Basically, this question should be self explanatory I guess? haha.. but if somehow needs further clarification or an explanation, here it is:

Take for example, your birthday is coming, and you have never celebrated your birthday in the form of a party before. But maybe this year, you suddenly felt like you want to host a really grand party (and from there maybe you would meet your potential relationship partner or career partner, etc).

According to the answers and knowledge on this site, this can be classified as an inspired action, no? But it also seems like impulse, if you decided to just plunge head on and spend a ton of money hosting the party, no? so what is the difference between an inspired action and impulse? or are they actually the same thing?

Also, although this may be considered an inspired action, but you would be bound to have some sort of fear that comes along since it is your first time organizing a birthday party ... eg.. "What if I screw up the party?" "What if nobody turns up?" "What if.. etc" Is it normal for that to happen, or if there is fear, it can't be considered an 'inspired action' anymore?

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I would say an inspired action is a form of impulse action, though you need not actually implement the inspired action until much later when it is more convenient to do so.

But you have to look at the "state of being" from where the inspiration (or impulse) came from to establish the value of it to you.

When you are extremely angry with someone for some reason, the actions that may be "inspired" to you will reflect that "state of being" of anger. So you may end up in a fierce argument with them or a physical fight with them.

I would probably still put that in the category of an inspired action even though the results of it are probably not going to be joyful for you. (Fights and arguments are not generally joyful activities)

On the other hand, when you are feeling a joyful "state of being" within yourself then the actions that are inspired to you in that state will probably be highly beneficial to you if you follow through with them.

So the rule is...

The action that is inspired to you will MAGNIFY your existing "state of being"

For example, if you are feeling genuinely prosperous in a particular moment and an action is inspired to you, then that will be the perfect action to bring you more prosperity.

If you are feeling depression or lack in a particular moment and an action is inspired to you, then that will be the perfect action to bring you more depression or lack...which is probably not what you really want :)

You can probably deduce from this that cultivating your "state of being" to one of a generally happy/joyful state is of primary importance.

And you can probably also deduce that rushing into taking action before you have cultivated your "state of being" is probably not going to lead where you want.

So you can probably understand more clearly now why all those "How To" books that give you specific action plans for solving your problem are not generally helpful if they do not have an emotionally-based aspect to them...because there is little value in taking any form of action from a bad-feeling "state of being".

In fact, I would say the only action you should take from feeling bad is to find a way to feel good first.

There is, however, a second approach to taking action which is also worth mentioning because it also touches on the ideas of inspiration mentioned.

The basic method here is...

If you want to take an action, take the one that feels the best right now. Then go with it as long as it continues to feel the best. Then do the action that feels better than that one...and keep going around this loop.

...or, more simply stated...

Do the thing that excites you the most in the moment

In this case, the stream of actions that you are taking are gradually helping to shift your "state of being" into better-feeling places, from where more and more beneficial inspired actions are coming.

Summing up, with any action (inspired or not), it is important to also consider the "emotional state of being" that comes along with it.

I also recommend you take a look at: Why do my inspired actions fall flat on their faces?


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so you are saying actually not all inspired actions will neccessarily lead to something good?

(03 Jan '11, 04:13) kakaboo

I'm saying that the actions you are inspired towards will mirror the state of being which gives rise to them. Because there are no vibrational discontinuities in this universe, you cannot jump straight from, say, depression to must pass through a series of linked emotions, if only momentarily for some. This leads to the idea that you can only recognize/receive an inspired action within the limits of your currently-focused vibrational range. Shifting that vibrational range is what is important first, then the actions that come will mirror that new range's overall limits

(03 Jan '11, 12:35) Stingray

lol, sorry, but I am still confused. Isn't the shift of your vibrational range actually a result or by product of your inspired actions? Let's say I am at 17:Anger according to the emotional scale, my inspired actions in anger state can only bring me further up to either 16:Discouragement or down to 18: revenge, give and take a couple more levels?

(03 Jan '11, 16:54) kakaboo

I think there may be some confusion over semantics here. Can you explain what you interpret the phrase inspired action to mean?

