The soul / nonphysical part of us humans is essentially a parasite. Or is it genetically part of us. either way what is a human without it ?
Just another monkey?
If it is parasitic what would we be like without it or if its genetic what would we be like with out those genes that enable its function?
Is the the end of life as we know it (end of days...) When the nonphysical/ soul does not enter or being apart of human existence.
"Ok this was fun humans but we are done here, moving on. Thanks for the fish."

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Barry Allen ♦♦

WE are the Soul,WE are the Light.

(02 Apr '13, 19:53) Roy

if not mistaken, that is what a miscarriage is. for without a soul one there is no human being

(04 Apr '13, 18:45) fred

Cleaning up my inbox I found this Daily quote and thought it would fit this question

Consciousness does not need physical form. But physical form needs Consciousness. And Consciousness enjoys physical form, because physical form is the leading edge of thought. So, Consciousness expands through the physical form. It's not one or the other.


Excerpted from the workshop: North Los Angeles, CA on March 05, 2005

(12 May '14, 03:24) ursixx
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Let’s look at it from this angle :)

Scientifically, metaphysically and spiritually we know that physical matter doesn’t have an objective reality of its own. Although we experience life in this physical reality as being real, science, using scientific method has yet to prove the existence of physical matter. Therefore, to borrow the explanations of many who came before us, the reality we see and experience is illusion.

We all have a sense of ‘I’ which is our personality and we know that change is the only constant in our perception of reality. Now although the ‘I’ or our personality believes that it is something real, fixed or permanent; when you examine closely you’ll find that because change is the only constant, really there is no ‘I’ as the center, because change is the natural order of the universe, so the ‘I’ is in a state of constant flux.

Therefore, not only is the physical world in which we live an illusion, so is the ‘I’ that we believe to be so real. So in answer to your question, without the non-physical soul – we are nothing. Without the soul desiring and thinking about creating an expression of itself in physicality, for its own reasons; there is no ‘I’ to consider. The ‘I’ is in fact an imagination of the soul, so without that imagination everything else is a moot point.

Can you see how freeing that is? Can you see why there’s no such thing as death, but only changing forms? Can you allow yourself to lighten up and let the expression of your soul, who you really are, to shine brightly through the artificial construct of your personality self?


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"there is no 'I' to consider" I consider that what you have considered. Thank you @Eddie.

(12 May '14, 06:20) PERFECT GOOD

Everything is changing in this world. if a world is not changing and is eternal. would not one (the I)that need to grow need to come to this changing world to experience and grow as the other I are doing? it is funny that you see the world as illusion because it is changing it is even more funny that you see the I as illusion because then you would be a illusion talking to other illusion. Illusion is something that appear to be real but is not real. if you see things like this what a waste it-

(12 May '14, 18:34) white tiger

must be for you to talk, share, learn, love, etc... with other since they are illusion to you. and you consider your self I as illusion. the soul is your mind and heart the spirit is the living one to who belong the soul. when Moses asked God what name should I tell if they ask me and he said: I am who I am or I am that I am. spirit consciousness with a soul a mind and a heart. Or maybe you do not believe that out of this world of illusion there is something real.

(12 May '14, 18:49) white tiger

then you probably thing that the illusion Moses talked with another illusion? even if that illusion did not have a physical body and resemble a burning bush according to Moses explanation of what he saw. so the physical change so it is illusion and the non physical that does not change is also illusion to you? How long was it before he came back to see him again and he was still there to write the ten commandment did you ever saw a burning bush burn that long?

(12 May '14, 18:54) white tiger

white tiger, illusion, copy or reflection is removed from the original, amazing how translations may harp on the synonym

(13 May '14, 19:18) fred

"there is no 'I' to consider" it means, drop out the idea in your life that something is you. It makes you limited.

