A few years back or should I say a few decades back when I was young, I started studying Shorin-Ryu Karate and was shown how to meditate before beginning classes and after we finished classes. After a few weeks of failed attempts of trying to quiet the mind I finally was able to do it and a Spiritual Samurai Warrior from a different time line appeared to me and without saying a word He began to show me what my Sensei could not teach me. After just a few weeks of serious training with my new Spiritual Samurai friend and being still a white belt my Sensei decided to match me up with one of his top students in class to test what I had learnt so far.

Instead of panicking I took a few deep breaths and centered myself to get ready for whatever was coming my way. I was taught how to both strike and block at the same time from my Spiritual Warrior and how to set up an attack and in no time my challenger submitted in defeat. Long story short ... no-one could defeat me not even the black belts of my Dojo where I trained as everyone became predictable and could be easily defeated no matter how skilled they were. I started to see the True Power of Meditation and what it can teach me. So I quit the Karate classes as my Sensei had nothing more to teach me and also to prevent me from serious hurting someone unintentionally as I was also learning about Chi Energy from my Spiritual Samurai Warrior. Out of respect for my Sensei, he did teach me something that was Greater than self defense or any belt he could offer me. He gave me the Gift and Power of Meditation.

Meditation ignited something within me as I began to explore Spiritually as much as I could learn and experience and I came across many Great Teachers from the Spiritual Realm. I was barely making ends meet, working my ass off earning low wages at the time and could not afford a computer so everything that was taught to me was from the Spiritual Realm and not through the Internet like most people today. lol To My Spiritual Guides computers, tv and relationships were nothing but a distraction and I needed to give my Guides all of my undivided attention.

So out of curiosity I decided to pursuit my Spiritual Journey by using Meditation eventhough I was an Atheist (in my mindset) at that time. The 1st thing that was told to me while in meditation was "To forget everything that I knew and what was taught to me from this world, forget everything about who I think I Am, without losing my identity in the process."

I was shown many Spectacular things and of course I had to test everything I was shown to give it some form of credibility and tangibility so that I can see, touch and explore everything that was being taught to me. It took me years to truly understand the true meaning of "without losing my identity in the process." Until, I began questioning Their motives, Their intentions among many other questions that I had because now I couldn't understand after everything They have taught me so far how They could allow all of the suffering that has happened on Earth throughout it's History without intervening at any point so that They can teach The World the Real Truth about Life, about who We Really are, so that we can All as a Human Race finally Evolve and finally be Free from the restrictions of limitations that keeps Us All as Slaves to the System (the 65 year plan) also I get so tired of witnessing History repeating itself time after time again until we finally get it Right. It's getting soooo Old!!! We need something more Spiritually than what is available on the Internet. I started accusing The Spiritual Realm for keeping us like slaves with limitations and I fought and argued with them every now and then until sure enough, one day after everything I have been through with my Spiritual Guides, the Truth became hard for me to accept and I slowly began "to lose myself in the process" until one day I looked into the mirror and I didn't even know who I was anymore ... They were right! The Truth is hard for most to accept which is exactly what They warned me about near the beginning of this Journey.

I then realized after years of suffering and eventually losing everything and everyone dear to me that I wasn't upset with the Spiritual Realm ... I was upset with myself for believing in the Lies that was taught to me or should I say brainwashed into me by my Peers, Educators, Family members, Religious figures and so on ... It's nobody's fault it is the way Society has evolved over the years and the way information was passed down through Generations. I guess you can call it Generational Programming. So I finally waived the White Flag in surrender finally admitting my defeat. I didn't have the energy to continue this battle with myself anymore trying to hang on to that one little thing I taught still defined me ... just to prove to the Spiritual Realm that I was not the person They thought me to be. But I finally learnt just to let it all go before it got the best of me and to accept what They were teaching me and showing me. The Awakening began. I lost 20 years of my life that I couldn't get back. I guess I had to go through those 20 years of suffering in order to be where I am today. Mind you I left a lot of details out as it would take additional pages to explain it all.