(03 Jan '11, 17:00) Stingray

inspired action just means something which I just suddenly have an urge to do? and that I have never thought of doing it before?

(05 Jan '11, 14:59) kakaboo

@Kakaboo - Okay. But your vibrational range regarding a subject reflects the dominant (habitual) thoughts you hold regarding that subject. I'm not clear on how you are linking inspired actions to a shift in your habitual vibrational range...those actions will reflect that range, not shift it. If you take action from a place of feeling predominantly bad, it's not going to be fun ride. On the other hand, you can certainly take deliberate actions to make yourself think (and therefore) feel differently about a subject, which is the process used in Manifesting Experiments 2 & 3

(05 Jan '11, 15:54) Stingray

@Stingray, yup, that was what I was trying clarify in my first comment.. so inspired action doesnt neccessarily always need to something good right? (e.g if you get an inspired action from a place of anger or lack) On the other hand, without the inspired actions, we can still 'force' ourselves to think or take actions that would seem like an inspired action from a higher place of hope/love

(07 Jan '11, 00:23) kakaboo

@Kakaboo - Yes, my general rule is to avoid following the impulse (or inspiration) to taking any kind of physical action if you are not feeling good. Because of some unexpected urgency, sometimes you have no choice but that should always be the exception

(07 Jan '11, 08:30) Stingray
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Good question.

Ive taken actions which i thought were inspired and seemed to come to nothing.

Ive also taken actions ( one small text message ) which i thought was irrelevant and ended up leading me to my life partner and finacial security.

I honestly believe that we dont fully know. You may have already done something in your life,maybe years ago,that youve completely forgotten about that will one day rock your world.

We do more by so called accident in our lives than we do by planning.

Maybe when were positive/faith filled/vortex orientated everything we do will manifest good for us. Maybe in that state we would be hard pressed to put a foot wrong.

Im beginning to believe that when our feelings are used to point our inner man/woman in the right direction/alignment we can do and achieve more than we ever thought possible AND all our actions become naturally inspired. WITHOUT the need to ever really think or worry too much about them.



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Monty Riviera

The answers here are more than what I can really add here.

So perhaps I can emphasize the importance of the "Intent" within the action.

Your intent is not the party, it is to meet someone.

So let that be your focus and follow your excitement and inspiration.

You stay within your focus and try everything in-between till you get there.

As in the illustration below, if your focus is as in step 1, it leads to options you are not focusing on as in step 2.

Step 3. Would be the least disappointing, most reliable and probably the cheapest approach to your destination because it takes into account who you are, and where you are at, into consideration.

alt text


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The Traveller

but sometimes it is quite difficult to seperate intent from your inspired action.. lets just take meeting someone as my intent out of the picture.. I just have an inspired action to host a party maybe, but at the same time I have a lot of other desires unfulfilled, the party may just actually lead to any single of them (of which I do not know)

(03 Jan '11, 04:11) kakaboo

It's a bit like going on a vacation to a tropical island. You can decide that you are going to buy your ticked at a particular travel agency and fly a particular plane. However, if those two events don't line up exactly, you will miss your vacation. On the other hand you could decide on a vacation, and keep on overcoming any obstacle that is in the way, including using an alternate travel agency, a different flight, lose your luggage, get lost, find out that your resort is under renovations, etc, etc, but if your decision was to go on vacation, you will get there no matter what.

(03 Jan '11, 14:51) The Traveller

oh.. i get it.. so you are basically saying: If I want to host a party, then I should just go ahead and host the party without worrying about the results.. if I want to meet a person.. I will somehow find a way to meet that person.. no matter what it takes as long as I know what I want.. is that right?

(03 Jan '11, 16:56) kakaboo

That's exactly it! This way disappointments become obstacles, you move on because your attention is on the destination, not the obstacle. If you connect other outcomes to the party (opportunity to network, meet new people with similar interests, etc) you will always remember it as a successful party. So give a positive twist to what ever outcome you get and you'll be fine (and full of joy).

(03 Jan '11, 17:34) The Traveller
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