(15 May '14, 07:07) PERFECT GOOD

If you believe that you are nothing then you limit your self. I is the one that is speaking to you. unless that you believe that the I does not exist then no one can talk to you and you cannot talk to no one then you become very limited in deed. as for those saying we are all one I am telling you the I still exist. even if some could be overflow at the speed and amount of knowledge, truth, love share between all the I there. they could believe that we are all one and not notice the I-

(15 May '14, 20:40) white tiger

that they are. to make it simpler in this life in this world you share stuff with other some come from you and some from other. we could all say that we are human in this world and very similar yet we are different one from another. then why do you want to remove the I that you are or the I from other? to try to overcome your difference that you need to judge yourself and other with? lets make another example your computer and some one else computer could be very similar they are booth computer-

(15 May '14, 20:46) white tiger

if you look more closer are they the same or will you find different brand, different colors, different hardware and software. and they all share together on the internet vast amount of data of many kinds. unplug that computer from the internet and will he say we are all one or will he say I am this computer and there is other computer out there and we can all share together on the internet?

(15 May '14, 20:50) white tiger

As "I" interpret Eddie's answer and "I" .You are nothing. No-thing. And thus you are everything. It is the "I" that sees itself as limited and separate.

(16 May '14, 00:30) ursixx

If you remove the I there is no one to share with and nothing to achieve then everything is pointless. I do not se myself as limited or separate. all part are important but if you remove the I there is no part anymore. what would become of the internet with no computer to share it or to be aware of it? even the internet is made of server that are computer also. you see the I does not limit you it makes you even more unlimited. But many are like computer that never connected to the internet.

(16 May '14, 00:57) white tiger

But the Internet is not just 1 computer. If you are not connected to the Internet does that mean that it does not exist? Yes and no. With the influence of the information through the Internet. Many ideas are shared irl whether or not you are connected to the Internet.

(16 May '14, 02:27) ursixx
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I think I'm probably interpreting soul differently to you ursixx. I think what you may be referring to is what I what equate with the involuntary or me mind which I think at times could be likened to a parasite when we give it control to do what it wants. Even that I don't think we can or should get rid off fully because we need it to a certain degree to be able to navigate on this physical plateau. However we do have to take back the reins and relegate it to the position of servant where it enhances our lives rather than disabling showing up in dysfunctional behaviours and disabling us.

What I call soul I equate more with the state of higher awareness or I mind which is still connected to the source from which we came, and when we tap into it we gain the wisdom to lead a more fruitful happier life... so naturally we cannot, and would never want to, get rid off it.


answered 09 Aug '11, 18:39

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35.0k22277's what YOU believe, I don't think anyone can give you definitive proof :)

(10 Aug '11, 14:29) Michaela

"when we tap into it we gain the wisdom to lead a more fruitful happier life... so naturally we cannot, and would never want to, get rid off it".

I'm so happy to know it. Thank you and Love you a lot @Michaela

(12 May '14, 07:19) PERFECT GOOD

I have used these following examples to convey this idea in the past but I have no idea for which question I used them so I'm going to re-use these examples.

I choose to comprehend this mystery in this manner.

Example (1) you are like a light bulb and you come alive when electricity flows through you. The "YOU" that you know is not the light bulb, but in every way (5 senses) the data that you can gather seems to suggest that you are the light bulb. You are in fact the electricity that is flowing through the light bulb, and it is this electricity part of yourself that you describe as the "soul" in order to comprehend and give it a finite definition.

Example (2) a child is playing with 5 dolls. Each doll has a name, personality, dreams, etc. Life unfolds as in reality among the dolls. Sometimes, the dolls play together; sometimes they pull each other apart to pieces.
Often When 1 doll picks a fight with another doll you can hear and see the violence of the perpetrator, and also, the horror and suffering (and screams for mercy) of the victim.

You forget after a while that the dolls actually don't have individual consciousness. Their consciousness is actually borrowed from the child, whose consciousness is the actual source and "shared" reality of the dolls.
This shared consciousness of the dolls (child’s consciousness) automatically accounts for and calculates which one will be the attacker and which one will be the victim.
We are like the dolls whose mind is borrowed from the common "Source" consciousness.
But the source consciousness knows that it is a game of individuality like the child knows that it is playing with dolls.

If our "Soul" (borrowed consciousness from the source) gets annihilated, I believe we will default back to where it was borrowed from, Just like when the doll is destroyed, the child's mind that gave "life" to the doll goes on to play another game.

In the bigger picture nothing (your consciousness) really gets destroyed because what is learned at our soul level automatically becomes part of the source data just like the child's mind retains the experience of being the mind of the doll.


