resources needed before leaving to another Planet to destroy and rape those Worlds of their own resources. They did it with Venus, Maldek, Mars and now Earth among the many other Planets they have already destroyed. But there are some fascist leaders who think that Earth will be theirs to control but these Alien beings know very well that Earth will be inhabitable when they use Nuclear Energy or something even more destructive to destroy all lifeforms on this Planet. Earth will look like Mars when they are done with this Planet. Those fascist leaders and billionnaires have nuclear safe bunkers hidden within the Earth and they think their money is going to buy them freedom from the radioactivity on Earth but they will only die in their giant size coffins. Joke will be on them. Sad but true. It will take Earth millions of years to rejuvenate herself after the nuclear fallout on Earth. Mind you people like Elon Musk and others are planning to create spacecrafts and inhabit planets like Mars for the super wealthy because they know when all Hell breaks lose on the planet nobody will survive including those hiding in bunkers.

So I ask you all believers and non-believers to search within your true selves and forget everything you know about what you think defines you and let it all go completely even for just a moment while in meditation then you will see YOUR TRUE SOUL SELVES. If you all look deeper within, you will Awaken your memories which has been blocked by these Aliens by some kind of memory virus implanted into us before birth. You will eventually see where your true Soul Roots come from and you will finally see THAT YOU WERE ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION AT THE VERY LEAST 5TH DIMENSIONAL BEINGS IN ONE OF YOUR PAST LIVES. Now you may see other past 3D Earth incarnations but look beyond this and you will see that YOU ALL COME FROM THE FIFTH DIMENSION OR HIGHER and if you look deeper within you will also discover how you fell from the 5th dimension. Everyone's soul story is different including where in this vast Universe you actually came from.

Soul Energy or Consciousness was not created by a God Entity like religion lies to you about it but it is created by very advanced higher dimensional technology way beyond the 5th dimension. I've have tapped into my 9th dimensional self and I believe that 7D beings are capable of creating consciousness (souls). Now 5th dimensional beings no matter what planet I had visited do possess Soul Transfer Technology but cannot create Consciousness or Soul Energy. Which means that there is a black market for Soul Energy and the wicked ones prey on their victims by selling them to other corrupted 5th dimensional Worlds and they also sell these Souls to lower dimensions to help with their corrupted agendas. You must understand one thing about the 5th dimension. No of you are going to be omnipotent or whatever you believe but you will be the same as everyone else living on the World you Ascend to. It's no different then you and I are here on Earth. Except for the fact that our 5th dimensional bodies are created with 5th dimensional science. Our 3rd dimensional science is completely different than that of 5D science. Our advanced technology here on 3D Earth is simply old and outdated science compared to the fifth dimension. Mind you we have been able to clone Humans but without consciousness these avatars are just zombified hunk of Human flesh. Maybe in another 1000 years if the Human race hasn't destroyed itself just maybe they will eventually figure out how to create consciousness (soul energy) but the Aliens will never allow it as they have already destroyed 5 or 6 other civilizations on this planet when they got too advanced.

Think about for a moment can we actually live in a 2 dimensional world. Of course not! So that means that the 3rd dimension is the so called HELL dimension that religion talks about. Now in the third dimension I have visited other Planets with Humanoid and intelligent life on it and there are horrific 3D Planets who have enslaved many souls for their own agenda and purpose. So in other words Earth is like the club med of 3D hell planets so to speak. I can go on for pages and pages about this subject that would Awaken you or Terrify you into Awakening but I have said enough already.

They are using psychics and see'ers to ready you for the Mass Ascension but it isn't what you really think it is considering the sources it comes from. Nobody on any social media platform will tell you the real truth about their definition of the true Ascension Process and with the help of these false light beings from the fourth dimension they are planning for the complete destruction of this Planet in 2034 wether you accept it or not. They have spaceships on standby getting ready for the mass exodus of this planet so that they can take your Soul Energy and capture it and implant into another 3D physical body on another planet, wiping out your memories once again so that you can be their good little slaves and do their dirty work and entertain them as you all live and destroy another planet of their resources. It's been going on for a very very long time. There is a coalition between various 3D and 4D Alien races who share the profits of their business venture and we are the pawns they use to accomplish their corrupted goals.