Then my Spiritual Guides began to show me about "Who I Truly Am" and not who I thought I was. They showed me some of the Planets I existed on and Why I was here in this incarnation. They also showed me Why I went through what I did and the extremes it took to get me back on my Spiritual Journey. They said I had never left but was simply learning to accept "Who I Am" hmmm ... I guess They were right. I was never really alone like I tried to convince myself. They were always by my side keeping me out of harms way as I tried to figure it all out and to accept it all.

They kept telling me that "I was the Keyholder" lol. I don't even know what "You Are The Keyholder" means or even why They chose me especially when there are so many on this Planet who are a lot more Worthy and a lot more Skilled than I am. I probably was Their worst student my Guides ever had. I was stubborn and questioned everything that They had told me and taught me. lol Besides there are a few throughout the Internet who claims to be the "Keyholder" also. So what's up with that? I asked my Guides to explain but They keep telling me in due time all will be revealed to me when I am ready. Bullocks!!! lol The only thing that really urks me the most is that sometimes my Spiritual Guides speaks to me in riddles instead of getting straight to the point. Aaargh!!! lol Oh well I am learning to be patient. I guess. It's not like I have a choice in the matter. lol Maybe the Keyholder is simply someone who brings a different perspective on life and nothing more. Who knows? So I've been back on my Spiritual Journey for the last few years rediscovering Who I Truly Am but it hasn't been easy as I have some catching up to do and new things to learn.

In light of the Covid-19 virus I am barely strong enough to Protect my City with my Healing Light which fortunately still has no reported cases so far and I don't know why The Spiritual Realm believe that I can do so much more then what I am doing. I am just not strong enough. I know, I am trying so hard but the reported cases are still increasing in my Province let alone in my Country and Worldwide and I feel so Helpless. But I keep trying to eradicate this horrible virus from Our Planet using my Chi and Healing Light. Maybe I am trying too hard or there is something I am overlooking. It sure feels like a test and I feel like I am disappointing my Spiritual Guides and myself. I do feel so guilty for wasting 20 years of my life. Maybe it wasn't all a big lost after all.

Anyways I am so sorry for the long story and for sharing a little about myself and maybe if I understood what "Keyholder" really meant, maybe it will give me the Confidence and Strength to Expand my Healing Light way Beyond the Perimeters of the City in which I live. Thanks for reading this. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy. From my Heart to Yours.

Peace, Love n Light

asked 30 Mar '20, 09:20

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Friend, if you could send some of your energy my way, that would be really great, specifically helping with lack of financial abundance in these times...soon I'll get a good chance of changing my situation for a lot better, though, so I'd greatly appreciate any help in really realizing that change.... Regarding your question, I'm sorry but I think only you know the answer to that (or your guides). Good luck :)

(30 Mar '20, 12:10) Marin

Thanks for leaving a comment. Unfortunately I don't know the answer to my question and my Guides aren't telling me anything. I do understand your financial predicament as many Worldwide are suffering because of layoffs, lost of jobs and so forth, no thanks to this pandemic we are all experiencing worldwide. I can only send you Green Light for both Healing and for relieving some financial burdens you may be experiencing. I will try to scan you and send you that Light. I hope it helps you.

(31 Mar '20, 00:23) Moonbeam

Hi @Moonbeam ... what does "you are the key holder" mean ? ... the first thing that comes to my mind is that we're all connected to "source" :)

(31 Mar '20, 03:39) jaz

Hey Jaz! I think that is my biggest issue. If we are all indeed connected to Source then Why are We All so Limited in our Abilities n Why are We not more Evolved then We are as a Human Race. I'm not talking about Technology but as Individuals. Why are there so many People unsatisfied with their lives that they have to resort to LOA and other techniques to try n better their lives. Shouldn't We be able to manifest what We desire automatically if our intentions r Pure and no harm comes to others.