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The Traveller

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Consciousness is in ALL things, in every being "alive" or inanimate. We are souls using these bodies as vehicles to express "being-ness' on this planet. You are your body and your soul and your mind. When we are done with this body we move on. Intelligence knows no bounds.

I am everything and nothing

Everywhere and no-where

Living now in this wonderful body for the time being.

I am a soul riding in this body.

And it is a joyous ride!

Ride on,




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jim 10

Consciousness = soul?

(30 Dec '10, 21:54) ursixx

Love you too. @Michael

(12 May '14, 07:13) PERFECT GOOD

"I am everything and nothing"

"Everywhere and no-where".

I think it is the place where the soul perfectly get balanced or experienced.

(12 May '14, 07:31) PERFECT GOOD
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What are we without our soul?

In brief, dead!

It is our soul which animates our physical form. When this form is worn out or damaged beyond repair, the soul departs the body, and returns to Heaven.

I think I can offer you some definitive "proof" that we have a soul, and it is NO parasite- it is, in fact, our very being!

When I was a child, I left my body at will, and journeyed freely, separate in every way from my physical form.I used to fly around and go places. The day the angels told me I had to stop was a sad one for me; feeling free of my body felt good. But I am attached to my body, and it depends on my soul to survive. The soul can force the body to achieve some pretty amazing feats.

It was my soul which decided to free myself from pain medicine, and despite the screams of my body, it is my soul which is in charge and helping me to survive the onslaught of withdrawal.

We are just "matter" without our souls.

Blessings, Jaianniah


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there may be more than only one non-physical part of a human being,
and you jest at calling the soul a parasite,
were it not for that Ego, you would not be you,
no character nor individuality,
no energy looking for a vehicle with which it can express itsef,
no free will, growth or evolution. do you fish or only cut bait


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@fred:so just another monkey then?

(10 Aug '11, 06:45) ursixx

ursixx, depends on how we let ourselves grow, with the power of mind engrossed in it's human nature possibly a being much more selfish and cruel than any monkey

(10 Aug '11, 21:21) fred
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We seek to explain the physical world that we perceive through our five senses and how it came into being and we do this by admitting that some kind of immaterial world must exist and is at work. We imagine virtual concepts that explain our physical world, by definition these virtual concepts exist and therefore possess an immaterial organ.


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blubird two

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Blubird, I think your answer helped me to understand the place from which come your answers. It is a place of total rationality, total science, perhaps.It seems to me to be a place devoid of any wonder or other-worldly possibilities. It seems perfectly rational, and also, perfectly bleak. It is as if you exchange any doubt or non-scientific explanations for things to gain a strange peace that all there is in the whole of existence is what we can see and measure. Sounds pretty dull to me. I cannot understand how God escapes the call of your soul. But thank you,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(11 Aug '11, 08:16) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah-thanks for your comments, i am marveled by the wonders of nature, through this i accept that there is a force at work that is far beyond our comprehension, some people name this force god.

(11 Aug '11, 08:58) blubird two

bluebird you want example of relationship between though and physical matter well here it is. example: there is a need for something. then someone create(though) something for that need. then it is made in the physical and the need is solved. you do not believe me look around you all that exist men made came from though. you want another example look at the placebo effect in medicine the patient as faith that the product will make them ok and it works but the product is nothing but a fake. that is mind over matter.

(12 Aug '11, 02:53) white tiger

@white tiger-yes ok, mind over matter

(12 Aug '11, 04:16) blubird two

but how are we assured that that mind living in our bodies must be subject to sensory imput from certain physical reception centers at the expense of other stimiuli, whether instinct or intuition. what of our creation do we say is necessary or excess

(30 Nov '11, 01:52) fred
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Your question (and the way it is asked) highlight the fundamental question that people have been asking themselves since the beginning of time:

What does it all mean?

Ultimately, meaning is something we ourselves ascribe to things and events. We do this in all sorts of ways: politics, religion, science. We call these meanings fundamental, and maybe they are. Or maybe they are just nets cast around our ideas.