But if we were all to look deep within OUR SOULS and forget everything you think that defines you, only then will you see the REAL TRUTH FOR WHAT IT IS AND TOGETHER WE CAN DEFEAT THESE MALEVOLENT BEINGS WHO HAVE BEEN CONTROLLING AND DECEIVING YOU ALL FOR SOOOOOOO LONG. I've been working my ass off trying to defeat these 4th dimensional false light beings to open a doorway for all of you and for Earth to exit but man they just replace them with more corrupted and more false light entities.

Well I just discovered when I had mention in previous articles about the white light, violet flame and the golden light energies as a way of defeating them and for changing the energies of this Planet well it turns out that when you combine all 3 lights as one it is the Heart Chakra of the 7th Dimension. I had no idea until recently! So now I am in the process of awakening my 7th dimensional chakra system completely and purifying them to defeat these malevolent entities of our World and those 4D false light entities surrounding Earth. My goal is to free as many souls as possible trapped here in this re-incarnation trap who were born without memories here on Earth before 2034 and I am about to raise the powerful Light Energies of our World like no other being has ever done before. Unfortunately there are so many of Humans who do not want to Ascend or are completely clueless and are happy with 3D Earth and do not believe in what is about to come. I will try and extend the mass extinction of Humans on our Planet as much as possible before I myself am forced to leave 3D Earth. They want a Mass Ascension well let's get it done our way and not by their corrupted evil ways.

I know I was all over the place here with this comment but when you put it all together it begins to open some doors that may have been shut and I do know it is a lot to digest and process and I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Now I could be wrong as I am only one being trying to grasp the complete truth and not the partial truth we all see and hear on all social media platforms. I have called out many youtubers for their lies and BS because they only see notoriety, profit for their own greedy selfish corrupted selves and you would be surprise to know how many of them are working for these so called false light beings. Mind you there are some who only have their best intentions but their frequencies are only tuned to the various realms within the fourth dimension and cannot see beyond their own limitations.

P.S. Now I am only learning all of this through my own personal experiences and through venturing outside of my physical body on a daily basis (when I can) by using astral projection as a tool to exit my physical body so that I can learn the real truth. I really do not want to be here any longer but my Guides wanted me to write this before I Ascend back to my own World in the 5th dimension where I have my 5th dimensional family and my World awaiting for my return. Mind you this is just one of my cycles throughout my complete souls existence but I have some unfinished business to do there also before I move on to the 7th dimension and then deal with some issues there before I actually go to my true Home in the 9th dimension. You see my life in the 5th dimension is what caused my descent into the third dimension and there are issues that need my immediate attention upon arrival before I can ascend higher.

Deep down I fear that it may be too late for most of you who remain ignorant to what is really happening on Earth and are trapped and caught up into the false illusions of terror, helplessness, corruption, anger, hate, greed, wars, victimhood and so on and probably will spend many more lifetimes stuck in the third dimension before they themselves Awaken while still trapped as slaves on other Planets in other incarnations and maybe just maybe Planet Earth just wasn't meant to Ascend after all.