(02 Apr '20, 08:06) Moonbeam

Hey @Moonbeam i think being limited is part of the human condition

(03 Apr '20, 07:22) jaz
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Hi @Moonbeam I'm sure you know of the famous Einstein equation E=mc2, Ok that's fine but what does it mean ? Here's a nice simple definition found on the internet ...

"Matter has an inherent amount of energy to it, mass can be converted (under the right conditions) to pure energy, and energy can be used to create massive objects that did not exist previously" ... in other words the physical world in which we live is created from pure energy including ourselves, and all things can return to energy.

Can we access this energy ? Well yes we can and it's a lot simpler than you might imagine. All physical reality is made up of vibrations of energy, thoughts also are vibrations of energy, thoughts have powerful influence they affect what's happening ... it's all about mind power and that famous law of attraction, what you focus on is what you attract, in theory we could make objects using mind power ... a lot of magnetic mind power far too much than ordinary people can conjure up. What is this energy ?

Here's a video by Dan A. Davidson "Shape Power"


The poet William Ernest Henley (1849-1903) penned the words of his immortal invictus (unconquered in Latin), after years of painful tuberculosis infection in his bones, eventually losing his leg to the disease ...


So what does all this have to do with "you are the keyholder" ... it means you, me, everybody holds the key to directing their own lives.

Hope this makes sense :)


answered 08 May '20, 13:34

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You are so right! We are "All the Keyholders" to a better future for all of Humanity through our own individual Awakening Process by embracing a Higher Dimensional Awareness to our Human Consciousness. Thanks for helping me recognize this as it removes so much pressure I have put on myself throughout my Spiritual Journey. After all ... We are All Awakening and Together we All hold the "Keys" to a wonderful and New World that awaits us.

(08 May '20, 14:55) Moonbeam

Some individuals have a lot of magnetic mind power ... I firmly believe in the claims of Uri Geller


(09 May '20, 01:17) jaz

In college a group of us decided to test Uri Geller's claims of spoon bending. Not only were we able to bend many spoons at will we also were able to light up paper just with our minds. To determine which participants we used in the experiment we used the clothes hanger exercise where one grabs the center of the clothes hanger and the other would make it swing right or left then back to the center. I have even used Chi Energetics to demonstrate the power within to smash bricks and bend metal.

(16 May '20, 19:24) Moonbeam

What Uri Geller did was magnetism 101. The mind and body are capable of doing many wondrous things which are not taught to us by our schools or churches or by the governmental system. These institutions are designed to keep us slaves to the system and to keep us very limited. I was in a major auto accident where I should have been crushed to death and my Chi saved me from being crushed like a soda can without injuries.

(16 May '20, 19:34) Moonbeam

The police officers and paramedics were absolutely dumbfounded without any form of logical explanation as to why and how I survived that crash. They thought it was some form of miracle that I didn't perish in that collision let alone break numerous bones lol. It wasn't a miracle it was my Chi that protected me from being crushed to death. No other normal Human Being would have survived that horrific crash.

(16 May '20, 19:50) Moonbeam

I can even make love to my girlfriend and have done it with past lovers also without touching them, just by using my mind and Chi while sitting beside them in bed. Mind you at first I did have to use my hands a few inches above their bodies but every single one of them even until today swears I actually physically made love to them when i performed these skills on them. Now I can do it from a distance lol. So Yes magnetic mind power and Chi are very real without any form of doubt whatsoever.

(16 May '20, 19:58) Moonbeam

I really appreciate all this @Moonbeam ... though i'm not sure that institutions are designed to keep us limited and slaves rather they are organised by people who are not conscious ... "father forgive them for they know not what they do"

(17 May '20, 00:57) jaz

perhaps a being called, guardian angel has special orders for you to have more experiences in this life. don't discount humility

(09 Jun '20, 19:49) fred
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