There have been scientific studies done about religion that suggest that our belief in a higher power, and our belief in a soul, are evolutionary adaptations; we believe in these things because they make us more effective as people. This belief in a higher power gives rise to moral systems, which in turn makes civilization possible; it provides the glue by which we hold society together. The belief in something greater than ourselves gives us the mental confidence and stamina to venture out into the world and do significant things with our lives.

In other words, meaning is what makes things like family, culture, society, the environment, important enough to cultivate, nurture and defend.

Even our physical universe was originally just an idea in the mind of God.


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@Vesuvius would our evolution also take us away from these beleifs? as some extreme religions try to hinder free thinking wouldn't that have the opposite effect lowering morals . as an example being ok to kill people in the name of your deity/ holy book.would we still have meaning without the soul/non-physical.

(30 Dec '10, 22:08) ursixx

@ursixx: In all evolutionary systems, predators eventually emerge. Even in computer simulated evolutionary systems, if you run them long enough.

(30 Dec '10, 22:39) Vesuvius

Bruce Lipton has discovered the answer. to this.

I wouldn't say that the soul is a parasite. Our body is the temple of God. Our soul is an extension of God, manifest in the flesh. Our body without our soul is water and bones and flesh. Our soul attaches it's self to the cells of our bodies. It is what animates us, and allows our bodies to participate in the physical world. It is what brings life to our bodies. It is who we are, who we were and who we always will be.


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Fairy Princess

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@FP (J) 6:30 creating heaven ...

(12 Aug '11, 06:19) ursixx

Sorr, Ursixx, I don't understand your comment.

(12 Aug '11, 12:40) Fairy Princess

near the end of video at 6:30 and at the beginning of part 2 he talks about creating heaven . great things!

(13 Aug '11, 07:42) ursixx

Oh, the video I posted. Glad you watched it. Bruce Lipton has some amazing discoveries to watch on youtube.

(13 Aug '11, 12:46) Fairy Princess
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the physical is dust. no non physical part meaning soul spirit you. then the physical is dust. so what are we would have been better put: what is the body with out the non physical soul spirit? because the physical body is not permanently you. so you would be nothing. and the real you is immortal permanent. and you cannot be nothing. SO EXPERIENCE AND ENJOY.


answered 12 Aug '11, 02:39

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white tiger

"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."Genesis 3:19 I agree with you WT. But those 100 or so years we are flesh.What would we be during that time without"the non physical soul spirit"?

(12 Aug '11, 06:16) ursixx

you would be nothing. i told you. you is not physical. same as when you get out of the car is the car moving or running around. when no one is in it? it is the same for you. your body with out you or someone in it is nothing.

(13 Aug '11, 07:04) white tiger

you could say it is a corpse. with no life in it.

(13 Aug '11, 07:05) white tiger

The car remains. It can be started again.Yes the driving/motion ceases but the material called car is there. And so with out the"non physical soul spirit" we are dead as Jai stated?

(13 Aug '11, 07:44) ursixx

the body is but like the car it is not you it is only the vessel.

(13 Aug '11, 07:48) white tiger

A Sanctified Vessel for the Master’s Use

2 Timothy 2:19-21

“Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity. But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour. If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.”

(13 Aug '11, 07:48) white tiger

Thirty spokes meet at a nave; Because of the hole we may use the wheel. Clay is molded into a vessel; Because of the hollow we may use the cup. Walls are built around a hearth; Because of the doors we may use the house. Thus tools come from what exists, But use from what does not. 11th verse Tao Te Ching

(13 Aug '11, 18:30) ursixx

what exist is what we create. we have free will and we can experience what ever we want. but you is not the vessel. even if you identify with it in this life time. where does the car go when no one is driving it? where the body goes when no one is driving it? what is the life expectancy of the body when the breath of life is not in it? so it returns to dust.

(13 Aug '11, 18:42) white tiger
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Jai and I were having a conversation about replacing the brain with a computer someday. When a person dies and needs a brain transplant and they replace it with a computer she said to me "But what does that make the person?" I said, "They could program, what you are, who you know, and what you do, it would be you."