When my Guides told me that I had passed the Light Initiation well it wasn't what others believed it to be. I cannot move mountains nor am I like Darth Vader lmao but the Light Initiation is what is needed to move on from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension. If I decide to pursuit my Awakening even further then I will have to do it from the 5th dimension as I plan to eventually go back to my real beginnings in the 9th dimension but it's going to take a few lifetimes in order to accomplish my own personal goals one dimension at a time. I still can't believe that I have descended this far down into the third dimension. I know my descent from the 5th to the 3rd was not by choice. I had no say into the matter and was forced to come here against my will. It breaks my heart sooo much when I witness all of the suffering I see everyday on this Planet with all of my fellow Human Beings including what I had to endure myself. I have never ever seen so much chaos and greed and violence in all of my lifetimes before I descended here on Earth. Well there is one other Planet that I had witnessed complete destruction when I was a healer on that Planet. But the people of that World were all working together as ONE to keep peace on that Planet before an agressive and corrupted Alien race destroyed all life on it killing people faster than I could heal them until I was forced to abandon the Planet in a shuttle with other Beings and Friends only to discover these Aliens picking us off one shuttle at a time and collecting our souls. The third dimension is sooo horrible and violent and everyday I spend here on Earth I have to fight off so many false light beings who are doing everything to prevent me from completely Awaken. These false light beings have even offered me for the last 4 months or so I clear path to the 5th dimension before I Awaken others. These false light beings from the 4th dimension don't like me very much and they are terrified that I will become much more powerful than I am now and that they will lose all of these Souls that do not I repeat do not belong to those malevolent and corrupted beings of the false light. I'll leave when I am ready and not before.

Sorry if I was all over the place with this one as It was hard to reveal my truth in so many words. But I wanted to give you some information to work with if one is interested.

So I know and believe that Earth does not exist in the 5th dimension and it is up to us if Earth Ascends with us or not. If the World falls to fascism then all is lost for 3D Earth. I am not sure what happens to Earth after 2034 but I believe it is up to the inhabitants of this Planet to change their negative and corrupted ways or lose everything in the process and possibly being stuck here in the 3rd dimension for lifetimes to come only to be born again and again without any memories of prior incarnations and nothing more than slaves to these corrupted and cruel Alien beings. Funny thing is we are all Alien beings when you think about it. If you were living on another 3D Planet Earthlings would be the Alien race.

Anyways take care and look deep within by letting go of all that you think defines you in this incarnation and to discover your true and beautiful, loving and caring Soul energy that is within your physical bodies. The secret to Ascending is to rediscover your true self, contact beings from your souls lineage in the 5th dimension, create a so called portal (light tunnel) between them and you to escape to by leaving your current physical body through astral projection (travel). Otherwise you will have to wait until you physically die and that could take some time especially if you are still young unless my predictions about 2034 comes through then you are all damned. Meanwhile I will try my best to my abilities to try and open a large portal for all of us to escape together through a Mass Ascension before that year but I cannot guarantee my success.

I have to fight off in every single moment that I am here these horrible and deceiving corrupted false light beings every single day and on some days I do great but on other days not so great. But I keep fighting the fight not only for myself but for all of you wether you believe me or not. Oh by the way when you do successfully ascend to the 5th dimension, guess what? Your memories will be intact and if you so wish your people can help you unlock all of your memories if you so choose to do so.

Edit: Btw these Fourth Dimensional false light beings keep us focused on only our 7 Chakras and we keep cleansing them, purifying them, activating them, deactivating them which is good but in truth we should also do the same with our 4th dimensional and 5th dimensional Chakras too as you will discover that your consciousness or soul energy is multi-dimensional within your Soul Energy, within you in the body you are presently incarnated into. These archangels are merely 4th dimensional false light beings to keep you trapped in the 3D reincarnation trap. It's time to Ascend and by activating your 4th n 5th dimensional Chakras and letting go of all of your emotional baggage, I mean let go of everything then you will rediscover your true self and not the false version of who you believe yourself to be in this incarnation. Try it and you will soon see what you could not see before.

Don't be too hard on yourself with what may be reveiled to you. It wasn't easy for me one bit as I had a lot to process and I got lost with new emotions that had arised with processing all of the memories of past lives and some not so good but most were but I suppose that is what is meant about the Awakening process. Sorry for the long post.

Peace, Love n Light

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moonbeam, perhaps consider
publishing how to avoid
getting cut at the knees, when
ascending Jacobs ladder

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A member of this forum recently stated that I should not try to answer questions which I have no knowledge of, so I won't. You write well :)

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