Are there any exercises a crippled or physically disabled person could use to restore perfect health?

asked 08 May '12, 02:48

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I just read The Secret of Instant Healing, by Dr. Frank Kinslow. It is a very short book and easy to practice. Here is a link with some audios you can practice even if you don't read the book. Here is a thread with many awesome links in the answers.

Try this exercise: Put the palms of your hands together. Feel both hands. Don't try to think, don't try not to think, jus feel the hands. Don't name the feelings, just feel them. Do you feel a pulse, are they sweaty, etc...?


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Fairy Princess

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Works wonders! All the best, Tim

P.S.: I don't advertise this site in any way and it's not mine also, I just have great results when using this particular technique and want it to share it with others.


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Thanks for the share, this is good :)

(08 May '12, 09:27) cassiopeia

I started to read this article until it got to the part about digging around in the past. I have found that digging around in the past is a dangerous thing. I think it is Pandora's box.

(08 May '12, 11:50) Fairy Princess

glad to help. :) fairy princess: you need to open that "Pandora's box" or you'll be stuck in the moment (if the reality of yours is good and you are happy that's great but otherwise...)

(08 May '12, 12:26) timmyy

I disagree timmyy. You can be present regardless of your past.

(08 May '12, 13:34) Fairy Princess

I thought that too but recently my past caught up with me..anyway everyone know what works for him and what not so..

(08 May '12, 15:48) timmyy

For the one who does or will not deal with the past, know this... the past will deal with you. The body keeps score. Period. If you do nothing to ease the past, the past will come out through your body... in dis-ease. Soooo many wonderful tools available now days. And Soooo many incredible people to help. For example, go here and begin...

(08 May '12, 17:54) Rindor

Yes, that is what started it all. I love EFT. But, digging up the past is asking for trouble. Tap on or use whatever method to eliminate negative feelings NOW. Now is all there is anyway.

(08 May '12, 19:43) Fairy Princess

BTW I have many injuries including shoulder injuries which made EFT very painful and difficult. So I ended up with all the memories brought to surface, which destroyed relationships in my family, and I couldn't do the EFT to clear it all. Since then, I have discovered other techniques that don't require all the shoulder movements of EFT. If you read the book, The Secret of Instant Healing, you will see that we don't need to bring up the past to heal NOW.

(11 May '12, 10:52) Fairy Princess
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If I had major health issues, I would go for (among other things) Qigong. Specifically Spring Forest Qigong. Restoring balance in the energy pathways of the body seems to be the best way to go, and this is what Qigong does. Some of the exercises need you to use your body to move, but there is also one powerful meditation that requires no movement. It's called the Small Universe. You can find instructions here, although I would rather listen to the official cd by Learning Strategies, the music and Master Chunyi Lin's voice make it a very soothing experience.

I recall reading some testimonials by people who started Spring Forest Qigong with really bad health issues which improved and even disappeared after daily practice. The trick with this though is to do it consistently - if I were in real bad health, I'd practice up to 3 hours a day. That takes some discipline and patience, as it can feel boring at first.

Personally I only practice occasionally as I am not that patient or self-disciplined, but if I developed a serious illness, Qiong would be my first method to heal myself.


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Another site with qi gong exercises and articles: :)

(08 May '12, 12:27) timmyy

Yes. I agree with Cassiopeia. Spring Forest Qigong is a great way to go. I mean if simple Yoga can help a man like this... , then Spring Forest Qigong should be all you need. Oh, and a little dedication. ;-) But I would ALSO add emotional healing. With every physical pain there is an emotion attached. Release the emotion and the pain and physical difficulty will move, change and leave the body. Some good stuff people are offering in response to your question here. Feel the love.


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that was a very inspiring video, Rindor, thanks for sharing

(08 May '12, 17:38) PurpleRose

though not a popular concept
it may be our recompense
from prior choices made
that we are presented

with an opportunity
to learn what it is
that we did not know before
a chance to adjust our thoughts

to realize what is this
gift of life we only
seem to attach to its form


answered 11 May '12, 20:10

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Very interesting and useful answers. I have a relative who suffered 2 strokes and 2 heart attacks, died for a short 'time' and lives today. She is intent on the physical world of recovery of her left limbs that are somewhat effected. It has been many years now and she did not have the therapy close to these events that would have given her a greater chance of success. Meanwhile it is her central focus, in a way she has ceased to live a full life. I was particularly touched by fred1's post. Yes this in effect what I have been trying to share with her. She is a wonderful person. She HAS been healed--but the physical reality is her distraction from knowing this. We all know that if a person suffers severed limbs, no amount of faith will restore them. But we also know that those limbs represent something from the physical realm to the intellectual realm---the mind. If the limbs are the upper arms, the forearms, and the hands, to the conscious mind they are upper-arms--capacity, fore-arms--the means, hands--the goals. This is not lost to the conscious mind. What we most suffer from is perceived loss or lack. Essence is not born. The capacity, the means, and the goal to reach wholeness is not lost. I would think that useful exercises would be directed to this realization. Great question.


answered 31 May '12, 05:51

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