She said "No, we are the sum total of our memories. " I said "My memories have nothing to do with me. "

Maybe this same argument could maybe be for bringing back the dead to life. It sounds wonderful to bring back loved ones, but maybe grandma without a soul would be different.


answered 02 Apr '13, 21:14

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade- Remember the Star Trek: Next Generation Episode we watched- the one to prove that Data was not an inanimate object- he was more! Maybe we should (all) watch that. Love you, ♥♥♥♥☻♥♥♥♥♥♥ Link to Watch the Episode

(14 May '14, 15:32) Jaianniah

For the Religious, the spiritual, or the metaphysical person this question remains open to debate within the scope of our imaginations. Silly soulless zombies, demons in human form, extraterrestrial invaders, psychopaths, all attributed to bodies without souls. Many will just say there can be no life without a soul, claiming that when the soul leaves, the body dies. I have to wonder if the best answer might come from the atheist who would simply say look at me, I do not have a soul and I am no different than you. We will, of course, assume this person is just not aware of having a soul.

To answer the question "What are we without the non-physical/soul?" I would first want to consider the question from the souls perspective based on what I have learned and accept as valid with respect to the nature of soul entities. If I were to ask a soul that has advanced beyond the point where it does not need to incarnate, "Are you a Human being?" I strongly suspect the answer will be a clear and concise "NO", I am not a human being. It may add "I have lived many lives as a human being by being fully integrated biologically with both male and female humans. Furthermore, this union has always enhanced the life of the human, in many beneficial ways, allowing him or her to experience, feelings, thoughts, and creativity well beyond the limitations of his instincts for survival, self-preservation, self-gratification, and procreation. "So humans can live without having a soul?"

When you consider that thousands of less evolved species manage to live without a soul entity/personality biologically fused to it, does it really make sense that the planets most evolved species would suddenly become extinct for lack of a soul? Not likely. However, I very much doubt we would be anything like the humans we are today. What we would be like, how we would have progressed as a species would be an interesting idea to consider. What sort of systems, social, economic, political etc. might exist if we did not share our lives with a soul might be an interesting topic to explore.

My conclusion is that without a soul we would be alive, yet guided and driven by our natural instincts. We would be driven by our individual ego to find and succumb to our place amidst the stronger and weaker of those around us, with adjustments made for our relative clever intelligence or foolish stupidity. It is questionable as to whether we would behave according to codes of ethics and morality or even be governed by a judicial authority to protect us and secure us with certain rights. We might have remained in a tribal state dominated by violent alpha males with no recourse but to do or die.

This question would need to be more specific to really even speculate as to what we would be. Is the question about one soulless individual fitting in with a larger souled society? Is it about the entire society facing a new generation born without souls? Is it about a human civilization that never played host to soul entities or any other variation you can think of? I think the answer would vary depending on the circumstances.


answered 14 May '14, 19:23

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If a soul is your mind and heart what are you with out a mind and heart? you are a object with no though and no emotion. even the ego that protect the owner of the house like a dog is thinking and having emotion. even if it is fighting the owner for control and seek to have all is desire filled at any cost and use all the lower instinct to achieve that, it is nothing with out a soul because he could not even react to anything he would not be aware of anything.

(15 May '14, 01:14) white tiger

"If a soul is your mind and heart" A soul is not the mind and heart of a human being. All animals including humans have a brain and nervous system. Animals can think and feel to the extent their brain allows. Why would humans which are far more evolved and have a much more complex brain not have the capacity to think or experience emotions. Watch any person who is totally under control of the ego. He is both aware and reactive.

(15 May '14, 05:30) i4cim2b

I am a soul and have joined with this human and other humans in what you would call the past. I am not his "owner" nor do I seek to control him. I have not joined with the human because he mindless and heartless, incapable of thinking or feeling without without me. I join with him because of the way he thinks and feels. These very attributes are what is so challenging to souls. For souls, Earth is a school of hard knocks. It is a proving ground where we are challenged continually.

(15 May '14, 06:27) i4cim2b

I did not come here with the intention of doing battle with the human ego. We are born from and exist in an atmosphere that is the unconditional love of our creator. Where we come from, there is no hate, no anger, nor any of the negative emotions you are familiar with. We do not judge each other, we are not in competition with each other. We don't come here to violate your free will. Our challenge, rather, is to use unconditional love to secure the cooperation of the ego for our mutual benefit.

(15 May '14, 07:20) i4cim2b

here is what you said:Watch any person who is totally under control of the ego. He is both aware and reactive. are you so sure that he is aware? is he aware that the bad he does to other will be done back to him because they do the same? and many are under their ego in this world. Then is that ego so aware of what it is doing to benefit it self? or is it reacting to reactively not being aware of the consequence that it is doing to it self and other?

(15 May '14, 19:02) white tiger

You also say:For souls, Earth is a school of hard knocks. It is a proving ground where we are challenged continually.what do you want to prove? since you see things as a challenge, is it not part of the challenge to know thyself and overcome what challenge you the most? Do you think that taking a loaded gun and going to kill someone else is the most challenging thing? or are you doing this out of fear? or for your desire? or to prove to your self that you are someone?

(15 May '14, 19:08) white tiger

the real challenge the real enemy is not outside it is inside and you will need a lot more then just pressing a trigger to solve this I am telling you. you should read this again.we are not in competition with each other. We don't come here to violate your free will. Our challenge, rather, is to use unconditional love to secure the cooperation of the ego for our mutual benefit. since when did love become a challenge? even love of a part of your self? why do you want to secure the cooperation

(15 May '14, 19:17) white tiger

of the ego? is it because it is not cooperating? so you will say that your ego does not cooperate with you and you try to buy it out with love? or is it the ego that make it self pass for the soul and is trying to tempt the soul with desire of love? is love something that needs to be used or to be trade? or is it something true in you?

(15 May '14, 19:27) white tiger

@i4cim2b you pose some very thought provoking questions in the last paragraph. But the simple question remains. The liquid in a bottle of Pierre , ,remove the bubbles and the packaging it is just water.

(16 May '14, 00:38) ursixx

@ursixx Very true. However, just water works well as a stand alone drink, whereas the bubbles and packaging doesn't. Which is more vital?

(17 May '14, 22:53) i4cim2b

@i4cim2b Agreed water is great! That is the point? With a soul we are Peirre? Without are we just water?

(18 May '14, 07:42) ursixx

@white tiger. If I had met the necessary requirements, I probably would have converted your comments into one magnificent question, which would have allowed me greater freedom to answer them fully. I do not expect my response to change your opinion of these matters. My intent is to try to answer your questions as best as I can in the limited space available.

(18 May '14, 08:44) i4cim2b

@white tiger. Thank you for your response. You have asked some valid questions (18) which I will try to answer. Referring to your questions "Is he aware..." the definition of aware or awareness does not include the ability to know another's thoughts, and there is nothing in any definition of being aware that suggests the ability to know the future. Therefore "he does not need to know that the bad he does will be done back to him" in order for him to be aware.

(18 May '14, 08:44) i4cim2b

I understand that your comments and questions are based on your individual perception of reality as are mine. Is it your view that the ego only directs us to do bad? Would it have been just as easy to ask, "Is he aware that the good he does will come back to him because they do the same?" I will admit I have my doubts about things working this way. He does someone wrong, so someone will do him wrong. It can only follow then, that someone must do that person wrong and so on into infinity.

(18 May '14, 08:45) i4cim2b

You have provided a good example of the sort of challenge we as souls are given to overcome. In your example, the soul of the one who has been wronged must acknowledge the egos emotional reaction. His challenge is to attempt to direct an energy that vibrates with forgiveness to the ego. If the wronged man is able to forgive, he will also stop the flow of negative energy that he would have attracted by being angry and revengeful.

(18 May '14, 08:46) i4cim2b

The challenges we face are about how we respond to circumstances that occur daily. The soul can only be successful if the ego is willing to cooperate, especially where intense emotions play a part. It may be true that one can succeed in gaining dominion over the ego through spiritual practices, meditation, mindfulness and such. Relatively few people however are able to truly become a "master of the house". The ego is part of you. It is not your enemy, nor is it immune to love.

(18 May '14, 08:46) i4cim2b

The human experience and the egos existence is not some kind of mistake of creation, nor is any of this the result of some fatal mistake by man or woman in Eden. Those symbolized events were necessary to initiate the experiment that the creator had prepared for humankind, one in which the ego plays an important role in the maturing of the souls, who know their time here is likely to be difficult. Still, we choose to accept the challenge, knowing that the rewards are worth the risk.

(18 May '14, 08:47) i4cim2b

Continuing with your questions; "Then is that ego so aware of what it is doing to benefit it self?" Awareness at the least requires the ego to have knowledge of what it is doing and being conscious that it is doing it. So yes, the ego knows that what it is doing is for its benefit. It cannot predict the outcome however. It's reasoning is aligned with its purpose and cause/effect expectations based on experience. The ego can also trigger subconscious habits and behaviors.

(18 May '14, 08:47) i4cim2b

"We are challenged continually. What do you want to prove?" Trying to "prove" something is a Human trait. It is something the ego tries to do. We have no such concept. We enjoy the approval we might receive when we finally get something right (after numerous lifetimes trying). We are not, however motivated by a need to prove something. Humans incur so much stress and emotional upheaval, trying to prove something to someone. The whole concept is foreign to the soul.

(18 May '14, 08:48) i4cim2b

Pay attention to the voice that tells you "YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING TO ANYONE INCLUDING YOURSELF!" Accept this, and make it clear to anyone who tries to convince you otherwise. This is not something the ego can realize without your help. Getting the ego to let go of this need can do a lot for your relationship. Letting the ego drag you through life trying to prove things will likely result in a lot of teasing when you get back home, all with loving intent, however.

(18 May '14, 08:49) i4cim2b

"Is it not part of the challenge to know thyself and overcome what challenge you the most?" Knowing thyself is not the challenge. Accepting yourself is bigger the challenge for most. Again, The challenges I am referring to are about the choices you make as to how you respond to the various circumstances you encounter everyday. What challenges you most is always the one that is in front of you at any given moment.

(18 May '14, 08:49) i4cim2b

If there is no challenge right now, I can assure you there is a future now complete with a challenge heading your way and it will be the most important one you will face in that particular now. "Do you think that taking a loaded gun and going to kill someone else is the most challenging thing? Neither I nor the ego with which I share this body would ever create the circumstances where this challenge would manifest. You will have to answer that question yourself.

(18 May '14, 08:50) i4cim2b

"Or are you doing this out of fear?" Since I am not doing this at all, this question is pointless. "Or for your desire" Ditto. "Or to prove to yourself that you are some one" As mentioned earlier, I am not driven to proven anything to anyone and the resident ego happily agrees. "Since when did love become a challenge?" My initial response to thisquestion was "you're kidding right". I am certain that many people would have much to say in response to that question.

(18 May '14, 08:50) i4cim2b

For our purposes, however, your question does not address the statement I made so you may have been speaking to yourself when you suggested reading this again. The term I used was "unconditional love", which I find can be extremely challenging when dealing with humans. I can say that when a soul no longer finds unconditional love to be a challenge, incarnating as a human or any other physical being will have been a thing of the past.

(18 May '14, 08:51) i4cim2b

"Why do you want to secure the cooperation of the ego?" "Is it because it is not cooperating?" That is correct. "So you will say that your ego does not cooperate with you and you try to buy it out with love? First, let me be clear, it is not "My" ego and love is not a currency. Loving the ego is essential if you are to love yourself, as the ego is clearly a portion of the self. I am not buying the ego with love. I am choosing to not withhold what it deserves. Secure is not the proper term.

(18 May '14, 08:54) i4cim2b

"To enable" cooperation is more accurate. Cooperating with the ego is a choice. That is free will. I can chose how I approach and respond to circumstances. How I respond is the challenge, How I approach is the adventure, and for one with an unending existence, there is no harm in experimenting. "Is it the ego that make it self pass for the soul and is trying to tempt the soul with desire of love?" I will admit, I do not understand the question.

(18 May '14, 08:54) i4cim2b

Is love something that needs to be used or to be trade? Or is it something true in you? As I mentioned earlier, love is not a currency, so my answer to the first question is clearly No. All souls know that the only true love is love that is given freely, without limit, and without any condition or expectation. As humans, no one expects us to be able to meet the demands of unconditional love. It is given to us often, but we find it difficult to receive more often than not.

(18 May '14, 08:55) i4cim2b
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Soul cannot be sensed through our five senses. Soul has it's purpose in manifestation of life in a better greater ways.


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